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card and dice games go to the limit game pig 10 pig 10 is an exciting children’s card game in which everything revolves around the number 10 on your turn you play a card and simply add up the pile value if the value is exactly 10 you get all played-out cards if the pile value exceeds the value of 10 your left neighbor wins all cards the particularly high qualities of the game with respect to the advancement of children’s development make pig 10 basic equipment for children six years and up 2–8 players 6 and up 15–20 minutes 110 x 110 x 40 mm 60 112 9900 author ayelet pnueli illustration claudia stöckl 4 6 card game is the next birthday guest of fred fox bigger than rene roebuck or smaller than sally the snail and will henry the hedgehog arrive before ant annie the one who memorized the guest list can get the party started at once but when again comes boris baer … 4 6 52 2–5 players 6 and up ca 10 minutes 110 x 110 x 40 mm 60 110 5011 author bernhard weber illustration claudia stöckl