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1 interior

cargo area tray the waterproof non-slip material protects the luggage compartment and its lining from water dirt and wear secured with velcro fasteners and removable at any time as needed center armrest even greater comfort especially on long journeys easy to fold up luggage fastener the foam-filled elastic nylon fastener adapts perfectly to the shape of the luggage and can be secured with velcro helping to ensure luggage remains in place cabrio wind deflector helps eliminate wind turbulence during topdown driving by reducing the air flow in the interior makes top-down driving a real pleasure even when outside temperatures are

cup holder securely holds two cups cans or bottles of different sizes in addition larger bottles can be held in place with a folding holder beside the center console cd holder for 6 cds holds up to six cds safely and securely the cd holder is located in direct reach of the driver and passenger simply unclip it and you can take your cds with you wherever you go glasses compartment ample room for almost all types of glasses – within easy reach of the driver the compartment has a magnetic closure to help prevent glasses from falling

2 exterior 12.13 bicycle rack shown with basic rack simply insert the bicycle into the rack system and secure it with the lockable frame holder basic rack holds up to two bicycle racks ski and snowboard rack includes basic rack available separately but can be combined as shown with space for two pairs of skis and a snowboard on its own the ski rack holds two pairs of skis and the snowboard rack fits two snowboards basic rack an ideal and safe platform for various rack systems i.e bicycle rack snowboard rack the rear window can be opened even when the rack is

3 electronics

3 electronics 16.17 ipod® integration kit for the smart bluetooth® hands-free system turns your hands-free system into an extension of your ipod® with the interface in the glove compartment the click central controller and the familiar menu navigation on the display of the hands-free system you ll use your ipod® on even the shortest journeys optional ipod® integration kit and smart bluetooth® sold separately smart bluetooth® hands-free system fully integrated convenient voice activated control wireless controller on the center console enabling voice and sound output in excellent quality via the vehicle s loudspeakers music from your mobile device can be played via bluetooth® audio streaming or via the optional ipod® integration kit sold separately  product was photographed in a smart

4 light-alloy wheels 9-spoke alloy wheels 15 design 2 set for front tires 155/60 r15 rear tires 175/55 r15 6-spoke alloy wheels 15 design 3 set for front tires 175/55 r15 rear tires 195/50 r15 6-double-spoke alloy wheel 15 design 4 1 wheel for front tires 175/55 r15 rear tires 195/50 r15 12-spoke alloy wheels 5-spoke alloy wheel 16 design 11 1 wheel for front tires 175/50 r16 rear tires 215/40 r16 15 design 1 set for front tires 155/60 r15 rear tires 175/55

6-spoke alloy wheels 15 design 5 set for front tires 175/55 r15 rear tires 195/50 r15 6-spoke alloy wheels 15 design 5 chrome look set for front tires 175/55 r15 rear tires 195/50

5 brabus 24.25 brabus luggage compartment lighting coupe unobtrusively integrated find what you are looking for in the luggage compartment even in the darkest of nights brabus logo for fuel filler flap the gleaming black brabus emblem is a real eye-catcher brabus roof spoiler elegantly elongate the roofline of your smart with a discreet spoiler fitted to the tailgate supplied primed can be painted in all bodypanel

product numbers 26.27 1 interior page p 05 product luggage compartment management system protective divider plus incl luggage ­compartment cover p 06 p 06 p 06 p 08 p 09 p 09 p 09 p 13 chrome elements mirror housings set of 2 door handle inserts set of 2 tailgate trim mud flaps set of 2 p 13 license plate frames product number a4518100080 cabrio a4518600274 coupe a4518600174 a4518140007 a4518100009 net set for luggage compartment retractable luggage compartment cover incl net bag cargo area tray center armrest cabrio wind deflector luggage fastener all-weather floor mats set of 2 ribbed floor mats set of 2 velour floor mats set of 2 rubber mats for storage compartments set of 3 door sills set of 2 cup holder cd holder for 6 cds glasses compartment smoker s kit p 07 p 07 p 07 p 07 p 08 p 08 p 08 p 08 2 p 13 a4518990021 a4519701601 a4518600074 a0008140035 a45168024489g33 a45168022489g32 a4516801648ct4a a4519870014 a4516800035 a4518100370 a4516830075 a4516800152 a4518100130 3 page p

all illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication actual product offerings may vary from those shown or may be subject to availability delays or discontinuance smart reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in colors materials equipment specifications and models any variations in colors shown are due to reproduction variations of the printing process illustrations may include test situations some vehicles may be shown with non-u.s equipment vehicles are shown with optional equipment unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision always secure cargo using the floor-mounted tie-down hooks cargo nets and organizers are not intended to prevent objects of excessive weight and bulk from sliding or rolling in the event of a collision or sudden stop always drive with caution when driving with cargo certain accessories may require professional installation and/or additional