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card and dice games dice game all heckmeck tournaments www.heckmec k-wm.de 10 years kcemkceh heckmeck am bratwurmeck the original 2–7 players 8 and up 20–30 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 112 5200 author reiner knizia illustration doris matthäus 4 8 app avail able from summer for ipad iphone heckmeck am bratwurmeck is a turbulent dice game for real gamblers on the grill in the centre of the table are 16 roast worm portions of different values after rolling the eight dice the player picks the symbol/number that he has rolled the most and puts aside all the dice that show this symbol before throwing the remaining dice again once a player has enough points for one of the roast worm portions he may take it but you can also take roast worm from the other players plates … heckmeck am bratwurmeck is a refreshingly light dice game for clever hens who know what they like in a roast worm dice game heckmeck junior kids have been waiting for this a long time heckmeck am bratwurmeck is now also available for the younger ones –– in a charming dice game the player who can roll the tastiest ingredients for his mac heck burger on the six dice becomes worm king of the day cucumbers cheese and ketchup make the chicken wings of our young poultry flutter for joy in case your desired treat has already been taken from the grill though you may of course also eat from your opponents’ plates 46 4 5 2–5 players 5 and up 15–20 minutes 110 x 110 x 40 mm 60 112 9500 author reiner knizia illustration doris matthäus