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Catalog High-Tech Flyer Q4 2017

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h ig h-tec h equipment 2017 q4 specials canadian family owned operated promos and dec 31 prices expire 2017 cad/cam technology cutting-edge open solutions for your dental practice dwio trios® true definition dwx-4w programill® one intraoral scanner milling machine new book your demo today powderless handpiece v1.5 see page 5 contact your sinclair dental representative for more details hd sensor size 2.0 100 buyback ask your sinclair rep for details canada-wide 1-800-663-7393 � fax 1-800-206-2999 �

l x y ra ra o n pa ra o in cbct imaging mi c x-r ay intraora l x y ra pho pho digital sensors a era amer ca m lc ra l ra or a sph sph 00 ea at b p7 co ne software g xd your complete imaging solution at affordable price • excellent image quality dedicated 2d and 3d sensor for incredible image clarity • easy to use simple set up intuitive graphic user interface straightforward positioning and efficient workflow • powerful 3d software invivo5 by anatomage® offers implant planning surgical guide fabrication and treatment simulations for all dental applications • best in class support partnership to help grow your practice from a brand you know and trust download our ebook advances in 3d cone beam imaging gendex.kavokerr.com/002251 please contact your sinclair high-tech specialist canada-wide 1-800-663-7393 www.sinclairdental.com ©2017 gendex dental systems gx0234/a03.16 for indications for use please visit www.gendex.com/ifu es at m pl pl 3d or or es im a gin

programill one ® smart and compact 5-axis milling machine contact your sinclair dental representative for more details www.ivoclarvivadent.com

i am confident the cordless imaging plate scanner windows compatible 4 mac compatible a successful image every time with minimum exposure to radiation more inventive less invasive

coming soon powder-free scanning with grey scale texture lightweight familiar profile increased accuracy and comfort for yourfor patient increasedefficiency efficiency accuracy and comfort your the powder-free handpiece is compatible with all current patient theintraoral powder-free handpiece is compatible dental wings scanners as well as the new portable with all current dental wings intraoral scanners as status indicator to focus on patient wellremarkably as the newsmall portable handpiece five miniaturized 3d scanners in the handpiece tip a remarkably small lightweight no moving parts handpiece very robust and maintenance-free resembling a standard dental handpiece the lightweight all-metal and familiar shape of the handpiece easily lets the user assume a natural position relative to the patient unparalleled intraoral access 3shape trios e trios or tient consisting of five miniaturized 3d scanners in the cellerant best of class technology award 2016 scanning unplugged cellerant

quality built in japan bel-cypher pro take panoramic imaging to the next level excellent panoramic tmj and bitewing image quality and reduces the patient x-ray dosage by 30 with its extremely sensitive cmos sensor exclusive tomosynthesis mode can compensate positioning errors by selecting the best image from 31 layers for the sharpest choice 30mm range tomosynthesis orbit mode can correct by choosing the clearest image even though the patient’s dentition is rotated due to positioning errors motorized up/down movement and triple laser beams for easy positioning newly designed easy access control panel with ready button for easy operation beautifully modern and stylish reliable crisp clear images 6 belmont takara co canada ltd www.belmont.ca contact your sinclair dental representative for more

hd sensor experience higher resolution vatech quality and ease of use size 2.0 4.8mm ultra-slim ultra-comfortable design size 1.5 size 1.0 contact your sinclair dental representative for more details www.vatechamerica.com increase your efficiency by 300 receive a the scanx intraoral view digital radiography system enables the intuitive efficient and time-saving digitization of psps for all intraoral formats sizes 0-4 • easy-to-use interface $1,000 rebate with the purchase of a scanx intraoral view • 4 slots for simultaneous scanning • wifi place it anywhere • high resolution image quality for an easier diagnosis when compared to a single plate scanner terms and conditions rebate is valid from 10/01/17–12/31/17 visit http www.airtechniques.com/scanx-intraoral-view-rebate-offer to redeem your rebate complete form and fax a copy of your invoice to 516-433-3831 or email it to jpuswald@airtechniques.com within 90 days after the purchase date to qualify if

cad/cam showroom blowout trios3 pod with pen grip dwio intraoral scanner 874qq04 quantity 5 intraoral scanner 874qq01 quantity 5 � enhance patient experience � reduce chair-time � optional dental treatment modules � remarkably small handpiece � visual and audible feedback � optimized gesture control regular subscription laptop not included 21 off 16 off 32,500 24,999 reg price $41,185 full warranty 1 year showroom units reg price $29,900 full warranty 1 year showroom units true definition iseries dwx-4w intraoral scanner 8743m01 quantity 3 impression scanner 836qq01 quantity 1 wet milling machine 877qq01 quantity 5 � smallest wand on the market � clinically proven fit rate of 99.7 � 3d-in-motion video � for direct impression scanning � provides faster turnaround � improved accuracy � jaeger dentadrive spindle � multi-axes milling � economical open architecture 50 off 31 off reg price $19,999 full