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storage compartments and simply clever details increase practicality and comfort of your car and help you keep order inside for example the eyeglasses compartment located above the interior rear-view mirror will be particularly appreciated by drivers who change sunglasses for spectacles before driving external appliances can be transported safely in the multimedia bracket located in the dual drinks holder on the centre console the closed storage compartment in the lower part of the dashboard by the front passenger can in cars with climatronic air conditioning cool drinks during your trip the parking ticket holder is located on the driver’s side at the edge of the windscreen which is a highly visible location the front armrest which conceals a storage compartment for small items increases the comfort of both the driver and front passenger simply clever details include storage pockets on the insides of the seat backrests where you can store a map mobile phone etc one of the many

the front design of the rapid spaceback clearly belongs to the rapid model line the shape and composition of the individual exterior elements is defined by the contemporary design language of the Å koda brand the headlamps smoothly flow from the distinctive front grille the Å koda logo stands out perfectly against the rounded edge of the bonnet above the chrome frame of the grille thanks to the black b and c-columns the glazed area of the side windows appears uniform and suggests a large interior space sunset rear windows with a higher density of tint underscores the elegance of the exterior and protects rear passengers from sunshine the sharp edges of the headlamps and fog lamps are one of the characteristic features of the Å koda design language the lower parts of the headlamps have angled covers reminiscent of the elegance of bohemian crystal with regard to functionality the top option is the xenon headlamps plus fog lamps with corner function and daytime running lights the

the dashboard which matches the design of the exterior with its clean style is practically arranged so the driver clearly sees everything at a glance all the controls on the dashboard and the driver’s door are within reach and placed where the driver intuitively expects them to be the rapid spaceback is exclusively equipped with a 3-spoke steering wheel available in several versions including a leather multifunctional steering wheel with chrome elements it is also available in a sports design see next page

you will surely not get lost in unfamiliar places with the amundsen navigation system which is controlled via a 5 touch-screen display in addition to its many functions the system can display information from the climatronic air conditioning and thanks to the mdi mobile device interface from external equipment as well the swing radio with a dual tuner dual antenna and cd cd-mp3 and cd-wma players will provide you with great listening pleasure and entertainment on long drives the top version of the instrument panel is equipped with the maxi dot display which not only displays data from the on-board computer average consumption range etc but also data from other car equipment such as air conditioning and the navigation system in addition to maintaining the preselected speed cruise control enables you to increase or reduce speed without using the pedals this function is controlled by a button on the side of the cruise control you can select the reliable manual transmission pictured

the Å koda greenline vehicles reflect our continuous effort to reduce co2 emission levels the highly advanced technical solutions enable a combination of exceptional concern for the environment with driving comfort the rapid spaceback greenline features amongst other modifications the start-stop system and energy recovery functionality it is powered by the 1.6 tdi cr dpf/66kw diesel engine resulting in a combined consumption of 3.8 l/100 km at a co2 emission level of a mere 99 g/km the greenline version can be identified by the original badge on the front grille standard equipment includes 15 steel wheels with two-color hub covers especially developed for the greenline version with low rolling resistance tyres the original greenline badge can also be found on the 5th door the start-stop system automatically switches off the engine for example while waiting at the traffic lights or when moving slowly in a queue of cars by pressing the clutch pedal the engine automatically restarts

the elegance equipment version comes in two colour versions the first has beige upholstery and the dashboard and door panelling in a satin black stone beige combination the second option has black fabric seat upholstery and the dashboard and door panelling in a satin black/satin black combination both versions feature the silver brushed décor which also decorates the steering wheel or you can select the optional piano black décor the interior has many chrome elements such as trim on the steering wheel vent frames and more the ambition equipment version can have either black fabric seat upholstery and the dashboard and door panelling in a satin black/satin black combination or upholstery in a grey black combination and the dashboard and door panelling in a satin black/lava grey combination both versions feature the graphite metallic décor or you can select the optional silver brushed or piano white décor the steering wheel can be decorated with a silver brushed or a piano

the active equipment version always has grey/black fabric seat upholstery the dashboard and door panelling come in either a satin black/satin black or satin black lava grey combination the exclusive dynamic interior is an option for the elegance and ambition equipment versions you can choose the seat upholstery fabric in a combination of red/black or silver/black the dashboard lined with the piano black décor as standard or piano white décor as option and door panelling always come in a satin black/satin black combination based on the equipment level you can adorn the interior with many chrome features the 3-spoke leather multifunctional steering wheel which comes as standard is available in a sports design as option for dynamic only the sports version is always decorated with a piano black strip regardless of the dashboard

technical specifications petrol engine 3/1,198 55/5,400 112/3,750 eu5 unleaded petrol ron 95/91 performance maximum speed km/h acceleration 0–100 km/h s fuel consumption 99/100 l/100 km – urban – extra-urban – combined co2 emissions g/km turning circle diameter m power transmission type clutch transmission weight kerb weight – in standard version with a 75kg driver kg payload – incl a driver and extra equipment kg total weight kg trailer load without brakes max kg trailer load with brakes – 12 max kg body drag coefficient cw 172 13.8 180 11.7 193 10.2 203 9.4 182 11.9 12.1 184 11.9 190 10.3 8.0/8.1 4.5/4.6 5.8/5.9 134/137 10.9 6.5/5.9 4.4/4.3 5.1/4.9 119/114 10.9 6.9/6.3 4.6/4.2 5.4/5.0 125/116 10.9 7.4/6.8 4.8/4.6 5.8/5.4 134/125 10.9 5.6/4.8 5.6 3.7/3.4 3.9 4.4/3.9 4.5 114/104 118 10.9 4.5 3.4 3.8 99 10.9 5.6/4.8 3.7/3.4 4.4/3.9 114/104 10.9 front-wheel drive hydraulic single dry clutch disc front-wheel drive

one of the most important goals of Škoda auto is the development and manufacture of products that are as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their life cycle phases placing principal emphasis on the selection of recyclable materials our Škoda cars are produced using progressive types of technology in modern production facilities that meet the strictest criteria anticorrosive protection of the cars’ painted parts is based exclusively on lead-free cataphoresis ktl and water-soluable paints our company strategy includes limiting fuel consumption and emissions as a result the engines we offer meet the current emission regulations all Škoda products are made using manufacturing processes that adhere to the laws and regulations concerning the protection of soil and water as a result of these activities Škoda cars meet technical safety quality and environmental requirements Škoda auto contributes to the preservation of a clean environment and provides