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side mirror covers side mirror covers premium steel pedal covers Škoda genuine accessories Škoda genuine accessories Škoda genuine accessories red 6v0 072 530 black 6v0 072 530a for cars with manual transmission 5e1 064 200 with automatic transmission 5e1 064 205 decorative door sill covers with alu insert Škoda genuine accessories 6v0 071 303  decorative door sill covers – alu Škoda genuine accessories 6v0

rock light-alloy wheel 7.0j x 16 italia light-alloy wheel 7.0j x 16 for 215/45 r16 tyres Škoda genuine accessories in silver design 6v0 071 496c 8z8 for 215/45 r16 tyres Škoda genuine accessories in white design brushed 6v0 071 496a fm9 mato light-alloy wheel 6.0j x 15 large dentro hub covers large flair hub covers for 185/60 r15 tyres Škoda genuine accessories in silver design 6v0 071 495 8z8 for steel wheel 6.0j x 15 Škoda genuine accessories 6v0 071 455 for steel wheel 5.0j x 14 Škoda genuine accessories 6v0

rubber boot mat Škoda genuine accessories 6v6 061 160 plastic boot tray Škoda genuine accessories 6v6 061 162 netting system set of three nets double vertical nets Škoda genuine accessories in grey 6v6 017 700a in black 6v6 017 700 universal fixing elements Škoda genuine accessories 6v0

lockable box for skis and snowboards capacity of up to 5 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards volume of 380 litres successfully passed the city crash test available in three colours Škoda genuine accessories roof racks holders and boxes when you get the basic roof rack from Škoda genuine accessories your car will transport almost in black 5l6 071 175a anything other roof systems and carriers can be mounted to the basic roof rack such as bicycle racks ski and snowboard racks or boxes luggage cases etc the basic roof rack dimensions and shape are perfectly in silver compatible with the fabia model one hundred percent 5l6 071 175 compatibility of the product with the vehicle eliminates problems with installation or use you will also avoid potential safety hazards that may occur when using nongenuine accessories the racks undergo a number of demanding tests their in white resistance to corrosion loading capacity strength and 5l6 071 175b durability are tested in various

safety do you have small children start by selecting a child seat do you always want to park confidently and safely parking sensors are invaluable assistants and when the new fabia attracts unwanted attention the mechanical transmission locking system will ensure the security of your car wherever you park rear parking sensors Škoda genuine accessories 6v0

wavo 1-2-3 child seat baby plus child seat Škoda genuine accessories Škoda genuine accessories 000 019 903d 000 019 900e child seat mat wavo kind child seat 000 017 819a Škoda genuine accessories 000 019 904d category by weight in kg name baby plus wavo 1-2-3 wavo kind 0 0–13 1 9–18 2 15–25 3 22–36 0–13 15–36

one of the most important goals of Škoda auto is the development and manufacture of products that are as environmentally friendly as possible throughout their life cycle phases placing principal emphasis on the selection of recyclable materials our Škoda cars are produced using progressive types of technology in modern production facilities that meet the strictest criteria anticorrosive protection of the cars’ painted parts is based exclusively on lead-free cataphoresis ktl and water-soluable paints our company strategy includes limiting fuel consumption and emissions as a result the engines we offer meet the current emission regulations all Škoda products are made using manufacturing processes that adhere to the laws and regulations concerning the protection of soil and water as a result of these activities Škoda cars meet technical safety quality and environmental requirements Škoda auto contributes to the preservation of a clean environment and