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the original 32 panel ball construction every single soccer handball and futsal ball from select is based on the revolution from 1962 where our founder eigil nielsen invented a ball made of 32 panels the overriding desire was to create the most reliable ball with the most predictable straight flight and a bounce neither too high nor too low it was impossible to make a perfectly round ball with just 18 panels which was the standard construction of a ball in the past with the 32 panels 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons select succeeded in creating the roundest ball ever seen later a group of american scientists won the nobel prize for discovering that the molecules of carbon with a special irradiation organize themselves as a complete round ball something eigil nielsen had already discovered and realized in his soccer ball with 32 panels why the reinvention was named “the soccer ball molecule” a ball with optimum roundness is essential to obtain reliable aerodynamic a

10 pro series pro level the history behind the select brillant super the world’s finest soccer ball hiding behind the exclusive exterior of the brillant super is a soccer ball that has been manufactured using specially developed japanese teijin microfiber a thoroughly tested feeling of liveliness and lightness has been achieved without compromising the thickness of the material the excellent qualities such as control and stability which have always been main characteristics for the brillant super have naturally been maintained the material might be japanese but the brillant super is produced as always by our long-term supplier in pakistan the soccer ball is hand stitched and manufactured using high quality materials from the inside to the outside the zero-wing latex bladder by select ensures that the ball is constantly balanced when traveling through the air and a double-lock valve keeps the ball suitably airtight brillant super brillant super naia our best soccer ball in

5 quality comes from inside a select dual bonded soccer consists of seven crucial elements 1 4 pu surface sr bladder 2 5 stitched double lock valve 5 1 6 3 4 7 2 3 6 lining foam 2 7 dual bonding

one player one ball only by select club db the cure the same great ball as the club db but with each purchase of the cure select sport donates $1/ball to the cure of breast cancer color cure white w/pink cure white w/pink size 4 5 item number 0246066865 0256066865 msrp $35.00 $35.00 player’s number it’s both important and expensive for every team to have good training balls now select makes this easier as the first in the usa by introducing the player’s number-concept on all of select’s most popular club and training balls we have implemented a white-on-black digital 88-panel each player can then with a black permanent marker ‘erase’ the white elements of the digital 88 and thereby create his/her own player’s number thereafter it’s very easy to recognize his her own ball and get it back home after training club series training balls

low bounce for optimum control common to all our balls is that the quality is high and the durability long an optimally round futsal ball consists of 32 panels made up of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons the 32 panels are sewn together using 630 double stitches and 60 corner stitches and are closed off with a doubleknot a unique select feature the ball lasts longer this way hidden behind the elegant exterior of the futsal balls hides a specially developed butyl bladder with polyester fibres inside that ensures a very reliable low bounce compared to a normal soccerball making it much easier to control all our balls have a butyl valve inside covered by foam to avoid the bladder from puncturing when inflating the ball to stabilise the ball and ensure it remains round the 32 panels are lined with several layers of textile material the lining helps to adjust the softness and improves the contact between the ball and the foot the outer layer of the ball is made of synthetic leather in

32 specialty training balls indoor speed • • • • street soccer • • • • specially made ball for wood floors very fast and light ball made of felt 1 year unlimited warranty color yellow w/green yellow w/green size 4 5 item number 1064403054 1065403054 msrp $50.00 $50.00 1950 leather • • • • for games and play on the street regular bounce – made of soft rubber material one size 4 ½ 1 year unlimited warranty color orange w/green green w/orange size 4½ 4½ item number 2055297670 2055297671 msrp $35.00 $35.00 beach soccer • • street kicker • • • technique and goalkeeper training ball made in soft shiny pvc material the ball has an elastic string and comes back to you after each kick ideal for technique training as well as ball receiving shooting coordination and goalkeeper training color orange size 4 item number 2055297669 msrp $25.00 size 5 color brown leather size 5 item

42 goalkeeper gloves 99 with finger protection 88 pro grip 66 with finger protection • professional match and elite training glove with finger protection • removable guards for customizable protection of individual fingers • the inner airprene material provides optimum comfort increases the glove’s flexibility and ensures minimal water absorption when playing in wet weather • double sided latex palm for unique feel and added layer of grip • flat cut palm premium contact latex • wide latex strap for greater support and quick easy adjustments • new printable strap • 3 mm deep embossed soft latex provides a soft and flexible glove • new 3mm nova grip latex guarantees a perfect grip in all weathers • the inner airprene material provides optimum comfort increases the glove’s flexibility and ensures minimal water absorption when playing in wet weather • the anatomical fit system ensures optimum fit as the glove

38 goalkeeper equipment compression shorts with protection compression shorts in 80 polyamide and 20 spandex • with pads on the hips thighs and tailbone that protect against blows and falls on hard surfaces • 4-way stretch that provides greater mobility and comfort • the flat stitch makes the shorts extremely comfortable to wear size s m l xl xxl item number 56-4210-s 56-4210-m 56-4210-l 56-4210-xl 56-4210-xxl msrp $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 compression shorts compression sleeve compression shorts made from 80 polyamide and 20 spandex newly developed compression sleeve made of 82 polyamide and 18 spandex • provide support stability and minimizes the risk of injury • 4-way stretch provides increased mobility and comfort • the flat seam makes the shorts very comfortable to wear size xs s m l xl item number 56-4020-xs 56-4020-s 56-4020-m 56-4020-l 56-4020-xl msrp $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 • special “grippy” silicone

bags 49 ball bag with backpack straps • • • • made from strong 600 denier nylon with pvc coating 2 back straps for easy carrying very durable holds 12 inflated balls item number 70-173 msrp $45.00 pro level carry ball bag • • • • heavy duty polyester ball suitcase holds 10 inflated balls interior stretch net to hold bibs etc handles and shoulder straps for carrying item number 70-172 msrp $60.00 duffle ball bag • • • • • multi purpose ball bag • • • our best selling ball bag constructed of nylon mesh and 600 denier nylon shoulder strap holds 10-12 inflated balls red and blue duffle ball bag only available as supplies last color black red blue item number 70-176-111 70-176-112 70-176-113 ball net • • • msrp $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 item number 7018000111 msrp $45.00 coaches match day ball bag cost efficient red nylon net holds 10-12 inflated balls item number 73-710 very