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full-time requirements for international graduate students in f-1 status full-time status students must maintain full-time enrollment and normal full-time progress toward their degree as defined below graduate nine credit hours or more are considered full-time in a regular academic semester students holding a graduate assistantship must enroll in at least six credit hours to be considered full-time please consult the office of international student services and an academic advisor to determine the precise requirements of your program exceptions 1 an f-1 student at an academic institution is considered to be in full-time status during the summer vacation if the student is eligible and intends to register for the next fall term if they attended the previous semester full-time 2 the student has a medical reason for needing to be registered less than full-time and has a written medical excuse 3 a student in the final semester of course work is permitted to take only the number of credits required to complete the degree objective even if it is less than the full-time course load 4 graduate students are considered full-time if they are taking fewer than nine credits and are conditionally admitted or if their academic advisor certifies that there are no other courses available on their plan of study during a particular semester 5 department of human services permits only one distance learning course three credits per semester to be credited towards full-time requirements procedures if a student has to take less than the number of credits normally considered full-time in a particular semester they must have on file a request for reduced enrollment form signed by your academic advisor at the office of international student services iss this form should be turned in only to the iss office the iss office director must also approve in advance all forms before any student is authorized to enroll for fewer than the number of credits normally considered full-time or to drop below full-time or withdraw from sau during the course of a semester attendance all international students are expected to attend classes beginning with the first day of the semester a student may be dropped from a class for excessive absences at the request of the instructor see class attendance policy should this happen the student will not be eligible for a request for reduced enrollment form 14