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contents university calendar 1 admission to the school of graduate studies 9 application materials and timeline 9 non-degree admission to the school of graduate studies 11 international students 13 school of graduate studies 15 college of business 17 college of education 21 college of liberal and performing arts 56 college of science and technology 60 academic policies and procedures 64 additional master’s degree 65 transient graduate students 65 concurrent enrollment 65 academic advising 66 course numbers 66 course loads 66 registration 66 auditing courses 67 withdrawing from the university 67 class attendance 68 grading system 68 incompletes i grades 69 grade point average 69 repeating courses 69 length of time to complete a degree 69 transfer of credit 70 workshop credit 70 degree audit 71 thesis 71 comprehensive examinations 72 portfolios and projects 72 grade point average required for graduation 73 graduation 73

full-time requirements for international graduate students in f-1 status full-time status students must maintain full-time enrollment and normal full-time progress toward their degree as defined below graduate nine credit hours or more are considered full-time in a regular academic semester students holding a graduate assistantship must enroll in at least six credit hours to be considered full-time please consult the office of international student services and an academic advisor to determine the precise requirements of your program exceptions 1 an f-1 student at an academic institution is considered to be in full-time status during the summer vacation if the student is eligible and intends to register for the next fall term if they attended the previous semester full-time 2 the student has a medical reason for needing to be registered less than full-time and has a written medical excuse 3 a student in the final semester of course work is permitted to take only the number of credits

statement of purpose the school counseling program prepares knowledgeable self-aware professional school counselors and fulfils the licensure requirements for school counseling p 8 and 7-12 in arkansas and in most other states with an appropriate balance of theoretical emphasis and practical application graduates are trained to address the developmental needs of children and adolescents and to implement comprehensive developmental guidance programs that are consistent with the american school counselor association’s national model and national standards licensure program a student’s plan of study is designed to meet licensure requirements according to arkansas law southern arkansas university is not responsible for courses required for licensure if the state changes requirements after the student’s program is approved earning a master’s degree from southern arkansas university does not mean that the degree recipient will receive a license the arkansas

failure to meet this deadline will result in requiring the student to reapply for graduation the student will then graduate at the next date of commencement provided all essential documents are complete and the student has reapplied for graduation lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of policies and regulations on the part of the individual student does not absolve the student from fulfilling the requirements for a program of study ultimate responsibility for completion of a program of study rests with the student grade appeals if a student believes an error in a grade has occurred the student shall formally initiate a review of the grade no later than three weeks after the beginning of the next regular semester summer terms are excluded from the phrase regular semester for the purposes of this provision the first step of the process is for the student to verify with the instructor the accuracy of the recorded scores and the listed grade if the instructor is also the chair of the

continuing education the ceu is a uniform nationally recognized unit of measure acceptable to many associations and professional societies that require continuing education experiences as a certification requisite please contact the office of continuing education at 870 235-4005 for additional information student affairs the student affairs division is designed to provide experiences activities and services to assist sau students in performing at the maximum level included in this division are the services of orientation admissions and records housing and dining services counseling and testing disability support services health services student employment career planning multicultural services student activities upward bound student support services talent search communications center university police international students adapt and student life these services are under the direction of the vice president for student affairs the student affairs committee composed of students faculty

educational administration and supervision edas edas 6013 school community relations this course examines the principles underlying the relationships between schools parents and other communities and its agencies emphasis is placed on the involvement of critical stakeholders in educational planning and the school improvement process practicum experiences are arranged to conduct community and parent surveys fall semester edas 6023 instructional development and supervision this course analyzes the school administrator’s role in improving the instructional process including the principles associated with the design delivery and assessment of the curriculum principles procedures and skills required to supervise and improve the delivery of instruction are practiced and developed in applied settings extensive practicum experiences are arranged with local school systems which conduct informal and formal observations coaching etc summer edas 6033 organizational development and

mcis 5113 web technology prerequisites mcis 5003 the course studies the client/server architecture and multi-tiered architecture as it pertains to web technology it provides fundamentals of hardware and system software as well as middleware web server planning and web server administration are also covered fall semester mcis 5133 data base management systems prerequisites csci 2103/2113 or csci 3063 or mcis 5103 the course introduces fundamental database concepts and implementation data models such as relational and object-oriented models are covered connection between dbms and web applications and a popular dbms system such as oracle will also be addressed spring semester mcis 5153 design and analysis of web-based information system prerequisite mcis 5103 this course focuses on the system development life cycle for creating webbased information systems analysis and design it introduces different paradigms for developing web software the key stages of the life cycle and identifies key

support staff david anderson arvia askew phyllis austin james avery eric bailey amanda baxter debra banks eddie beal lloyd beasley sam biggers sam biley whitney black cynthia blake jill bond mary bradshaw lindsay bragg ann bridges laurie burks vicki butler ashley carrington kathy carrothers shelley cassidy michael christensen britta clark kathy cole mary colen kendra copeland kristy cross la’tricia davis maurine davis lynn disotell jamie dodson chantal doucet-brice sandy dowling victor duke jake dunham bart emerson eric engelberger brenda garrett daniel gallegos amanda gray kathy griffeth deborah guevara betsy hall derek hall joseph haney john harmon julie hartsfield gary hickson mary hines charles honza gerald howard barbara howell mary iverson ruth jeane emily jester andrea johnson edgar johnson robert jones roshan kc josh kee kristen keith rita kelley lavana kindle george kirkpatrick michael kornegay keith labit leigh labit nicholas labit allen lachut kenneth lamb kenneth

policies disclaimer this catalog contains information which was accurate at the time of completion however administrative requirements regulations fees programs of study and individual courses are regularly revised and the catalog information is subject to change students are expected to keep themselves informed concerning current requirements policies and program requirements in their fields of study and must meet all requirements of the degree programs in which they are enrolled courses which are modified or added to a curriculum at a level beyond that at which a student is enrolled may become graduation requirements for that student courses which are incorporated into the curriculum at a lower level than the one at which the student is enrolled are not required for that student notice of non-discrimination no person shall on the grounds of race age color sex disability or national origin be denied admission to or employment at southern arkansas university magnolia or be excluded