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skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 2 richard belzer and david wayne afterword by jesse ventura dead wrong straight facts on the country s most controversial cover-ups the new york times bestseller now in paperback ave you ever heard a news story of a politician being found dead or committing suicide and thought it strange as if there s something they re not telling us after you read dead wrong you ll realize that your instincts were correct for years the government has put out hits on people whom it found expendable or who it felt were talking too much david wayne is here to show you that not only were these people murdered but that it was done by our own government if you thought big brother was watching you now realize that yes you are being watched and through the scope of a sniper rifle at that dead wrong gives you the straight facts on some of the most controversial cases this country has ever seen you ll learn that what the government tells you is not always to be

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 23 zane grey desert heritage a western story zane grey s masterpiece restored to its original version j ack hare is an easterner who has come west for his health in salt lake city he is mistaken by dene s outlaw gang for a spy and must flee the town to escape them he is found suffering from exhaustion and exposure in rough country by the wealthy mormon rancher august naab as he is nursed back to health at naab s ranch hare becomes aware that naab s holdings are being threatened by both dene s rustlers and an unscrupulous gentile land-grabber named holderness hare also comes to know mescal originally an orphan of a spanish father and navajo mother taken in by naab and promised in marriage to his eldest son snap august naab does not believe in violent resistance to holderness s incursions to save hare from dene and his gang naab has him accompany mescal to his sheep camp located in an isolated valley fastness and it is there that the two fall in love

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 43 leanne shirtliffe don t lick the minivan and other things i never thought i d say to my kids leanne shirtliffe writes with hilarity and poignancy as to the trials and pains literally of motherhood she is our new erma bombeck elizabeth boyle new york times bestselling author a s a woman used to traveling and living the high life in bangkok leanne shirtliffe recognized the constant fodder for humor while pregnant with twins in asia s sin city but in spite of deep-fried bug cuisine and nurses who cover newborn bassinets with plastic wrap shirtliffe manages to keep her babies alive for a year with help from a coca-cola deliveryman several waitresses and a bra factory then she and her husband return home to the isolation of north american suburbia in don t lick the minivan shirtliffe captures the bizarre aspects of parenting in her edgy honest voice she explores the hazards of everyday life with children such as yy the birthday party where neighborhood

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 63 noel muniz the art of cake pops 75 dangerously delicious designs bring bakery flavors to your party with these easy and fun cake pops c ake pops are the hottest bestselling confections in bakeries today but anyone can make these fun little treats at home with this essential guide though they may look intricate and difficult to make with a little practice and imagination kids and adults will be making these colorful creations in no time noel muniz shows you the basics of making these small delectable sweets with tips that will guide you in every step of the process the art of cake pops covers everything you need to become a cake pop pro including the different types of chocolates to use how to use cookie cutters as molds coloring chocolate and when it s best to use homemade or boxed cake there are also sections about preventing or fixing common baking problems and mistakes like cake pops that crack leaking oil or streaking with detailed photos to

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 83 bob mee ali and liston the boy who would be king and the ugly bear a fascinating account of one of boxing s most storied rivalries in that rarest of rarities a good read bert randolph sugar boxing writer and sports historian hree months after the assassination of john f kennedy prizefighters charles sonny liston and cassius marcellus clay jr stepped into a boxing ring in miami to dispute the heavyweight championship of the world liston was a mob fighter with a criminal past and rumors were spreading that clay was not just a noisy bright-eyed boy blessed with more than his share of the craziness of youth but a believer in a shadowy cult the nation of islam instead of a hero and a villain boxing had served up two bad guys against a backdrop of political instability of a country at war with itself and marred by unspeakable acts of violence against african americans liston and clay sought out their own individual destinies ali and liston follows

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 103 national geospatial-intelligence agency bowditch the american practical navigator the classic work on navigation and oceanography updated for the twentyfirst century he american practical navigator first published in 1802 was billed as the epitome of navigation by its original author nathaniel bowditch an early american mathematician who is often considered the founder of modern maritime navigation the text often colloquially referred to simply as bowditch has evolved with the advances in navigation practices since that first issue and continues to serve as a valuable reference for marine navigation in the modern day in the more than 210 years since bowditch first published it there have been an estimated million copies in print over the course of more than fifty editions this latest edition fully updated by the u.s government to reorganize the topics delete obsolete text and incorporate the extensive changes in navigation that have occurred

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 124 john liebert md and william j birnes phd wounded minds understanding and solving the growing menace of post-traumatic stress disorder recognizing and solving the ptsd epidemic for our soldiers and our society uicide rates among army soldiers increased 80 percent between 2004 and 2008 according to a recent report published in injury prevention in the last several years the number of soldiers returning from the middle east with mental and physical wounds has continued to climb in this groundbreaking book dr liebert a psychiatrist who has examined hundreds of violent offenders with combat experience and bestselling author dr william birnes uncover the disturbing truths of why post-traumatic stress injury is on the rise how it s threatening society and how the military is failing to properly address this serious issue in addition they describe the most recent research and methods that have been developed to help soldiers heal their mental and

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 144 edited by e vale blake introduction by peter stark journey to the arctic the true story of the disastrous 1871 mission to the north pole while floating down on the ice-floe in the midst of dirt and darkness hungry and cold i wondered at myself that i could have learned in a few short months to have eaten such things and submitted to such practices as but few civilized persons have ever been called to endure i n june of 1871 navigator george e tyson and the polaris sailed forth from new york to pursue an american dream to be the first expedition to explore the icy waters of the north pole led by captain hall veteran arctic explorer and funded with a $50,000 grant from the u.s congress it seemed the polaris would not fail but the voyage was doomed from the start impassable ice-floes a crew that couldn t get along and eventually the poisoning and untimely death of captain hall finally as winter approached tyson and half the crew found themselves

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 164 kathy etling hunting bears the ultimate guide to hunting black brown grizzly and polar bears stalking the most dangerous game just became easier f or many hunters in north america taking a bear is incidental to hunting deer for others however challenging a big bruin on its own turf is the purpose of their hunt and may become an obsession whether it involves hunting the wary black bear in maine over bait chasing a clever black bear trying to avoid a pack of hounds in the rocky mountains sneaking up with a bow on a huge grizzly placing the crosshairs on a massive brown bear as it exits an ice-cold alaskan stream or enduring bitterly cold temperatures and inhospitable hunting conditions while hunting the hunter the great white polar bear bear hunting is an adventure only for those of strong heart and mind in hunting bears author kathy etling covers all aspects of bear hunting and all species of bears to hunt black grizzly brown and polar she omits no

skyhorse · spring summer 2013 · 184 tom deck orvis guide to beginning wingshooting proven techniques for better shotgunning 101 tips for the absolute beginner he orvis guide to beginning wingshooting is required reading for anyone interested in picking up the sport or improving his or her shooting skills experienced shooter and teacher tom deck shares his tips as well as insider tricks from the most successful wingshooters the orvis company began one of the very first shooting schools in america almost fifty years ago today orvis has schools lodges outfitters and guides all dedicated to helping bird hunters discover and enjoy wingshooting this book is a combination of the 101 best tips from many of the orvis shooting instructors outfitters and guides chapters feature topics such as yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy field shooting trap and skeet sporting clays and other games safety and etiquette proper equipment eye dominance correct stance shotgun care and much more t · targeted

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