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Catalog Zoch 2015

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novelty children‘s game 4 64 4 rules include d for oh nein die schnackelstein burrowing is best countess rubina von schnackelstein has buried gemstones instead of the lush diamond plants though which she had hoped for mole hills have started to pop up all over her lawn beneath the grass it is the players‘ decision on where the busy burrowers are digging onwards in doing so they bring the buried gems back to light simply burrowing in a blind frenzy will not do though employing the help of greedy beetles the lady of the castle reclaims as many of her shiny valuables as she can also there is an agreement among the moles that certain gemstones have to be given away as soon as they are dug up … oh nein die schnackelstein will bring a sparkle as bright as sapphires into the eyes of children and adults alike 4 2–5 players 6 and up ca 20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5061 authors carmen kleinert klaus zoch illustration heidemarie

novelty card game 4 8 version only available in germany austria swit zerland 3–5 players 8 and up ca 20 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 110 5074 sushi go rush hour on the conveyor belt now get to the bar quickly otherwise the most delicious sushi will just pass you by like on a conveyor belt one card pile after the other gets into your hand and then moves on grab the highly desired delicacies before the other players do a fast card game that will leave you hungry for more easy light and tasty author phil walker-harding illustration tobias schweiger licensed with permission from gamewright a division of ceaco inc

children games dice guessing race game 4 4 da ist der wurm drin the “kinderspiel des jahres 2011” german children’s game of the year is a real eye-catcher the worms vanish into the game board squint out from time to time and put up a competitive dig to the compost heap along the way children learn to estimate and handle lengths this is a jackpot for every child’s room 16 2–4 players 4 and up 15–20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 113 2100 author carmen kleinert illustration heidemarie

children‘s games slide game 4 4 mucca pazza ten funny-looking animals from the planet cowpiter have landed on earth but what’s this while teleporting mucca pazza the silly cow pressed the wrong button –– and now the heads bodies and legs of our friends are wildly mixed up can you turn frodrankeys cockapirtles and a houndzebhorn back into the correct animals a hilarious sliding game for children and anybody else who has huge fun with mixed-up things 22 2–4 players 4 and up 15–20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5044 author iris rossbach illustration iris

family games dice game banana matcho the monkeys are zipping through the forest each of them wants to pick the largest fruits but banana matcho the head monkey calls all of them back –– using the loudest squeaky banana in the jungle if you want to be able to stand up to him you need to swing it when you roll the dice and make a monkey out of all the other primates the wildest dice rolling fun since monkeys began climbing 2–6 players top banana 6 and up 20–30 minutes 250 x 250 x 60 mm 60 110 5027 author thilo hutzler illustration lilli messina fun and race game kalimambo mambo the rhino likes to take explorers of the tropics for a ride while accomplice kali infiltrates the unlucky fellows to cause confusion the colossus of the savannah aims for their behinds and escape often ends in a huge elephant pile this is a furious chase for all indestructibles 4 8 3–7 players 8 and up 20–30 minuten 250 x 250 x 60 mm 60 110 5008 author antonio scrittore

skill games 3d construction game 4 6 bamboleo bamboleo is a game of skill for gravity experts and anybody who wants to become a gravity expert a cork ball on the top of a wooden pedestal carries a board on which about 25 wooden pieces are placed these pieces have different shapes sizes and weights in turn each player takes away one of these pieces from the board while trying to keep the board balanced some sloping positions of the board seem to be impossible and when it tumbles the game is over the player who is able to take the most pieces off the board without causing it to tumble is the winner a wobbly challenge for the whole family and a pleasure to play enjoy and watch 34 2–6 players 6 and up 10–20 minutes 384 x 374 x 68 mm 60 112 0100 author jacques zeimet illustration oliver

scan dina via ia russ app now available fo ea kor nce fra nie czech republic derl and e po rtu ga l japa n r ipad an droid kin dle spain ia an u h lit canada germany d lan o p gr ee ce

card and dice games dice game all heckmeck tournaments www.heckmec k-wm.de 10 years kcemkceh heckmeck am bratwurmeck the original 2–7 players 8 and up 20–30 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 112 5200 author reiner knizia illustration doris matthäus 4 8 app avail able from summer for ipad iphone heckmeck am bratwurmeck is a turbulent dice game for real gamblers on the grill in the centre of the table are 16 roast worm portions of different values after rolling the eight dice the player picks the symbol/number that he has rolled the most and puts aside all the dice that show this symbol before throwing the remaining dice again once a player has enough points for one of the roast worm portions he may take it but you can also take roast worm from the other players plates … heckmeck am bratwurmeck is a refreshingly light dice game for clever hens who know what they like in a roast worm dice game heckmeck junior kids have been waiting for this a long time heckmeck am

card and dice games go to the limit game pig 10 pig 10 is an exciting children’s card game in which everything revolves around the number 10 on your turn you play a card and simply add up the pile value if the value is exactly 10 you get all played-out cards if the pile value exceeds the value of 10 your left neighbor wins all cards the particularly high qualities of the game with respect to the advancement of children’s development make pig 10 basic equipment for children six years and up 2–8 players 6 and up 15–20 minutes 110 x 110 x 40 mm 60 112 9900 author ayelet pnueli illustration claudia stöckl 4 6 card game is the next birthday guest of fred fox bigger than rene roebuck or smaller than sally the snail and will henry the hedgehog arrive before ant annie the one who memorized the guest list can get the party started at once but when again comes boris baer … 4 6 52 2–5 players 6 and up ca 10 minutes 110 x 110 x 40 mm 60 110 5011 author

in and outdoor games ocean art.–nr 60 110 5037 4 6 forest art.–nr 60 110 5036 crossboule challenge your world many more designs are out right now boules form single sets in elegant stripe patterns can fly through the air as well their names dance slide and shake.this way you canalso join with your friends and play as a single and the two new double sets forest and ocean provide even more variety all year round in the hunt for the jack ab 2 players 6 and up variable 160 x 200 x 80 mm 80 x 200 x 80 mm author mark calin caliman illustration eva paster miho kasama www.crossboule.com 58 soccer art.–nr 60 110 5068

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