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dolce gabbana cart wheels cart wheel delle arte smeg gabbana anga carros ducato carro moros saracen impal escudo grifo toca temas tablero medallions cuadros basta toca drums delantero corolla s orlando 66 para que carro oil sunflower burst panel asa wheels rojo red paint

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michele ducato michele ducato was born in palermo in 1972 he specialised in applied arts in high school and then took a degree in architecture since he was a boy michele has pursued an interest in cart painting an art that has been handed down in his family for three generations starting with his grandfather also michele who opened an atelier in bagheria in 1895 at the age of 14 working with his father giuseppe he is passionately devoted to the decoration and scrupulous restoration of sicilian carts the venerable history of this workshop is tied to the revivial and preservation of this art with the aim of sharing it with an ever larger audience and making it accessible to young people michele ducato nació en palermo en 1972 se graduó en arte aplicado y posteriormente en arquitectura desde niño cultivó el interés por la pintura del carro siciliano arte que se transmitió de generación en generación por tres generaciones desde el abuelo michele que abrió su

the sicily of ”cavalleria rusticana” la sicilia de la caballería rusticana michele ducato enamel and oil Óleo y esmalte 60 x 146 x 66 cm this refrigerator is inspired by the themes and imagery of the cart painting tradition of western sicily.the central panel features two key episodes from “cavalleria rusticana” the intense opera based on a novella by giovanni verga and composed by pietro mascagni on the sides are the puppets of villa palagonia in bagheria the historic dwelling is also known as the ‘villa of monsters’ thanks to the abundance of bizarre statues bright checkerboard and star ornaments enrich all the surfaces culminating on the top in an explosion of colour este refrigerador se ha inspirado en temas y sujetos propios de la tradición pictórica del carro de la sicilia occidental el panel central reproduce dos episodios destacados de la «caballería rusticana» ópera lírica de gran intensidad de una novela de

surrender to delight déjate raptar

jousting paladins el carrusel de los paladines gianfranco fiore enamel and oil Óleo y esmalte 60 x 146 x 66 cm the jousting games of the carolingian paladins traditionally painted on the sides of sicilian carts are the main source of inspiration for the decorations of this refrigerator during the tournaments the knights would measure their battle skills against each other vying for the admiration of noblewomen and princesses in the upper part of the front panel the paladins are depicted shoulder to shoulder as they cross swords in a gesture of challenge while the lower part features the scene of their duel on the right side panel is the triumph of the squire on horseback brandishing the banner of victory while the left panel depicts the hero receiving tribute from a gracious young maiden el carrusel de los paladines carolingios tradicionalmente representada en los costados de los carritos sicilianos es la fuente de inspiración principal para las decoraciones de este

fierce battles between paladins and mythical beasts luchas feroces entre paladines y bestias míticas gianfranco fiore enamel and oil Óleo y esmalte 60 x 146 x 66 cm the decorations of this refrigerator are inspired by the tradition of sicilian cart painting and by the creatures both real and imaginary that populate medieval bestiaries anthropomorphic and phytomorphic friezes accompanied by the checkerboard motifs typically found on the cart cover the entire surface framing the scenes on the front panel two knights fight against a gryphon the legendary winged creature on one side paladin faces off against a ferocious fire-breathing serpent on the other the bust of a knight is surmounted by the figure of an angel the top is painted with the effigy of emperor charlemagne las decoraciones de este refrigerador se inspiran en la tradición pictórica del carro siciliano y en las criaturas reales e imaginarias que pueblan los bestiarios medievales frisos antropomorfos y

cavalleria rusticana caballería rusticana alessandro forte enamel and oil Óleo y esmalte 60 x 146 x 66 cm this refrigerator pays homage to the decorative style that distinguishes sicilian cart painting the front panel features the image of the archangel michael impaling the demon this choice of subject reflects the tradition of painting a protector or patron saint of the patron’s city on the bed of the cart called the cascia on the sides are scenes from “cavalleria rusticana” the opera based on a novella by giovanni verga and composed by pietro mascagni on the left santuzza begs her fiancé turiddu to not go to church where he would encounter lola wife of the cart driver alfio who loves her desperately on the right alfio and turiddu challenge one another to a duel full-length portraits of the two men and two women are painted above and below the representations of the two episodes el refrigerador rinde homenaje al estilo decorativo que distingue los

alexander the great alejandro magno alessandro forte enamel and oil Óleo y esmalte 60 x 146 x 66 cm alexander the great the famous conqueror is the protagonist of the decorations of this refrigerator the three main panels each feature a battle scene while the three scenes appear to be autonomous they are in fact conceived as a single composition that recounts the historic defeat of the persian king darius at the hands of the macedonian troops led by alexander the scenes of combat that stand out against the blue background are framed by classic geometric motifs traditionally painted on the sculpted sides of sicilian carts alejandro magno el célebre conquistador es el protagonista de las decoraciones de este refrigerador los tres paneles alojan un número igual de escenas ambientales en el campo de batalla las pinturas cada una de ellas realizada como representación autónoma están concebidas como una obra única para recordar la histórica derrota del rey persa

citrons of sicily limones de sicilia

the moors los sarracenos michelangelo lacagnina enamel and acrylic Óleo y esmalte 60 x 146 x 66 cm the moorish heads of caltagirone ceramic sculptures that depict the faces of saracens are the source of inspiration for this refrigerator the saracens dominated sicily in the 9th and 10th centuries profoundly influencing the culture and history of the island the main protagonists are two moorish warriers painted on the front panel engaged in a duel with daggers while the lower part of the side panels feature ceramic vases framed by sicilian vegetation in the upper part are the helmets worn by warriors the top is adorned by a reinterpretation of a saracen shield las cabezas de moro de caltagirone manufacturas de cerámica que representan los rostros de los sarracenos son la fuente principal de inspiración para este refrigerador los sarracenos dominaron en sicilia entre el siglo ix y el x d.c influenciando profundamente la historia y la cultura de la isla protagonistas de las

orlando and rinaldo orlando y rinaldo