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get amped the all-new smart electric

let us plug you in we re overwhelmingly excited to talk about our all-new smart electric drive so get ready to ride the lightning feel the power taste the electricity that s just an expression and enjoy our shockingly fun-to-drive totally electric smart electric

it s very current here s a paradox for you how can an electric car like the all-new smart electric drive be brand-new and over 40 years old that s a tough one but let us explain the original idea when we first envisioned the smart car in the 1970s it was always meant to be completely electric the smart electric drive is that vision realized be the solution we want to be the solution to lame stuff like traffic and pollution and the smart electric drive is the answer unwhatyouexpect smart minus gas the smart electric drive looks and feels just like a gaspowered smart but it doesn t need gas so you can have it all except

surging ahead we know what you re thinking in a non-creepy way why get a smart electric drive see haha we knew what you were thinking well it just so happens we have answers and it also just so happens that they are conveniently located below because we knew you would look there instant torque no lag no delay no sweat you don t have to rev up or anything because the smart electric drive is just as zippy as every car we make oh-so-nimble a tight turning radius compact size and magneto-electric motor give the smart electric drive something we call holdon-to-your-pants-itude it s smooth the smart electric drive s single transmission means you can accelerate extremely smoothly you know like butter

switched on remember that high school drawing you did of a unicorn standing near a golden windmill well that could be a custom wrap for your smart electric drive just like every smart the electric drive is 100 customizable want proof you got it catch your cab feel mother nature in your hair as you help her because we have the only electric vehicle available in a cabriolet convertible be you-nique want something more personal awesome because we can custom-wrap your smart so that it s as original as you options plus options you can get your electric car in every standard color and choose from a big selection of door panel and tridion safety cell designs it s a creativity bonanza

shocking what are you doing right now teaching yourself the formula for electromagnetic force stop that right now we ve got big news the smart electric drive is crazy-affordable the cred equation since the electric drive is smart you get something money can t buy cred it s like this lots of cred ridiculously affordable smart electric drive you also get something money can buy a coupe for $25,000 and a cabriolet for $28,000 turns out math can be really neat green for less green the smart electric drive costs less than many of the other hybrid and electric cars out there price does not include the federal tax credit of $7,500 and before any additional state and local tax savings

dah dah da-dah da-dah charge charging your smart electric drive is easy and fast it d be like magic if it weren t super-smart science here s how it works step 1 drive around zip here there and wherever step 2 park it at your house or cool loft apartment and plug your car into its special 240-volt charger step 3 when you re ready to roll out just unplug and well roll out unguzzle step 4 show the entire world you re having a million times more fun than they