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the new Å koda octavia rs rs

what is it about the new octavia rs power can’t be measured with a stopwatch nor can it be fully evoked by pretty words it’s an emotion that can only be experienced by watching the world blur away at the mere press of your right foot enjoy the thrill of total power unleashed inside the new Škoda octavia rs – a genuine mean machine this car sets pulses racing even when standing still with sporty styling and equally impressive led headlamps the racy intentions of the octavia rs are revealed as quickly as the horses rushing under its bonnet and with optional 4x4 this car is truly in a class of its own the octavia rs is yet another example of our philosophy of making beautifully designed cars that are as much a joy to drive now as they were back when we started that’s simply clever that’s

up to 230 beautiful horses mix the timeless aesthetics of the octavia with sporty styling and you get the octavia rs its impressive look is backed up with a sporty chassis and its functionality is underlined with ingenious exterior elements led rear lights the rear lights with familiar c-shaped illumination are always equipped with leds as well as the lighting of the registration plate 5th door spoiler the liftback version features a 5th door spoiler which increases the stability of the vehicle at faster speeds front view the car can be easily identified by the rs badge on the front grille as well as the ferocious sports expression lent by the full led headlamps and led fog lamps in rs design wheels the choice of wheels is a question of your individuality the alloy wheels are available from 17” up to the 19 xtreme as an attractive option exhaust pipe the exhaust pipe end pieces in chrome finish further accentuate the sporty look of the

cockpit comfort while the driver enjoys the atmosphere of the sports cockpit passengers indulge in maximum

dress code sporty exceptional space meets sporty design in the interior which comes in exclusive black styling while numerous details make every journey more pleasurable the original rs logo on the steering wheel seats and gear stick knob accentuates the thrill-seeking nature of the car ambient lighting the attractive interior of the rs version is even more beautiful when the ambient lighting with ten appealing colour options comes on sports steering wheel the sports multifunctional steering wheel in perforated leather lets you control the radio and phone with digital voice enhancement and alternatively the dsg direct shift gearbox it can be also equipped with heating function controlled via the infotainment system seats the sports front seats feature integrated headrests the original rs logo is embroidered on the backrests the upholstery in a combination of alcantara®/leather with grey or red stitching see photo is optional equally interesting is the combination of fabric

connect with Å koda connect being online fully and permanently means not only having access to entertainment and information but also possible assistance while on the move Å koda connect is your gateway to a world of unlimited communication possibilities Å koda connect the unique Å koda connect interface includes two categories of services while infotainment online delivers navigation and information in real time care connect focuses on help and safety enabling remote access and control of the vehicle it also offers an assistance service for any situation that needs it weather get the latest weather report for your current location or destination with detailed forecasts including precipitation predictions and warnings parking position retrieve the pinpoint location of your car in large parking areas from anywhere on your mobile phone with the address time and date of parking displayed online traffic information always take the best route up-to-date information gives you a

you’ll never drive alone various active and passive assistant systems ensure that every drive in the octavia rs is safe and totally hassle-free these assistants allow you to respond promptly to whatever the road throws at you front assist with predictive pedestrian protection the front assist system using a radar device in the front grille is designed to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead including automatic slowing down and braking the new octavia rs comes with front assist expanded with predictive pedestrian protection which warns the driver via an audio/visual signal as well as a gentle jolt of the brakes blind spot detect using radar sensors in the rear bumper blind spot detect monitors the blind areas behind and beside the car based on the distance and speed of the surrounding vehicles it decides whether or not it should warn the driver adaptive cruise control besides the basic cruise control function the acc maintains a safe distance from vehicles in front of you

4x4 the intelligent 4x4 drive represents a very interesting alternative under normal conditions the car can utilise the advantages of front-wheel drive and under extreme conditions the excellent traction of the 4x4 drive exhilaration on the road the octavia rs uniquely combines a dynamic driving experience with a comfortable family vehicle and thanks to the excellent driving characteristics of the car you can fully yet safely use the whole potential of the engine instrument panel the attractive maxi dot colour display offers a laptimer function which further adds to the feel of a sports drive experience the driver will also appreciate the clearly legible white interface performance mode select the car features performance mode select which includes the performance sound generator function allowing the sound of the engine in the cabin to be set to the normal eco or sport mode personalisation options the infotainment system allows different drivers to create their own individual

is it the led headlamps is it the power what is it about the new Å koda octavia rs 245 is it the 19 xtreme

emperor among kings the octavia rs 245 represents the most powerful level of achievement its sporty design is accompanied with extraordinary comfort however what makes the vehicle absolutely exceptional is what lies under the bonnet a 245hp petrol engine in addition the car is equipped with the active electronic differential lock of the front axle it maximises traction reduces understeering and adds agility seats the comfortable upholstery in a combination of alcantara®/leather is adorned with red or grey stitching and naturally the backrests are decorated with the rs logo black covers the black external side-view mirror covers are another characteristic detail of the rs 245 version front view the dynamic front features a front grille frame in glossy black colour as well as the specific rs badge wheels the exclusive 19 xtreme alloy wheels in black colour further enhance the strong impression exhaust pipe the exhaust pipe end pieces in glossy black finish have been specially tuned

colours wheels candy white uni moon white metallic race blue metallic laser white uni brilliant silver metallic quartz grey metallic steel grey uni rallye green metallic magic black metallic corrida red uni rio red metallic not available for the rs 245 version 17 dorado alloy wheels 18 gemini silver alloy wheels 18 gemini anthracite alloy wheels 19 xtreme silver alloy wheels 19 xtreme anthracite alloy wheels 19 xtreme black alloy wheels 18 gemini black alloy wheels available exclusively for the rs 245

technical specifications octavia rs 2.0 tsi/169 kw 2.0 tsi/180 kw 2.0 tdi/135 kw technical specifications octavia combi rs 2.0 tdi/135 kw 4x4 turbocharged petrol engine direct injection system turbocharged petrol engine direct injection system turbocharged diesel engine with common rail system turbocharged diesel engine with common rail system 4/1,984 169/4,700–6,200 350/1,500–4,600 eu6/unleaded petrol min ron 95 4/1,984 180/5,000–6,700 370/1,600–4,300 eu6/unleaded petrol min ron 95 4/1,968 135/3,500–4,000 380/1,750–3,250 eu6/diesel 4/1,968 135/3,500–4,000 380/1,750–3,250 eu6/diesel 250 249 6.7 6.8 250 6.6 232 230 7.9 228 7.6 7.9 8.5 5.5 5.5 6.5 6.6 149 10.6 8.7 8.3 5.4 5.3 6.6 6.4 150 146 10.6 5.3 5.8 4.1 4.4 4.5 4.9 119 129 10.6 5.9 4.7 5.1 134 10.6 front-wheel drive hydraulic single dry clutch disc twin coaxial wet multiple-disc clutch electro-hydraulically operated manual 6-speed automatic 6-speed dsg front-wheel drive

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