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e ed 6023 project in elementary education prerequisites one three-hour course in research and statistics six semester hours of graduate work in the major area of study and approval of a committee composed of the professor teaching the course the student’s advisor and the dean of graduate studies a course designed to provide an in-depth study and critical evaluation of an educational idea or practice with major emphasis on the results obtained when the idea or practice is used in a local elementary school setting a research paper is required as needed e ed 6043 seminar in elementary education a course designed to explore and clarify several current and theoretical designs of elementary school curricula and to encourage critical evaluation of these principles from the standpoint of logical and empirical evidence a research paper or project from documented research is required spring spring summer e ed 6053 current trends in english language arts a study of approaches methods and research of language arts as a communication skill as needed e ed 6063 modern trends and practices in social studies and economics curricula in the elementary schools this course emphasizes the study of current school social studies and economics research is done to determine the social and economic understandings and skills needed by successful elementary school teachers it is also done in regard to social understandings and skills needed for construction of a curriculum to develop citizenship curricula and organization and presentation of subject matter and to create school community resources and projects as needed e ed 6153 seminar in early childhood education this is a directed study of current research issues trends curricular designs and organizational structures of early childhood education emphasis will be given to the practical application of findings to classroom use as needed e ed 6911-6 thesis elementary education economics econ econ 6003 managerial economics prerequisites econ 2203 a working knowledge of the analytical tools that bear most directly on the economic decisions of firms our focus will be on market structure and the theory of economic decision making under market conditions ranging from perfect competition to monopoly the behavior of individual markets will be analyzed with our concentration on cost analysis the determinants of market demand pricing strategy market power and the implications of government policies fall spring summer econ 6043 issues in environmental economics this course provides and overview of current issues in environmental economics such as environmental protection and policy tradeoffs and the global warming debate as needed econ 6063 special topics in economics prerequisites admission to the mba program econ 2203 econ 6003 a course introducing graduate students to timely economics topics that can enhance their jobs or professional development the course includes readings cases and research into current issues in economics as needed 103