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say hi to the 2013 lineup 2013 smart fortwo coupes 2013 smart fortwo

unsolastyear the 2013 smart fortwo has a lot to say if you ask about its sporty new styling or more aggressive front grille it will go on for hours and boy does it love discussing the honeycomb design on its redesigned rear yep the 2013 smart fortwo has good reason to be a chatterbox sporty styling thanks to a bolder front grille special honeycomb structure and sleek side skirts the 2013 smart fortwo is a lean mean ridiculously good looking machine bold aggressive front grille a new face means a stronger attitude which means a new reason to say it s a 10 on the `looking spiffy scale honeycomb structure the extra wide air inlets allow your engine to cool down faster we think it s a distinctive and practical way to make the car world take notice redesigned rear the passion s stylish silver trim strip or the pure s black trim strip meets the honeycomb design for the ahem back end of your dreams new side skirt look no further if you want your car to look super sleek and by super sleek

unworry within the compact frame of every smart is an almost unbelievable amount of safety each car is crammed with engineering designed by the incredibly forward-thinking safety pioneers at mercedes-benz to meet the strongest industry standards and beyond from its patented steel tridion safety cell to the intuitive crash management system each smart comes standard with seriously protective brilliance patented tridion safety cell protection doesn t happen by chance that s why our patented reinforced steel tridion safety cell is engineered to be a barrier between you and pretty much anything inspired by racecar roll cages it distributes energy to help keep you safe in a crash full-size airbags you can never have too much protection so all smart coupes are equipped to safeguard your sides knees and front with 8 full-size airbags 6 in the cabriolet that means everyone inside is protected top-to-bottom or if you like side-to-side point is you ll be protected esp® our electronic

unlandfill smarts are sporty they re safe too two fantastic things for sure so what we re overly excited to tell you about now is that each smart is 85 recyclable and they get 38 mpg hwy while being covered in 100 recyclable and customizable side panels in other words smart has a carbon footprint so small mother nature will probably send you a gift basket just for driving one 85 recyclable this is the big one eco-friends every smart can be recycled into lots of awesome stuff it s like magic if magic were real and eco-friendly 38 mpg hwy this means you can drive past gas stations and laugh a hearty chuckle or at least smile oil filter lasts 10,000 mi you only have to change your oil when you change your filter which is to say very rarely and in this case very rarely is very good air filter lasts 20,000 mi when air can easily flow it makes for a more fuel-efficient car that s a double win for your wallet and the environment 100 recyclable panels they re customizable lightweight and a

unsluggish d e th ee wh l becaus einas ma rt hi n reason to get be eb each smart is outfitted with a nifty innovation called the smartshift® transmission it does away with the clutch so that means you can choose between manual and automatic modes and with a 28 ft turning radius and fantastic ® features like standard abs and esp you s a sic abhlly witsom uc h th ri n ho rn carjoke ith 10 cel ow ne w ot our la tp ny ra o to fo at c h n i rt le b c it e n to-your h at tot a lly b o d aci o h us t ex an ee ce ngi ua neer ed to give yo ad n ren al ed eliora pu m ine r exhilarating joyride all of your trips w ill ing that you in p pk ll be can be sure that any ride will be an rating your b he ush t e siz t ot of awate rf a hd a yo n aj e e th s re l l in g st no such thing auffpack ed b ut ll vin gasma dr i rt i in t oe ve sa b o r in r y sm lo o k in g st he o g tr ip t o th art it s a m nly thing be so ho in ach mo r ld

unyawn smarts are 100 customizable that should get your creative gears spinning out of control with possibility there are 14 separate customizable body panels on a smart along with 7 standard panel options all of which can be enhanced by you our math people say that comes to 98 different possible designs but you know what number is even cooler infinity you can come up with your own designs and we ll wrap your smart however you like however many times you like that means replacing your komodo dragon wrap is extremely easy and commencing the customization is even simpler just talk to a friendly and fantastic smart center representative or stop by our internet home at smartusa.com now put that big beautiful brain of yours into overdrive and get to it i was cool since before being cool was cool yes i can play `the star-spangled banner on kazoo i was going for a `totally gnarly rock star vibe nailed it in the concrete jungle i m on top of the food chain 8 ball corner pocket oh

uncramped when you sit in a smart two things happen first you get pretty darn excited about the smart s über-sleek interior and second you become stunned at how roomy a sporty car can be well prepare yourself because a smart has a surprisingly remarkable 39.7 in of headroom and with easyloading luggage compartments ranging from 7.8­12 cu ft there s more than enough space for you your bff and lots what fits in a smart ­ two 6 ft 5 in men and in the back ­ a soulful baritone saxophone or ­ 11 cases of diet soda cans or ­ your lucky golf clubs or ­ 4 adorable basset hounds of stuff even if that includes your hip record collection basically a smart s interior isn t small at

unhumdrum brabus sport package well friends if you re looking to transform your smart into a fiercer sportier dream machine meet the brabus sport package featuring stylish interior additions like contrast-stitched heated leather seats and sleek metal floor pedals with grip-enhancing rubber studs your smart s interior will have a serious wow factor but performance is equally as important so you ll also get road-ready additions like the brabus sport suspension for superior handling and wide tires for traction you can truly feel exterior bolder front spoiler sleek side skirts chrome-plated sport exhaust system aggressive rear apron wider monoblock vii 15 17 alloy wheels fine-tuned sport suspension smart label mirror triangle fuel cap front grille rear available in black silver or white tridion matches body parts interior matte stainless-steel sport pedals exact-fit floor mats matte aluminum leather-trimmed gear knob stylish accent and contrast components in silver exc speaker rings

unbland interior you can have your interior decked out in 6 different colors oh and get stoked on this you can also choose between leather and cloth upholstery but wait there s more we have a super new and super classy two-tone interior featuring crystal grey leather seats and a black dashboard it s very swanky black fabric pure only design black passion only design red passion only design beige passion only black leather passion only new shown above crystal grey leather passion only new shown at right grey matte exterior with 7 body colors and 2 tridion safety cell colors to choose from making your smart look just how you want is pretty easy rally red silver metallic crystal white light blue metallic deep black grey metallic black silver optional the pure coupe comes extremely handsomely equipped with a black tridion safety cell only while the passion coupe comes with a silver tridion safety cell but you can also have black if you like

tech data engine/type engine capacity in cc horsepower max torque in lb ft at rpm bore x stroke compression ratio fuel delivery maximum speed in mph acceleration 0-60 mph engine position/drive transmission fuel consumption fuel type 50 emission rating carb brakes/dynamic handling control system g en in e p pe ou ou ncec ssio r pu pa c e ab rio let 50 50 50 50 50 3-cylinder in-line engine 999 70 hp 68/4,500 2.83 in x 3.22 in 11.4:1 multipoint fuel injection with electronic accelerator 90 12.8 seconds rear/rear automated manual 5-speed transmission 34/38 estimated city/highway premium unleaded ultra low emission vehicle ii ulev ii esp® with hill-start assist abs with electronic brake force distribution acceleration skid control hydraulic brake assist disc brakes at front drum brakes at back 155/60 r15 175/55 r15 wheels/tires ­ pure front/rear 155/60 r15up to any required size wheels/tires ­ passion front/rear they mayr15 be175/55 scaled 8.8 ft vehicle length 4.2 ft x 4.5 ft track

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