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new novelty action game 4 7 nitro glyxerol the game that mixes things up nitro glyxerol is an action game for families that rewards clever timing over deft dexterity each player has a laboratory flask full of colorful ingredients simultaneously the players start shaking their flasks in order to navigate the ingredients into the flask’s spout in the right order each player has to decide though when to stop as smaller ingredient chains can be used to snatch up victory point cards from under the noses of overly ambitious players 4 2–4 players 7 and up ca 20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5083 authors luca borsa andrea mainini illustration alexander

new novelty card game 4 8 lunte fire at will it can go off any moment or not with every card played the fuse keeps burning down the longer it burns the louder the bang however each player can have a blast only twice in the game therefore everybody is waiting for the best moment for the biggest bang but shortly before it comes to that the blast masters take pleasure in sabotaging each other with a drenching dose of fire-extinguishing water lunte is a sparkling card game with a sizzling extra thrill 10 3–6 players 8 and up ca 20 minutes 121 x 94 x 17 mm 60 110 5096 author bruce whitehill illustration victor

children games karolinchen karolinchen and her burrowing band happily eat their way through the most delicious mirabelle plums cherries and apricots in the neighborhood the worms keep harvesting fruit dice until they have gotten enough of all the kinds of fruit 2–6 players 6 and up 15–20 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 110 5043 author carmen kleinert illustration heidemarie rüttinger 4 6 4 4 streifen toni finally you can also look for the worm on the road now in the card game even 5 worms can plow up the garden at the same time also new is the clever memory component that enthuses children in particular since it makes adults wonder what‘s actually happening on the worm front schmatzspatz the breakfast worm is coming twelve hungry baby birds are stretching their wide-open beaks into the air will the busy parent birds manage to get enough food for all of them four plug-on wooden birds invite you to care for them and fly off schmatzspatz is highly entertaining and

children games 1 platz 2015 bdkj kinderspieletest von kindern im alter von 5-9 jahren empfohlen nominiert in der kategorie schoolkids 6-10 jahre woodin novatio n d ou spidertebcle-layered interactihvnology with e threads spinderella positively spiederific 2–4 players 6 and up ca 20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5077 author roberto fraga illustration doris matthäus 4 6 all good things come from above … spinderella lets herself down on a thread with the help of her two spider brothers swinging high above the ground she muddles up the marathon of the forest ants „snap“ – you can hear it throughout the entire forest when the alert spider girl maneuvers another one of the little fellows back to where he started from but the ants aren‘t dumb either – they use a hollowed piece of bark for cover the players try to outdo one another in catching the opposing ants at the same time they compete in getting their own cutie-crawlies across the

family games polterfass now dice-rolling has been reinvented real mini barrelsrumble across the game table the innkeeper of “the wild boar” tavern is a sly old dog whereas he treats humble guests to free rounds he just closes the tap to hard-drinking boozers and keeps the cool brew for himself lively barrelrolling fun – just grab a cup an try 4 8 3–6 players 8 and up 20–30 minutes 200 x 200 x 70 mm 60 110 5057 author andreas schmidt illustration alexander jung sauschwer 3–8 players 10 and up 20–30 minutes 200 x 200 x 70 mm 60 110 5053 authors andrea meyer martin schlegel illustration benedikt beck an estimable estimation game in which everything revolves around weight a baby hippo is certainly heavier than a 10-liter bucket of silver — or is it not and how is it if grapes are added to the silver for producing 100 liters of wine or 1000 tennis balls or … 4 10

skill games 4 6 bamboleo bamboleo is a game of skill for gravity experts and anybody who wants to become a gravity expert a cork ball on the top of a wooden pedestal carries a board on which about 25 wooden pieces are placed these pieces have different shapes sizes and weights in turn each player takes away one of these pieces from the board while trying to keep the board balanced some sloping positions of the board seem to be impossible and when it tumbles the game is over the player who is able to take the most pieces off the board without causing it to tumble is the winner a wobbly challenge for the whole family and a pleasure to play enjoy and watch 32 2–6 players 6 and up 10–20 minutes 384 x 374 x 68 mm 60 112 0100 author jacques zeimet illustration oliver

can be c o card and dice games mbine … or play ed individua lly 4 8 geistesblitz geistesblitz is a brilliant reaction game in which quick-wittedness and the right action are crucial five large wooden items in five colors stand in the middle of the table in each round players turn over one card that shows two items in two different colors now the players have to realize as quick as lightning which item to look for if neither figure is depicted in its original color you have to grab the item whose shape or color cannot be found on the card but if an item is depicted in its original color this item has to be grabbed if you are right you win the card the player with the most cards in the end wins 38 2–8 players 8 and up 20–30 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 112 9800 author jacques zeimet illustration gabriela

card and dice games 4 8 3–5 players 8 and up ca 20 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 110 5074 author phil walker-harding illustration tobias schweiger 4 8 hick hack in gackelwack hick hack in gackelwack is a turbulent card game in the style of the popular zicke zacke hühnerkacke the aim of the game is to grab as much chow as possible by the skillful playing of cards the players try to peck the nourishing grains with the help of poultry cards and hunt the other players’ poultry with their fox cards in the end the winner is the player who got hold of the most chow and poultry with bluff and tactics the players try to satiate their hunger it’s a wild squabbling and scratching for grains amongst the whole flock 2–5 players 8 and up ca 20 minutes 200 x 200 x 50 mm 60 110 5069 author stefan dorra illustration doris matthäus

card and dice games 2–8 players 6 and up 15–20 minutes 121 x 94 x 17 mm 60 110 5035 4 6 alles tomate author reiner knizia illustration gabriela silveira alles tomate is a memory game in which the things you just memorized immediately change its fast pace and easy rules make alles tomate a consistently exciting memory game featuring a high replay appeal alles tomate is the “2008 german educational game” deutscher lernspielpreis 2008 prize winner in the “6 years and up” category 2–8 players 6 and up 15–20 minutes 121 x 94 x 17 mm 60 110 5052 4 6 pig 10 author ayelet pnueli illustration claudia stöckl pig 10 is an exciting children’s card game in which everything revolves around the number 10 on your turn you play a card and simply add up the pile value if the value is exactly 10 you get all played-out cards if the pile value exceeds the value of 10 your left neighbor wins all cards the particularly high qualities of the game

large scale games 4 6 maxi bamboleo maxi bamboleo is an eye-catcher of extraordinary style 24 big wooden pieces are placed onto a round wooden disc the disc itself balances on a cork ball which rests in the cavity on top of the stand –– 35 cm above the ground piece by piece the players try to take the wooden elements from the disc without bringing the whole construction out of balance when the disc starts to sway everyone playfully learns how thrilling the influence of gravity can be 2–6 players 6 and up 10–20 minutes 700 x 700 x 100 mm 60 112 0400 ca 10 kg author jacques zeimet illustration zoch verlag