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from ceuse i went to the czech republic where i spent one week getting to know the factory and the staff of singing rock and also participating in some photo shoots and videos in the famous czech sandstone area – and to be honest i was afraid a lot the protections are far from each other and the style of climbing is very different!i also spent 2 days in a very cool bouldering area in a forest and with sandstone so they say pretty much like font but the weather didn’t help much it rained all week but it was possible to climb several boulders of 5 to 10 at least i got the feeling of what the old school climbing was like felipe camargo singing rock climbing team felipe camargo Černá zmije xb baldrick labské údoli czech republic • photo petr „pepe“ piechowicz

canyoning speleo harnesses harness canyon xp c5030 new canyoning harness • ergonomic design and padded waist belt • reinforced tie-in point • belay loop red color reduced risk of wrong tying-in • 3 rock&lock smart buckles • removable sit protector • gear loops 2 size s m/l xl weight 575 g ± 15 g • 20,3 oz ± 0,5 oz π 1019 • en 12277 • ∫ digger chest harness s010 speleo harness • ergonomic design • fully adjustable waistbelt and leg loops • abrasion resistant cover on exposed parts • two special textile loops for light battery placing • attachment point for jumar tightening strap • specially designed metal triangles for maillon placing size uni weight size uni 645 g ± 15 g • 22,3 oz ± 0,5 oz maillon rapid is not included π 1019 • en 12277 • ∫ top canyon c5029 new canyoning harness • lightweight • no padding • smart buckles

an ice axe never falls far from the mountain my dad was a mountain climber i was eight years old at that time what i was particularly interested in were handsprings and somersaults on the beam the only moment in the air was that one just before the landing but suddenly i found myself standing in front of the climbing wall my eyes sparkling in awe of the great rock i falteringly begin to put on my sit harness i proceed with first small steps upwards i climb to the top at this moment i had not yet a slightest idea that one day this would mean everything to me yet before they let me down i was sure i would never give up this new love of mine selected accomplishments 2011 2nd place in the overall world cup ice climbing rating 3rd 2nd 4th 2nd victory in all rounds of the european cup conquering one of the hardest dry tool routes law and order climb of the year winner of the czech cup in the women s category ice and dry tool overall multiple champion of the czech republic and the slovak

rope accessories w8100b rope protector w001800 protects rope sheath against abrasion on rough surfaces and edges 50/70/100/120 cm • 20/28/40/48 in material pvc pancake designed to improve hauling systems and to make an ascent along the rope easier part of tackle systems • prevents from getting prusik knot into the pulley • ideal for hauling in bigwalls and during rescue actions ascending along a fixed rope • prusik knot moves upwards without hand intervention w1027b attention pancake itself doesn´t ensure safety of prusik knot strength of prusik knot depends on parameters of both cord and rope defender protects rope sheath against abrasion on rough surfaces and edges allows to put 2 ropes in 80/120 cm • 32/48 in material cortex 26 size uni weight 15 g • 0,53 oz x0004gb e0015xx c0001bb thermocutter ropemarker rope bag ideal machine for cutting the ropes and accessory cords compact hand-held the blade heats quickly for save and fast cutting the

helmets c0049sw0 c00490w0 c00490w0 terra ii grey terra ii orange terra ii green terra ii climbing and mountaineering helmet weight 270 g • 9,524 oz size 51 60 cm material shell polycarbonate foam polystyrene industrial no mountaineering yes rock climbing yes speleology no light helmet for all climbing activities c0049bb0 terra ii black • universal size • fully adjustable • lightweight • well ventilated • four head lamp holders compatible with any headlamp on the market • four color options π • en 12492

sandstone climbers singing rock in collaboration with twin star film and tilak is preparing a unique film about the history and nowadays climbing on czech sandstones we have asked one of the film protagonists luboš mázl singing rock climbing team member about the route where some shooting took place what route did you choose for shooting i chose “dobří holubi se vracejí” xb located in teplice rocks and leads to a hardly accessible holoubek tower why this route why is it so interesting this route was started some twenty years ago by local climbers but it was only in 2008 when it was finished it was brought to this world by t sobotka and l mázl and the first ascent in a nice style flash goes to k cicvárek the route belongs to three edges of the teplice trilogy whom would you recommend the route to all who like to climb over smooth edges the forthcoming sandstone climbers film will have its world premiere at the international mountaineering film festival

steel connectors k4080zo d steel connector screw with screw gate key lock zinc plated ª 50 kn º 13 kn Ω 20 kn gate opening d 25 mm • 255 g 9 oz unique production number ce 1019 • en 362 k4081zo d steel connector triplelock with triple lock gate key lock zinc plated ª 50 kn º 13 kn Ω 20 kn gate opening d 25 mm • 267 g 9,42 oz unique production number ce 1019 • en 362 k4241z005 oval steel connector screw with screw gate key lock ª 30 kn º 9 kn Ω 8 kn gate opening d 18 mm zinc-plated • 176 g 6,21 oz unique production number ce 1019 • en 362 k4241zo07 oval steel connector triplelock triple lock gate key lock zinc plated gate opening d 18 mm 195 g 6.88 oz ª 30 kn º 9 kn Ω 8 kn unique production number ce 1019 • en 362 steel maillons 48 k82006z k82008z k82207z k82310z k82210z maillon mini oval maillon small oval maillon small delta maillon big d maillon big delta d 6 mm • 4 kn gate open d 7,5 mm

belay devices k6031ee k6031bb black matt figure 8 l designed for ropes of bigger diameters 30 kn • color mix • 125 g 4,41 oz • for ropes of various diameters • many color variants • easy rappelling • effective heat distribution k6021ee k6021bb black matt figure 8 m designed for ropes of smaller diameters 25 kn • color mix • 104 g 3,67 oz k6140ee00 k6140bb00 black matt shuttle belay and rappel device one device to do it all the shuttle offers maximum versatility it has a groove designed and shaped to provide equal friction for both thin and thick ropes when you’re belaying from above the “guide mode” lets you bring up one or two seconding climbers under control for lowering it has a small secondary hole that you can clinch carabiner for or sling more leverage to release the device k6132ee k6132bb black matt buddy buddy is light and compact belay tube for all round climbers designed for ropes 7,8 11 mm mix color

slings c2150by w1024bx w1025bx jacob footer ii ultra light six staves aider staves reinforced with plastic keep its shape even when loaded strength 500 kg strength of grab loop 100 kg weight 210 g 7.40 oz ascender webbing without maillon dimension min length 50 cm 19.7 in max length 150 cm 59 in weight 145 g 5.11 oz rock&lock smart buckle steel footer ii complete c0035ao12 c0037bb12 black c0037rr12 red flat webbing • width of webbing 16 mm 0.63 in • made of low stretch pes • max length 120 m 393 ft • weight 37,7 g/m • strength 15 kn 62 tubular webbing • width of webbing 20 mm 0.79 in • made of low stretch pes • max length 120 m 393 ft • weight 38,2 g/m black 39,4 g/m red • strength 16 kn black 17 kn red ascender webbing with maillon dimension min length 50 cm 19.7 in max length 150 cm 59 in weight 180 g 6.35 oz rock&lock smart buckle steel

slackline c0019rr15 slackline webbing • width of webbing 25 mm 0.98 in • made of low stretch pes • max length 150 m 492 ft • strength 21 kn c0016rb10 slackline it was rock climbers who first had the idea some twenty years ago of stringing up nylon webbing and walking on it the story goes that there were two guys in yosemite valley messing around and balancing on a parking lot chain on a rainy day balancing on the webbing took over their lives for several years they were practicing new tricks and pushing each others to higher and higher levels of balancing feats they would spend all of their time walking on the slackline and sharing it with others slacklining greatly improves your sense of balance while pushing your physical and mental abilities to the limit singing rock developed a perfect slackline package which includes webbing a ratchet and slings with rock&lock smart buckles all you need to set up a slackline are two fastening buckles and one ratchet