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48 shin guards and sleeves shin guard stay • a clever and simple accessory as an alternative to tape • helps to keep the shin guard in place color item number msrp black 69-778-03-099 $6.00 high safe shin guards • classic shin guards • flexible with strong polypropylene • extra ankle protection and velcro closure size item number msrp xxs 6750001101 $15.00 xs 6750001102 $15.00 s 6750001103 $15.00 m 6750001104 $15.00 l 6750001105 $15.00 shin guard sizing chart body height size 1’9”-2’7” peewee 2’7”-3’1” xxs 3’1”-3’11” xs 3’11”-4’7” s 4’7”-5’3” m 5’3”-5’11” l 5’11”-6’3” xl ball-stik ball-punktur massage ball for strengthening of the muscles reduction of tension and ­ myalgia as well as minimisation of fat deposits and cellulite this baseball-sized massage ball for softening sore muscles starting the blood circulation and reduction of myalgia can be used anywhere and is easy to bring along in a bag set of two item number 2055700997 msrp $45.00 item number 2055700997 shin guards sleeve heel cup with soft center spot sock tape size junior senior for increased comfort when running walking and standing the soft center spot heel cup maximises shock absorption used especially when the heel fat pad is extravasated stays in perfect shape hand washable 100 silicone gel color item number msrp s m l 70-171-x $20.00 item number 6553900-xxx • sold in pairs • fits great over shin guards • very comfortable item number 70-009 70-010 msrp $6.50 ea $6.50 ea msrp $30.00 • elastic tape • white black blue red yellow green and transparent • size 19mm x 20m • sold in packages of 10 rolls each msrp $25.00