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up to speed at any speed the console shows the way regardless of whether you want to know where you are or how far you ve already come the information console takes pride of place on the handlebars of the smart ebike meaning that you have everything firmly under control and all the information you need right in your field of vision handlebar operating element switch between drive and generator levels conveniently and safely while cycling ­ without taking a hand off the handlebars basic display the basic display a standard feature is the nerve centre of your smart ebike allowing you to control basic functions such as drive and generator levels or light ­ or to check the time trip kilometres or remaining power as well as this the basic display always shows you the current speed and at the press of a button the average speed as well when removed it serves as additional protection against theft as the motor will only start when the basic display is

progress as standard the highlights of the smart ebike battery with 423 watt hours you can cover up to 62 miles motor with 200 wattsat your disposal you can travel through the city quickly and comfortably in generator mode the motor also serves as a provider of energy carbon toothed belt made of high-strength carbon fibre the highly r eliable toothed belt transmits power to the rear wheel without the need for lubricant or m aintenance figure applies to the uk country-specific variations possible ­ see technical data

twice as unique colouring to the power of two one glance is enough to recognise a smart and the typical two-material and two-colour concept is every bit as unmistakeable when applied to the smart ebike the smart ebike comes in two attractive colour variants in crystal white with electric green accent trim parts and in matt dark grey with flame orange accent trim parts whichever you opt for both variants exude sportiness with elegantly contrasting accents on the saddle bottom bracket bearing disc brakes bell and handlebar grips crystal white with electric green accent trim

comfort saddle this saddle lives up to its name ­ not just because of the seat comfort ensured by a pressure-relieving gel it also prevents unpleasant surprises in summer as the comfort saddle heats up much less in the sun than you are used to from normal saddles seatpost in addition to the standard seat post straight 350 mm there are two further variants either short straight 265 mm or long angled 400 mm luggage rack plays a supporting role on every journey the luggage rack in smart design features integrated lockable side bags for small items compatible with the luggage rack bag from the ebike collection ­ for even more storage space suspension fork not every cycle path is in perfect condition ­ but the suspension fork improves them all the air spring suspension fork can be individually adjusted to the cyclist for enhanced comfort so you reach your desti nation feeling even more

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