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contents university calendar 1 school of graduate studies 7 admission to the school of graduate studies 9 non-degree admission to the school of graduate studies 11 application materials and timeline 11 international students 12 academic policies and procedures 16 additional master’s degree 16 transient graduate students 16 concurrent enrollment 16 academic advising 16 course numbers 17 course loads 17 registration 17 auditing courses 18 withdrawing from the university 18 class attendance 19 grading system 19 incompletes i grades 19 grade point average 20 repeating courses 20 length of time to complete a degree 20 transfer of credit 21 workshop credit 21 degree audit 21 thesis 22 comprehensive examinations 22 portfolios and projects 23 grade point average required for graduation 23 graduation 24 grade appeals 24 academic probation and suspension 25 academic suspension appeals 25 transcripts 26 student responsibilities

applications will not be considered until all required materials listed above have been submitted based on the following deadlines • • • fall semester july 1 spring semester december 1 summer sessions i ii may 1 students earning a bachelor’s degree after the appropriate deadline should submit a current transcript by the deadline and have a transcript reflecting the degree on file by registration day exceptions to non-degree application deadlines are based on programmatic needs only students in non-degree status who apply for admission to a graduate program to pursue a formal degree or a license must meet the same gpa and gre/mat requirements stated for an applicant seeking initial entry no more than six credit hours earned with nondegree status may apply toward a degree workshop credit students taking workshops for graduate credit are required to follow all graduate school admission procedures workshop students have a choice of continuing education credit

thesis the candidate completing a thesis as a component of a master’s degree program must submit an approved thesis to the dean of the school of graduate studies as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree thesis format guidelines are available in each college dean’s office and may vary by program credit will be given for writing the thesis and for research completed and incorporated into the thesis no more than six credit hours may be earned for the thesis a student may register for either three or six credit hours per semester thesis enrollment under the university’s supervision must be continuous from the initial enrollment the thesis must be completed within a maximum of two calendar years from initial thesis enrollment an i grade will be awarded each semester or term until completion an i grade received for thesis credit will not become a grade of f unless there is no continuous enrollment or the thesis has not been completed within the two

vocational rehabilitation persons who have a substantial handicap to employment as a result of permanent disability may receive at no cost to themselves vocational counseling and some financial assistance toward the cost of their college training when their vocational objectives are approved by an arkansas vocational rehabilitation counselor

gifted/talented p-8/7-12 professional education core courses required educ 6003 educational research educ 6403 school law educ 6833 mind tools for teaching and learning educ 6083 application of learning theories choose six hours educ 6033 history and philosophy of education educ 6043 current issues and trends in education sped 6003 collaboration/consultation for inclusion or sped 6916 thesis gifted and talented focus area gifted/talented 18 hours required for endorsement sped 5023 nature needs and assessment of the gifted and talented sped 5033 curriculum and methods of teaching gifted and talented sped 6153 counseling and development of the gifted and talented sped 6143 seminar in creative thinking practicum sped 6203 practicum for gifted and talented p-8 or 6223 practicum for gifted and talented 7-12 electives 3-6 hrs from sped 6023 project g/t sped 6043 exp learning educ 5043 educational measurement and/or content-specific course curriculum and instruction statement of purpose the

coun coun 6503 6513 coun 6523 coun coun 6533 6543 coun 6553 coun coun 6563 6573 coun 6583 case management dsm-iv diagnosis internship in clinical and developmental counseling i internship in clinical and developmental counseling ii advanced counseling skills and techniques substance abuse counseling theory and practice marriage and family counseling theory and practice human sexuality concepts theory and practice psychopharmacology and the counseling profession counseling children and adolescents master of science in kinesiology coaching program description the online master of science in kinesiology – coaching program non-licensure is designed to promote individual change within the professional practice of professionals enrolled in the program the philosophical foundation of the master’s degree is to extend the students’ prior knowledge and experiences including an understanding of philosophy and ethics safety and injury prevention physical conditioning growth

coun 6433 basic counseling skills this is an introductory course to counseling skills the course will teach students how to structure a counseling session and provide them with practical skills to use within the session fall spring semesters coun 6443 group counseling prerequisites coun 6403 6413 and 6433 a study of group counseling dynamics such as cohesiveness group pressures and standards structural properties of groups and the relation of leadership to group performance fall semester coun 6453 human development for helping professionals an overview of major theories and the most current research on human growth and development with application to personal careers and educational development of students including exceptional disadvantaged and minority groups fall spring semesters coun 6463 career counseling theory and practice prerequisites coun 6403 6413 6423 and 6433 a study of the establishment and delivery of guidance information systems both in schools and clinics career

geology geol geol 5053 earth science for teachers this course is an introduction to the major concepts of earth sciences that might be encountered by junior and senior high school teachers approximately one quarter of the semester will deal with meteorology and the remainder of the time will be spent with physical geology and historical geology as needed kinesiology kine kine 6013 adapted kinesiology a study of adapted kinesiology consisting of a diversified program of developmental activities games sports rhythms and aquatics suited to interests capacities and limitations of students with impairment disabilities or handicaps who may or may not be mainstreamed in the elementary and/or secondary physical education programs as needed kine 6023 drug use and abuse in education and sports this course is an examination of the effects of drug use and abuse on society and the individual including the study of drug effects on exercise as needed kine 6243 advanced exercise physiology this

the concepts of electronics and the practical classroom and laboratory applications of solid-state electronics lecture and laboratory as needed phys 6514 physics for teachers a course in physics that develops the fundamental concepts and processes of physics and provides practical classroom and laboratory exercises lecture and laboratory as needed psychology psyc psyc 5023 industrial and organizational psychology prerequisite psyc 2003 a consideration of the application of psychology to such areas as personnel work human engineering motivation job satisfaction leadership and organizational structure as needed psyc 5033 abnormal psychology prerequisite psyc 2003 or consent of the instructor a description and explanation of the varieties of maladjustments their causes methods of treatment and mental hygiene approach in preventing psychological maladjustments as needed psyc 5053 theories of personality prerequisite psyc 2003 or consent of the instructor this course is a study of the

edgar patrick 2006 associate professor of public administration a.a hartford community college b.a m.p.a university of montana m.dv franciscan school of theology d.p.a university of southern california green kenneth jr 2009 professor of management b.s university of monticello m.b.a d.b.a louisiana tech university johnson ben f iii 2001 professor of history dean college of liberal and performing arts b.a m.s m.s texas a m – commerce ph.d university of arkansas kardas edward p jr 1980 professor of psychology director of honors college b.a university of baltimore m.a ph.d louisiana state university kincaid deborah d 1988 associate professor of mathematics b.s m.ed university of texas at austin ph.d texas a m university kist william 2006 assistant professor of health kinesiology and recreation b.h.s m.s ph.d university of missouri columbia logan jennifer 2007 assistant professor of economics and director of the center for economic education and research