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educational administration and supervision edas edas 6013 school community relations this course examines the principles underlying the relationships between schools parents and other communities and its agencies emphasis is placed on the involvement of critical stakeholders in educational planning and the school improvement process practicum experiences are arranged to conduct community and parent surveys fall semester edas 6023 instructional development and supervision this course analyzes the school administrator’s role in improving the instructional process including the principles associated with the design delivery and assessment of the curriculum principles procedures and skills required to supervise and improve the delivery of instruction are practiced and developed in applied settings extensive practicum experiences are arranged with local school systems which conduct informal and formal observations coaching etc summer edas 6033 organizational development and evaluation this course develops the skills required to systematically analyze and plan by making data-driven decisions to foster instructional improvement and organizational change including collecting and analyzing data to assessing organizational needs developing improvement plans with related professional development and the evaluation of progress toward organizational goals consultation experiences with local school systems allow for problem solving and the development of improvement strategies fall summer edas 6062 administrative internship an extension of the field-based experiences throughout the curriculum the internship is made up of more intensive field-based experiences for those completing the requirements for building and curriculum administration students engage in a range of building and central office-level management and instructional leadership experiences under the direction of an experienced accomplished principal and/or central office administrator spring semester edas 6093 the principalship this course is a study of the roles and responsibilities of the principal as leader in the design development operation and evaluation of a school emphasis is placed on the principal’s roles in curriculum development and assessment supervision and evaluation of instruction professional development and the management of administrative services and school community relations augmented by a series of practicum experiences extensive field experiences are arranged pairing students with local school administrators fall semester edas 6113 school finance this course is an overview of school finance with emphasis on the relationships of economics and local state and federal revenues and state and federal financial regulations and models in relation to financing the educational enterprise extensive budgeting and practicum experiences are included fall spring semesters edas 6123 the superintendency this course provides an in-depth view of the responsibilities of the school superintendent field-based applications are used to study the unique roles and responsibilities of the superintendency the development of skills is emphasized in strategic planning collaborative decision-making public information student activities community relations human resource management instructional leadership financial management board relations school governance and other areas relevant to the superintendency fall summer 104