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family games dice game banana matcho the monkeys are zipping through the forest each of them wants to pick the largest fruits but banana matcho the head monkey calls all of them back –– using the loudest squeaky banana in the jungle if you want to be able to stand up to him you need to swing it when you roll the dice and make a monkey out of all the other primates the wildest dice rolling fun since monkeys began climbing 2–6 players top banana 6 and up 20–30 minutes 250 x 250 x 60 mm 60 110 5027 author thilo hutzler illustration lilli messina fun and race game kalimambo mambo the rhino likes to take explorers of the tropics for a ride while accomplice kali infiltrates the unlucky fellows to cause confusion the colossus of the savannah aims for their behinds and escape often ends in a huge elephant pile this is a furious chase for all indestructibles 4 8 3–7 players 8 and up 20–30 minuten 250 x 250 x 60 mm 60 110 5008 author antonio scrittore illustration tobias schweiger 28 4 6