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singing rock is climbing singing rock is climbing–andwe live up to this motto our company is located in czech republic near krkonoše national park and bohemian paradise where are situated the amazing sand stone rock climbing areas most of our staff are climbers alpinists or backcountry skiers.”crazy cools” with ice axes haul bags skis and crampons most of them took their first steps within the sand stone labyrinths of bohemian paradise and hard granite of the jizera mountains some of them later continued to the higher mountains or have specialized on sport climbing or bouldering the singing rock climbing team has climbed hundreds of kilometres as well as fallen down hundreds of times supported by a team of top climbers and mountaineers we are able to test and improve our products developing functional as well as a high quality climbing equipment fellipe camargo carlos logrono dušan janák dejan koren stráníci brothers luboš mázl jitka

full body harnesses w0050br c5036br c0710 tarzan tarzan light complete fully adjustable full body harness intended for rope courses and adventure parks • front attachment point according to en 813 for hanging position rappelling and other vertical activities • padded waist belt and leg loops provide maximum comfort • speed buckle connecting shoulder straps with waist belt increases comfort when putting the harness on • shoulder webbing and left leg looip have different colour for easy manipulation • different colour of rear plate for each size • dorsal steel d-ring with a bearing capacity of 15 kn according en 361 fully adjustable full body harness intended for rope courses and adventure parks • front attachment point for belaying and rappeling according to en 12277 type c • waist belt and leg loops without the padding enables to put a harness to every person • speed buckle connecting shoulder straps with waist belt increases

s m l xl norm xce 70-80 27,5-31,5 52 20 75-85 29,5-33,5 55 21 80-90 31,5-35,5 58 22 85-95 33,5-37,5 60 23 en 12277 xce 1019 65-75 25,5-29,5 50-55 19,5-21,5 70-80 27,5-31,5 55-60 21,5-23,5 75-85 29,5-33,5 60-65 23,5-25,5 80-90 31,5-35,5 65-70 25,5-27,5 en 12277 xce 1019 70-80 27,5-31,5 50-55 19,5-21,5 75-85 29,5-33,5 55-60 21,5-23,5 80-90 31,5-35,5 60-65 23,5-25,5 85-95 33,5-37,5 65-70 25,5-27,5 en 12277 xce 1019 65-80 25,5-31,5 50-55 19,5-21,5 75-90 29,5-35,5 60-65 23,5-25,5 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 en 12277 xce 1019 55-80 22-31 45-58 18-23 xxl 90-100 35,5-39,5 65-70 25,5-27,5 85-100 33,5-39,5 65-70 25,5-27,5 60-95 23-37 44-62 17-24 70-120 23-47 44-72 17-28 75-102 29,5-40 55-68 21,5-26,5 70–80 27,5–31,5 50–55 19,5–21,5 75–85 29,5–33,5 55–60 21,5–23,5 80–90 31,5–35,5 60–65 23,5–25,5 85–95

dynamic ropes l0340ax l0510 l3020 duran 10.4 accord 8.3 gemini 7.9 ideal rope for indoor climbing and crags with rough rocks • made by singing rock patented technology r44 which gives to the rope well – balanced rate of weight and diameter • rope is very compact durable and pleasant to use • rope has thicker sheath with perfect abrasion resistance still keeping good handling characteristics • suitable for the most types of belay devices on the market • thermotransfer end marking • middle marking • ultrasonic ending half and twin rope with excelent durability and lightness • compact rope which has minimal interfiber friction thereby increasing durability • tested and certified according to the en 892 standard requirements for half ropes and twin ropes • weight diameter and number of falls are balanced in such a way that can be used as a half and twin rope • used in pairs the climber can choose between the twin

helmets c0071aa00 – blue c0071rr00 – red c0071ss00 – grey c0071ww00 – white penta extremely lightweight super-comfortable and fully ventilated climbing helmet all this combined with a maximum head protection for its comfort and lightweight design is ideal for sport climbing mountaineering trad climbing or via ferrata • co-molded expanded polystyrene foam and hard polycarbonate shell engineered to ensure maximal head protection and still keep lightweight and low profile • narrow straps of retention system are very soft and light and do not press as standard hard-plastic headbands • soft webbing made rear adjustment system headband conforms better to the head and provides compact storage in the backpack • extended chin strap length allows to wear a hat under the helmet • 4 headlamp clips are imbedded to avoid snagging robust for easy handling and secure attachment of any headlamp on the market • 11 vents and air channels

crampons rk203 00s rk203 00t lucifer versatile crampons with replaceable front points designed for climbing on steep ice frozen waterfalls and difficult mixed routes • stainless steel rock&lock buckle enables fast and easy fastening and releasing the webbing • modular construction allows use of crampons with mono or dual front points • mono point is placed under the big toe and the asymmetrical shape of crampon ideally adapts to the boot and the front points thus providing maximum efficiency in a steep terrain • points and frame are made of hardened chromoly steel • the crampons are delivered with two fastening systems for rigid mountaineering boots • the size may be adjusted without any tool • vertical front points allows to stand on the ice balls • two front points semi-classic and tech and anti snow plates bouncer included weight lucifer s 1150 g 40.57 oz with mono point 1085 g 38.27 oz lucifer t 1145 g 40.39 oz with mono point

quickdraws k6950 artwall set 13 16 20 30 and 60 cm 4 6 8 12 and 24 in steel quickdraw mainly made for longterm placement in the climbing gyms • captive bar can be easily removed by alan key • captive bar prevents the twisting of carabiner • wire gate minimizes accidental opening of the gate • zinc-coated steel provides longer lifetime than light alloy carabiners • both connectors eliminate a theft strength closed gate 25 kn polyamide webbing 20 mm xcg 30 kn xma 10 kn xog 10 kn gate opening d 25 mm weight 230 g 13cm 8.11 oz 4 in xce 1019 • en 566 • en 12275 k6604e011 vision ultra light set with a straight and bent wire gate carabiners ideal partner for lightweight style 22 kn dyneema webbing 11 mm weight only 75 g 2.64 oz xce 1019 • en 566 • en 12275 k6717e011 k6612e011 colt set vision set full size hot forged durable quickdraws colt with solid gates intended for sport climbing for reduced price ultra light set with five

pulleys k0040ee00 k0040bb00 – black version k0041ee00 k0041bb00 – black version k0042ee00 k0042bb00 – black version pulley mini roll pulley extra roll pulley twin roll • small lightweight and durable pulley for various uses • designed mainly for hauling systems • easy one-hand operating 22 kn max Ø rope 13 mm static and dynamic ropes sheave light-alloy diameter 20 mm bearing sleeve bearing weight 87 g 3.07 oz unique production number • durable and lightweight pulley • designed and optimized for use with a prusik friction knot • attachment point accepts up to three carabiners • ball bearings and large sheave diameter for high-efficiency 32 kn max Ø rope 13 mm static and dynamic ropes sheave light-alloy diameter 48 mm ball bearing working load 2x 3 kn weight 256 g 9.03 oz unique production number • durable and lightweight pulley • designed and optimized for use with a prusik friction knot •

slings c2150by w1024bx w1025bx jacob footer ii ultra light six staves aider staves reinforced with plastic keep its shape even when loaded strength 500 kg strength of grab loop 100 kg weight 210 g 7.40 oz ascender webbing without maillon dimension min length 50 cm 19.7 in max length 150 cm 59 in weight 145 g 5.11 oz rock&lock smart buckle steel footer ii complete c2151by00 jacob dyneema versatile and ultra light ladder • used for technical climbing and working at heights • any cell may be loaded in any directions which can become useful in emergency situations • strength of eachl loop – 22 kn • may be also used as an open sling for the anchoring length 140 cm weight 140 g xce 1019 • en 566 • en 354 c0035ao12 c0037bb12 – black c0037rr12 – red flat webbing tubular webbing • width of webbing 16 mm 0.63 in • made of low stretch pad • max length 120 m 393 ft • weight 37,7 g/m • strength 15 kn •

clothing c1023yy – man c1024yy – woman t-shirt climbing grades do you travel often to abroad for your climbing trips how many times have you tried to convert the climbing grades at the crack where you climbed our singing rock climbing grades t-shirt will help you to get better overview about the grades for your next trip • made from the fastest growing plant on earth • bamboo fabric provides better moisture absorption and better breathability • with the mixture of elastan fabric this tshirt provides better fit when climbing or bouldering color yellow/black size s m l xl material 92 bamboo 8 elastan c1016ss c1015kk – man c1017yy – woman t-shirts organic made from 100 organic cotton and dyed with 100 clay double-stitch on sleeve bottom hems and shoulder to shoulder tape will make this t-shirt last for many years to come tagless label relaxed fit ladies version with longer and better fit fabric 100 organic cotton man size s m l

catalogue singing rock 2014 – climbing equipment singing rock – all rights reserved technical specifications may change without notice printed in czech republic in january 2015 print singing rock poniklá 317 cz-514 01 poniklá e-mail tel +420 481 585 007 fax +420 481 540 040 carlos logrono welcome to the river 6b gallego boulder área riglos spain photo david munilla warning activities at height such as climbing via ferrata caving rappelling ski-touring rescue work at height and exploration are dangerous activities which may lead to severe injury or even death thus the following is essential before use careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use understanding and acceptance of the risk involved in case of doubt or problem of understanding contact singing