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m&p series 9mm full size compact size .45 acp full size mid size compact size the smith wesson m&p military and police series of firearms are designed to meet the demanding needs of today s law enforcement and military worldwide tested proven and selected the m&p series of pistols revolvers tactical rifles and select fire carbines are accurate versatile and reliable m&p pistols m&p semi-auto tactical rifles m&p select fire full-auto carbine m&p revolvers m&p semi-auto .22lr training rifle when a smith wesson firearm bears the military police name it is tested proven and ready for service demand the best demand a smith wesson military police .40s&w full size compact size .357 auto full size compact size revolvers .357 magnum 38 s&w special +p semi-auto tactical rifles 5.56mm nato full-auto carbine 5.56mm nato semi-auto .22 lr rifle 6 smith-wesson.com copyright ©2010 smith wesson corp all rights reserved