Moon Orbiter Universal Digital Player by Simaudio Ltd.

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moon orbiter specifications audio formats stereo/multi-channel dsd sacd mlp dvd-a linear pcm digital audio cd mpeg1 vcd mpeg2 dvd-v dolby digital® 5.1 ac-3 dolby digital® surround ex dts digital surround 5.1tm and dts-estm 6.1 10-bit/54mhz oversampled video with active current-to-voltage converter three burrbrown pcm1738e 24-bit/192khz dacs each with an 8x oversampling digital filter composite video cvbs on rca connector s-video y/c on a 5-pin mini-din connector component video interlaced 480p on rca connectors digital video interface on 24-pin dvi-d connector 480p serial digital interface sdi on bnc connector optional analog 5.1-channel analog stereo digital 5.1 stereo on 6 rca connectors on 2 rca connectors s/pdif on bnc and rca connectors aes-ebu on xlr connector optical on toslink connector 31.5khz ±0.5db to 5.5mhz -57db >0.5° >0.1db anamorphic 16:9 letterboxed 4:3 pan scan 4:3 dvd linear 4hz 45khz 117db 117db 115db 0.0006 dsd sacd 4hz 88khz 117db 117db 115db 0.0004 cd audio 4hz 20khz 117db 117db 115db 0.0004 video processing audio processing video outputs audio outputs video specifications horizontal scan frequency video frequency response video signal-to-noise ratio video differential phase video differential gain supported aspect ratios dvd-audio mlp 4hz 90khz 117db 117db 111db 0.0012 black or silver full-function audio specifications frequency response signal-to-noise ratio dynamic range channel separation thd n 0dbfs available faceplate finishes remote control front panel controls rack mount size power consumption ac power requirements shipping weight dimensions w xhxd standby · pscan · video off · open/close · stop · play · previous track · next track · pause 3 spaces 50 watts 120v 60hz 33 lbs 15 kg 19 x 6.5 x 16.5 in 240v 50hz specifications subject to change without notice.