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magnetic field protection magnetic fields can be diverted using magnetisable materials place a hollow body of iron in a magnetic field and you will see that a large part of the magnetic flux lines are bundled in the wall of the hollow body the interior is thus shielded to a large extent from magnetic forces sinn engineers use this principle to their advantage to create magnetic field protection following exposure to a magnetic field it is important that the protective sheath does not remain magnetised and thus become a source of interference materials that can be easily magnetised yet have little remanence residual magnetisation after exposure to a magnetic field are referred to as “magnetically soft” pure iron is a very good example of this with the aid of magnetically soft materials magnetic field protection up to 80,000 a/m or 100 mt is achieved for our watches in the event of typical everyday unipolar contact in order to produce this magnetic field protection we use a

212 ksk with black silicone strap either with a folding safety clasp and expandable strap or with a butterfly folding clasp case diameter 47 mm 212 ksk with solid expandable stainless-steel bracelet with folding safety clasp case diameter 47 mm 212 ksk with black textile strap case diameter 47 mm 212 ksk the watch with 64-mil ratcheting on the captive rotating bezel 212 ksk – luminous 212 ksk – back view large picture 212 ksk with black silicone strap case diameter 47 mm to mark the 20th anniversary of the german special forces command ksk kommando spezialkräfte in 2016 we worked with the gemeinschaft deutscher kommandosoldaten e.v association of german commando soldiers to develop the “k212 special forces command” a 70-piece special limited edition exclusively for ksk members a 300-piece limited edition retail version of the 212 ksk is also available for all other watch lovers as the design is based on the anniversary edition which is not available for

the frankfurt financial district watch in rose gold with a black alligator leather strap case diameter 38.5 mm the frankfurt financial district watch 6000 with a black calfskin strap case diameter 38.5 mm the frankfurt financial district watch 6099 with a solid bracelet and polished stainlesssteel case case diameter 41.5 mm the frankfurt financial district watch series 6000 and model 6099 − exquisitely decorated movement − sapphire crystal glass on both sides – displays three time zones on a 12-hour basis – rotor engraving of the frankfurt skyline − pressure-resistant up to 10 bar − resistant to low pressure the models 6000 and 6099 each come in a fine wooden case with a solid stainless-steel bracelet calfskin strap model 6000 rose gold has a brown and black alligator leather strap a band replacement tool spare spring bars an eschenbach watchmaker’s magnifying glass a care cloth and a brochure • 6000 rose gold – case made