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159 tech drive belts focus the drive belt is an integral part of your snowmobile’s transmission and its importance for achieving its maximum performance can’t be overstated all the tuning or changes made in gearing weights ramps and springs in the world don’t matter if the belt can’t consistently p y maintain its performance so what makes a belt a belt you see that several elements include “aramid.” aramid is a man-made fiber resistant to heat and abrasion and is used to add strength and long life to the rubber belt aramid fibers and fabrics are common in belts top cog with special aramid fiber adhesion rubber specialized high modulus aramid cord compressive rubber with high modulus pbo fiber bottom cog with aramid fabric brp belt construction vs competitors brand a brand a c12 brand b brp cr aramid cr aramid h-nbr aramid/cotton cr aramid cr cr h-nbr cr aramid carbon aramid aramid cr cr h-nbr cr bottom rubber chopped fiber cr aramid cr aramid h-nbr aramid/cotton cr pbo aramid bottom fabric acrylic 1 ply acrylic 1 ply cr aramid/cotton aramid/pet 1 ply top rubber chopped fiber upper adhesion rubber chopped fiber cord lower adhesion rubber chopped fiber just as we calibrate our clutches and gearing to deliver the best possible performance for how a sled is ridden we specialize the belt for the application too cr chloroprene rubber modulus tensile strenght durability comparison based on brp dynamometer testing tensile strenght g/d 100 50 pbo 40 30 technora 74 47 carbon fiber 51 kevlar glass fiber 20 10 polyester steel fiber 0 0 500 use the right belt 1000 1500 tensile modulus g/d 2000 2500 brand a brand a c12 brand b brp different types of riding create different heat and load conditions our engineers must account for for instance higher drivetrain loads like on a summit sled churning 3 in paddles on the throttle hard for extended periods of time generally require belts with a stiff construction and high heat resistance a utility sled pulling equipment or heavily loaded sees high drivetrain loads too but the clutch calibrations engine rpm vehicle speed and environment differ significantly – so will the required belt this is why it’s best to match the exact model and year of your snowmobile to replacement belt and even though brp belts might have the same width and length dimensions the difference in the materials delivers the best performance and longevity for your sled’s application and calibrations.