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transducers simrad is one of the very few producers of transducers the transducer is an important part of an echo sounder s performance a transducer is the combination of a microphone and a loudspeaker all in one the transducer is converting electrical energy into sound waves and vice versa what you see on the echo sounder screen is actually echoes from transmitted sound 10 simrad

simrad ek systems ek is our common name for all single beam echo sounders designed for research applications the first ek sounder was introduced in the 1960’s and already back then the focus was to create a quantitative sounder that could measure biomass all ek systems share some common features such as built-in calibration and split beam capabilities with full beam compensation for accurate ts measurements the focus when designing the ek system is that you should be in full control of all sounder parameters that is why there are no automated settings in the acquisition sw a skipper might want optimal settings displayed at all times to get a good picture of the fish but a sudden change in ping rate or duration might corrupt a survey with data no longer comparable another common feature is a standardized raw data format which means that you can compare data across platforms in many cases you need to combine your vessel data with data collected from profiling platforms to get ts

footprint on different transducer beamwidths a a 7o 10o b 13o b 30o meters 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 feet 33 66 98 131 164 197 230 262 295 328 361 394 426 459 492 fathoms 5 11 16 22 27 33 38 44 49 55 60 66 71 77 82 meters 1 2 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 feet 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 meters 2 4 5 7 9 11 12 14 16 18 19 21 23 25 26 feet 6 11 17 23 29 34 40 46 52 57 63 69 75 80 86 meters 2 5 7 9 11 14 16 18 21 23 25 27 30 32 34 feet 7 15 22 30 37 45 52 60 67 75 82 90 97 105 112 meters 5 11 16 21 27 32 38 43 48 54 59 64 70 75 80 feet 18 35 53 70 88 105 123 141 158 176 193 211 228 246 264 range resolution on various transducers range resolution in cw mode is given as half the pulse length range resolution in chirp mode however is given by the bandwidth bw not the pulse duration range resolution=c/2xbw 64µs 128µs 256µs 18 khz 27 khz 38 khz 20 cm as an example an ek80 transmission could use 100 khz bandwidth assuming a sound

simrad ms70 scientific multibeam sonar the ms70 provides an acoustic matrix of stabilized and calibrated beams for biomass estimation and study of school behaviour advanced beam forming is used to form 500 beams spread out 60° horizontally by 45° vertically as a result of this optimized horizontal transmission of narrow beams the ms70 allows the user to detect and characterize schools of fish even very close to the sea surface where the me70 adds a third dimension to your survey the ms70 adds a 4th dimension when you add up distance vertical and horizontal swath of beams in addition to time from multiple transmissions in reality what you have is an acoustic camera as a school of fish changes shape and density constantly the ms70 is the best possible tool to understand these dynamics with remote sensing as with all simrad scientific systems a calibration utility is implemented as a special built-in function in the sw the sonar is calibrated using a reference sphere that needs to

simrad su90 sonar the su90 sonar is made with no compromises the number of channels has been increased by 50 compared to the sx90 sonar giving the sonar an even better performance in selectivity and range its operational frequency is 20 to 30 khz the narrow opening angle 4,9° at 30 khz and the increased source level 3db makes the su90 the most powerful and highest resolution low frequency sonar on the market today the narrow beam makes the su90 even more ideal for searching fish close to the bottom or close to the surface at long ranges also it will give a far better vertical view with less “bottom climbing” that is seen on sonars with a wider beam the su90 is equipped with the celebrated signal processing seen on the sx90 such as hyperbolic fm transmission giving the user a clutter free picture with very high resolution in range the higher source level 3db higher than sx90 will increase the detection range and enhance the detected echoes in general how much

sonars specifications processing unit voltage 110/220 vac consumption 5a processor type enix4 enix4 operating system enix8 enix4 50 to 2000 m 50 to 2000 m 400 va 750 va windows xp display output dual serial interface i/o four serial ports ethernet interface two display resolution 1280 x 1024 operating ranges 150 to 4500 m 150 to 4500 m 750 va 750 va 20 to 30 khz 1 khz step 20 to 30 khz 1 khz step 70 to 110 khz 85 khz cw and hyperbolic fm cw and hyperbolic fm cw and hyperbolic fm cw and hyperbolic fm transceiver unit voltage 110/220 vac consumption operating frequency modulation beam horizontal coverage omni omni 160° omni +10° to -90° +10° to -90° +10° to -60° +10° to -90° vertical beam width see table below see table below 6,0° 8,0° transceiver channels 256 384 256 480 vertical tilt pitch roll stabilisation included external pitch roll interface mru kongsberg seatex format optional scientific data output optional hull unit voltage

simrad catch monitoring systems simrad developed and introduced the first wireless catch sensor more than 40 years ago not very late it also introduced the 3rd wire systems since then simrad manufactures and keeps developing a wide range of catch monitoring systems so that the skipper can have full control of the catch process while enhancing efficiency and respecting the environment wireless sensors are developed for fitting in all different fishing scenarios for example in bottom trawling whether it is single twin triple or more wireless sensors are placed on the gear and doors and communicate acoustically with the vessel depending on where they are placed they can send to the skipper some vital measurements like spread between doors the fish entering the trawl opening the filling of the net or the distance from the doors to the bottom that will prevent them from damaging the fauna amongst many others the 3rd wire is a communication and power cable connected to a scanning trawl

real-time information for real-time decisions the real-time aspects and advantages of the fx80 take the speculation and guess work out of the equation the fx80 system is the natural choice to get real-time high resolution information from the trawl the core of the system is a digital hub that can receive information from various sensors and then communicate the signals through a wire to the vessel one of the primary design criteria of the simrad fx80 system was to make it work on existing 3rd wire cables the use of existing copper core coax cables eases the cost and reduces the installation time the simrad dfs75 trawl sonar is integrated into the simrad fx80 system to establish an efficient and accurate monitoring system the combination of the high resolution images from the trawl sonar and the live video feed provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to identify and analyse both trawl movements and fish behaviour when addressing by-catch and avoidance issues real-time video is

our goal is to provide solutions that give the most extensive overview of the aquatic ecosystems tonny algrØy global sales manager research image courtesy of saildrone

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