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inside and outside diameter of bearings tech info by singing rock stainless steel ball bearings stainless steel ball bearing personal training occupational health and safety bags for side bags 14 28 set screw screw steel to steel connector 25 mm x 35 x 4 mm put your hand in the hand difference with class 5 and class long and long work at height what is work at height quick release buckle stainless steel cable hoist high density polyethylene quick release buckle for webbing personal protection equipment steel ball bearing 2 x 6 x 3 mm ball bearing steel ball bearings 3 x 6 x 3 mm ball bearing locking twist lock bearings usb flash drives stainless steel balls stainless steel ball stainless steel cable plate stainless steel self lubricant bushing twin cam 88 cam cover water treatment plant bearing diameter 20 mm stainless steel t handle shaft diameter 20 mm high voltage large transformers 55 mm x 25 mm connector steel beam to steel beam connectors gear to gear cam first aid kit steel beam to i beam sizes of stainless steel fittings cable installation and removal tool it is done installation and removal tool the maximum value bearing used in industry 13 pin to 5 pin 13 pin to 8 pin 50 x 13 x 20 instruction for use instructions for use tube to tube 4 pin to 2 pin left to left

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6 hrubá skála castle bohemian paradise czech republic • photo borek nechanický harnesses innovations

w0061br timber ii a work positioning harness presenting a perfect choice for arborists • innovated anatomic waist belt and leg padding perfectly fits man anatomy • removable and exchangable bridge connecting the leg loops • adjustable sliding d-ring enables you to take safe comfortable and effective work position • wide and stiff padding offers great comfort when hanging in the harness • side d-rings for work positioning en 358 or gear attachment • 4 gear loops with a bearing capacity of 10 kg provide enough space for your gear • additional loops with a bearing capacity of 5 kg offer additional space for the gear and better gear orientation • waist belt construction allows to attach first aid kit and plastic holders for industrial tools porter size m/l xl weight 1800g 1950 g • 63.5 oz 68.8 oz xce 1019 • en 358 • en 813 w0070rr00 timber bridge replacement connecting loop material polyamide width 20 mm length 32.5 cm

dynamic special ropes military this collection of static ropes has been specially prepared for the use of police and army forces and other special units if you require the best quality and a special design military ropes are the best choice l0510 accord 8.3 half and twin rope with excelent durability and lightness • compact rope which has minimal interfiber friction thereby increasing durability • tested and certified according to the en 892 standard requirements for half ropes and twin ropes • weight diameter and number of falls are balanced in such a way that can be used as a half and twin rope • used in pairs the climber can choose between the twin rope technique or half rope technique whatever technique is required at the time • thermotransfer end marking • ultrasonic ending xce 1019 • en 892 • xuiaa l0340ax duran 10.4 ideal rope for indoor climbing and crags with rough rocks • made by singing rock patented technology r44 which

helmets work x0033 plasma work working helmet • helmet with an innovative design light compact comfortable and well ventilated thanks to 10 air intakes that keep the head cool at all times • provided with a fast simple and effective size adjustment mechanism consisting of a wheel with a rubber grip on the back of the helmet • provided with external lamp clips made of strong nylon compatible with all helmet lamps available on the market • soft polyethylene headband fixed to the external shell without rivets • inner padding consisting of two separate pieces headband and disc fully removable and hand or machine washable at 30°c non-allergic cool moisture wicking and odour resistant fabric • chinstrap with four fastening points at the back for a better fit fixed to the shell without rivets quick fastening and opening with a safety release system in compliance with en 397 provided with two soft polyethylene side retractors to regulate the length of

anchor and belay devices singing rock anchor devices and belay devices ascenders descenders pulleys self braking devices 46 hrubá skála castle bohemian paradise • czech republic photo jan zámečník

slings and lanyards seam cover the cover is made of high-durable transparent elastomer it protects strength seam on the rope and allows its control and revision singing rock unique production number textile products for better traceability and inspection recording the singing rock slings and lanyard are marked with the unique production number 56 kairat rachmetov singing rock staff hrubá skála castle bohemian paradise czech republic • photo jan zámečník slings and lanyards mobile anchoring system fall absorbers equipment for checking ppe

singing rock 66 integrated rescue system training czech republic • photo petr piechowicz accessories accessories and promotional

accessories and promotional 1 2 3 4 accessories and promotional p0020 banners p0021 beach flag singing rock banners made from lightweight pes with a holes to hang up size small 60 x 60 cm medium 30 x 150 cm large 200 x 100 cm xlarge 150 x 150 cm self standing event flag made from elastic pes comes with a footstand and carrier bag size table 29 x 60 cm medium 60 x 260 cm large 80 x 340 cm xlarge 85 x 450 cm 5 condom safety first 6 posters your personal protective equipment for your hardware size uni en iso 4074 xce 1023 temporary tattoo which is transferred to the skin using water size 6 x 4,5 cm accessories image posters with our gear in action 1 water treatment 480x690 mm 2 light tower 480x690 mm 3 karolina vertical 480x690 mm 4 castle 480x690 mm 5 karolina 690x480 mm 6 tree care 690x480 mm tech info 690x990 mm singing rock stickers tattoo 76 stickers with back side adhesive stickers with front side adhesive

framing and roofing framing and roofing when moving on slopes there is always the risk of fall-through or slip followed by a fall to eliminate this risk it is necessary to set up sufficiently strong anchor point and to use proper ppe if there is no sufficiently strong anchor point it is necessary to use more anchor points together the anchorage must be placed above user to prevent him from fall in case a fall is probable it is necessary to incorporate a fall absorber into the safety chain pay attention to the horizontal distance from the vertical of the anchor point the bigger it is the more dangerous possible fall will be products framing and roofing tech-info tech-info k4241z005 oval steel connector srew page 40 w9600 kappa work k0018aa00 working helmet ozone triplelock page 34 light alloy oval carabiner page 41 w8100b rope protector page 28 framing and roofing any fall from a roof inevitably involves at least a serious injury the risks are substantial however long or short the work

ropes courses k0018aa00 ozone triplelock light alloy oval carabiner w9600 kappa work page 41 working helmet page 34 k82008z small connector with automatic locking page 43 k82008z maillon small oval steel maillon carabiner page 40 w0068br body ii standard fall arrest harness page 13 ropes courses and adventure parks complete range of the equipment intended for the rope courses and adventure parks the safety equipment for each participant basically consists of a harness a lanyard and a belay system sometimes helmets are also used products rope courses and adventure parks ropes courses tech-info w2200w100 lanyard „i“ rope parks are a combination of working and sports climbing it is a leisure-time activity mainly carried out by people who are gaining experience with climbing this activity combines working as well as sports equipment the person client is ideally dressed in a whole-body harness to connect to the steel security rope there are two connectors and these are

obálka 4 warning activities at height such as climbing via ferrata caving rappelling ski-touring rescue work at height and exploration are dangerous activities which may lead to severe injury or even death thus the following is essential before use careful reading and understanding of the instructions for use acquaintance with the possibilities and limitations of the product adequate apprenticeship in appropriate techniques and methods of use understanding and acceptance of the risk involved in case of doubt or problem of understanding contact singing rock photo petr piechowicz 6/2015 catalogue singing rock 2015 – working equipment singing rock – all rights reserved technical specifications may change without notice printed in czech republic singing rock poniklá 317 cz-512 42 poniklá e-mail tel +420 481 585 007 fax +420 481 540