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new 4 6 leinen los 2–4 players 6  20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5111 author alex randolph illustration matthias holländer full steam ahead around the eight buoys you must navigate your boat – but these are unusual boats hull and motor are only loosely connected making it tricky to move in your intended direction and you’ll have to hurry too as you only have until a fellow player winds the rope around the bollard to finish your turn with just a single finger to guide it you steer your intrepid boat through sharkinfested waters and because the board has routes of varying difficultly younger and older children can play together leinen los captivates with its beautiful components its unique movement mechanic and its exciting play a timeless modern classic among children’s games 4 1997 winner of the “sonderpreis kinderspiel“ children‘s game of the year

new 4 10 kilt castle feel free to have to build there 2–4 players 10  30–45 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5104 author günter burkhardt illustration dennis lohausen 10 when true mckilts quarrel it is a tricky business indeed and quarrel they will when it comes to erecting a proper scottish castle together once cordially granted by one family member to the next a permission to build can very well turn out to be an obligation to waste precious stones in disguise after all only whoever owns the topmost floor of any tower of the castle is entitled to his share of the clan monies as is scottish tradition … which is why those who are overbuild will ask to be reimbursed handily this is a game for true highlanders for scotswomen and scotsmen with a sense of humor and a knack for

zicke zacke hühnerkacke zicke zacke hühnerkacke is the award-winning memory game about a chicken farm the chickens are all spruced up with a beautiful wooden tail feather and are keen on plucking these feathers from the other chickens to adorn themselves the game starts at a great pace when you turn over a yard tile with the right motif your chicken hops to the next plate if your chicken manages to overtake another chicken it plucks out all of its feathers and puts them on his own tail 2–4 players 4  15–20 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 112 1800 author klaus zoch illustration doris matthäus sonderpreis kinderspiel 4 4 ipad a pp availa ble

children‘s game 4 2 2–6 players 2/4  10–15 minutes 173 x 233 x 93 mm 60 112 0500 wer wohnt wo toy and game wer wohnt wo is the popular memory game with 2 x 12 animal figures made from hand-sawed wood 12 empty sheds in each of which live 2 animals are set up in the middle the animals are handed out to the players who place them in one row the roofs are placed on the empty houses the players now have to discover who lives where author klaus zoch illustration stefan sälzer animals in wer wohnt wo elephant duck rabbit hedgehog camel cat crocodile rhino seal turtle pig whale 4 3 husch husch kleine hexe husch husch kleine hexe is a classic among the memory games for the youngest age range the little witches set off for their flight to the blocksberg but since they are not allowed to be seen there by the old witches they hide under their long black witch hats the player who is the first to land on the blocksberg with one of the

2–5 players 10  60–90 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 110 5076 author eilif svensson illustration victor boden 2–4 players 10  ca 60 minutes 295 x 295 x 70 mm 60 112 8400 author bruce allen illustration victor boden tobago welcome to paradise 4 10 4 10 as the boat circles around the ritual sites of the archipelago you will learn who will be suited to become the new chief the more you stock up on valuables from the island the less you will be able to use them the more you hurry to build the huts on the divine paths the more patience the gods will demand from you mangrovia connects familiar mechanisms with refreshing innovation on the divine archipelago one decision entails two game turns the principle is the last will be the first family games mangrovia tobago transports the players to a completely new island world of hidden ­treasures the players own single tattered treasure card fragments that

skill games 4 8 ets b År yhet ln ta spe Äs 2008 aufgenommen in die auswahlliste „spiel des jahres“ 1988 bausack bausack is a classic among the tactical dexterity games it features amusing entertainment on the highest level the 66 components in their crazy design unhinge the rules of equilibrium more than one billion different construction possibilities allow the most bizarre structures “does the fir tree still fit in between the egg cup and the napkin ring will the pyramid stay on top of the ball?” you may tremble –– but only on the inside 30 2–6 players 8  ca 30 minutes 295 x 295 x 85 mm 60 112 0200 author klaus zoch illustration olivia

card and dice games 4 8 2–8 players 8  20–30 minutes 220 x 200 x 50 mm 60 110 5054 author jacques zeimet illustration gabriela silveira 36 geistesblitz 5 vor 12 the ingenious brain twister now comes along with 9 pieces new rules and never-ending playing fun geistesblitz 5 vor 12 is a reaction game in a class of its own combining witty playfulness confusion combinatorial suspense and thrills in a unique manner grab it call for it mirror

card and dice games playa b only le with 4 8 heckmeck extrawurm in time for the 10-year heckmeck anniversary heckmeck extrawurm is the must-have expansion for all fans of reiner knizia’s classic press your luck game of dice rolling chickens it adds four animal meeples a special die two brand new roasted worm portions and seven victory point pieces called bratworms to the basic game the players get the meeples on top of the barbecue worm portions that they take each meeple grants its individual bonus power to the player who owns it 2–7 players 8  20–30 minutes 130 x 130 x 40 mm 60 110 5081 author reiner knizia illustration doris matthäus

card and dice games 2–8 players 6  15–20 minutes 96 x 123 x 17 mm 60 110 5035 4 6 alles tomate author reiner knizia illustration gabriela silveira alles tomate is a memory game in which the things you just memorized immediately change its fast pace and easy rules make alles tomate a consistently exciting memory game featuring a high replay appeal alles tomate is the “2008 german educational game” deutscher lernspielpreis 2008 prize winner in the “6 years and up” category 2–8 players 6  15–20 minutes 96 x 123 x 17 mm 60 110 5052 4 6 pig 10 author ayelet pnueli illustration claudia stöckl pig 10 is an exciting children’s card game in which everything revolves around the number 10 on your turn you play a card and simply add up the pile value if the value is exactly 10 you get all played-out cards if the pile value exceeds the value of 10 your left neighbor

maxi bamboleo maxi bamboleo is an eye-catcher of extraordinary style 24 big wooden pieces are placed onto a round wooden disc the disc itself balances on a cork ball which rests in the cavity on top of the stand –– 35 cm above the ground piece by piece the players try to take the wooden e­ lements from the disc without bringing the whole construction out of balance when the disc starts to sway everyone playfully learns how thrilling the influence of gravity can be large scale game 4 6 2–6 players 6  10–20 minutes 700 x 700 x 100 mm 60 112 0400 author jacques zeimet illustration zoch verlag