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w9600 kappa work w9600 w9600 working helmet kappa work k6391bb kappa work working helmet working helmet lift k6391bb k6391bb hand ascender lift lift hand ascender hand ascender k0018aa00 ozone k0018aa00 k0018aa00 triplelock ozone ozone light alloy oval triplelock carabiner lighttriplelock alloy oval l045000 static l045000 l045000 r44 11.0 static static static rope r44 11.0 r44 static rope11.0 light alloy oval carabiner carabiner static rope tree tree care tree care care an arborist arboriculturalist or tree surgeon is a professional in the practice of arboriculture which is the management and maintenance of the trees to move around freely and efficiently arborists fasten a rope from the ground and then install a device for ascending the rope once the arborist is in position he needs to remain balanced and feels comfortable for pruning removal of dead branches shaping of tree for structural health and aesthetic purposes k0018aa00 arborist is an expert who looks after trees in public

harnesses helmet w0079br w0079bb black version cfir expert iii speed patented smart buckle system easy to lock and open only small effort of your fingers is needed to lock and open • smart function rock&lock allows you to put on your harness very quickly • double safety webbing cannot slip through rock&lock due to safety loop at the end spontaneous opening of rock&lock is virtually impossible • lightweight and extra strong • excellent function in all-season conditions function guaranteed even when webbing is wet or frozen speed buckle 1 second buckle singing rock speed buckle is the side quick release buckle • easy operation • durable and adjustable • made from steel • matches strict american standard ansi • impossible opening under the loading • impossible to lock when the strap is twisted • strap width up to 45 mm • black coated • strength 18 kn w0061br timber ii work positioning harness presenting a

ropes and accessories slings and lanyards l045 static r44 11 experience the touch of the future route 44 is unique technology invented and patented by singing rock it opens new horizons for braiding of climbing and static ropes route 44 technology allows blending of properties that were considered impossible before rope braided by using route 44 technology is more compact softer and above all it is more durable than conventional rope all that is achieved by making no compromises in using correct sheath thickness which is round-braided by 44 carriers these features combine to give you better rope xce 1019 • en 1891 • xuiaa • nfpa w4330ww00 reactor 3 w2610 timber accessory cord with sewn eyes • rope diameter 8 and 10 mm • the use of the pes/technora material combination results in a better thermal and mechanical resistance of the sheath seam cover the cover is made of high-durable transparent elastomer it protects strength seam on the rope and allows its

connectors ozone triple lock oval light alloy carabiner key lock triple lock • designed to be used with pulleys ascenders and descenders • easy to turn around in the slings or the anchor points key-lock for easy manipulation key lock is an extremly simple and ingenious locking system that solves the problems associated with the traditional design of carabiners it eliminates any risk of ropes or tapes becoming entangled in the lever or in the carabiner shell when it is being connected or released neither the lever which is completely cylindrical nor the shell has any sharp edges ropes and slings do not therefore come into contact with any cutting edges hot forging the latest technology in manufacturing carabiners where the aluminum alloy is heated to reach very plastic state when being forged in other words when it takes the final shape this allows the metal to be formed more easily and to be moved to the areas where it is needed and removed from the areas where it is not

c0046bb c0001yy00 w1001bb08 expedition bag 70 90 120 l it’s not your average duffel bag… made from a durable laminate material the tarp duffle is an almost indestructable bag resilient enough to be roughed up in-flight or to be transported up a mountain via a yak or offroad vehicle this is one burly duffel bag for longer trips grab the 90 liter size so you have enough room for all your gear • alpine-cut shoulder straps • dual daisy chains • twin haul handles on ends • rugged construction with extra bartacks and double stitching • four compression straps • internal mesh pockets • pocket on top practical bag intended for storage and transport of ropes as well as other gear • made from durable and washable material • plastic reinforcements keep the bag self-standing • due to its shape it is easy to store the rope and rigging tools properly • very convenient to carry your gear • reinforced ergonomic

promotional promotional scarf • made from elastic high-tech 100 polyester microfibre fabric that keeps its shape well as well as being breathable warm soft lightweight of a very high quality and antibacterial • machine washable at 30 °c cannot be tumble dried air dry very quickly size uni approx 25 cm wide x 46 cm long weight 35 g 1,24 oz scarf arrows scarf retro scarf work scarf sigr scarf faxce c0062ar00 c0059re00 c0063wo00 c0060si00 c0061fa00 c0070sc00 baseball hat comfort p0010x050 – 0.5 l p0010x030 – 0.3 l pitcher classical beer pitcher 0.5 l or 0.3 l for all who likes climbing and all activities on our vertical playground p0012bb00 mug made from performance material to transform the moisture from your head thermo cup with sturdy handle keeps your coffe or tea hot capacity 400 ml 14.8 fl oz weight 250 g 8,8 oz c0070sl00 baseball hat light cool hat for hot sunny days to cool d own your head 12 13 tree climbing equipment multifunctional scarf 8 in 1

there is no need to speak too much about innovati on it is inherently present in all we do environment we feel the responsibility for saving the planet to keep wealthy life for our kids singing rock is a proud member of european outdoor conservation association performance do your job efficiently safely with a nice comfort – we are here to give you the tools enjoy your work the list of the european norms for personal protective equipment ppe against falls from a height innovation we run lean management system our aim is to shorten the delivery response as much as possible we are able to customize our product and service for your specific activity en 341 ppe against falls from a height descender devices en 341 change a1 – descender device – change en 353 – 1 2 ppe against falls from a height guided type fall arresters en 354 ppe against falls from a height connecting equipment max length 2 m incl connectors en 355 ppe against falls from a height energy

tree climbing equipment catalogue en singing rock s.r.o poniklá 317 514 01 poniklá tel +420 481 585 007 warning activities at height such as climbing via ferrata caving rappelling ski-touring rescue work at height and exploration are dangerous activities which may lead to severe injury or even death thus the following is essential before use careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use understanding and acceptance of the risk involved in case of doubt or problem of understanding contact singing rock catalogue singing rock 2014 – working equipment singing rock – all rights reserved technical specifications may change without notice printed in czech republic eurotreeworker singing rock is a partner of czech certification organization providing the certificate