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academic policies and procedures 57 additional master’s degree 57 obtaining two degrees concurrently 57 concurrent enrollment 57 academic advising 57 course numbers 58 course loads 58 registration 58 dropping a course 59 auditing courses 59 withdrawing from the university 59 class attendance 60 grading system 61 incompletes i grades 61 grade point average 61 repeating courses 61 length of time to complete a degree 62 transfer of credit 62 workshop credit 62 degree audit 63 thesis 63 comprehensive examinations 64 portfolios and projects 64 graduation 65 grade point average required for graduation 65 grade appeals 66 academic probation and suspension 67 academic suspension appeals 67 other academic appeals 67 transcripts 68 student responsibilities 68 fulfilling requirements 68 consulting with the advisor 68 academic integrity policy 68 change of name or address 73 student conduct 73 tuition and fees financial

gpa and test requirement additional information the undergraduate grade point average requirement and admission test requirement are waived for students holding a master’s degree from an accredited institution with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above the graduate entrance test is waived for students applying for the master of arts in teaching program students must check the program admission requirements before applying transient graduate students graduate students at other institutions are eligible to take graduate courses at sau with a letter of good standing from the current university’s dean of graduate studies or registrar note if your current university will not supply this letter an official current transcript will be accepted transfer students admission transfer students must be in good standing with the institution they last attended in order to be eligible for admission to southern arkansas university  applicants with a cumulative graduate

college counseling and student affairs the purpose of the m.ed in college counseling and student affairs is to prepare individuals for professional counseling and administrative positions in student services departments at a college or university potential places of employment for graduates of this program include residence life and student housing admissions and student orientation financial aid college unions student activities recreational sports individual and group advising career services general student services and other student and academic support programs the curricular focus emphasizes student development theory and practice the development of leadership management and organizational development skills and practical aspects of practice practicum and internship applicants to the m.ed in college counseling and student affairs are required to submit a letter of application prior to admission to the program research 3 credit hours educ 6003 core courses 27 credit hours coun

coun 6553 coun coun 6563 6573 coun 6583 marriage and family counseling theory and practice human sexuality concepts theory and practice psychopharmacology and the counseling profession counseling children and adolescents

the policies for repeating graduate courses are significantly different from those at the undergraduate level all graduate courses taken at sau including repeated courses are included in the computation of the cumulative grade point average length of time to complete a degree the university reserves the right to make changes in any individual course or program of study in the curricula leading to degrees or in any other printed catalog requirement as changing requirements might continually prevent a student from graduation the university has an obligation to assure regular and continuous students that they may pursue a required program and graduate without undue imposition of additional requirements all courses for the master’s degree including courses accepted as transfer credit from other universities must be completed within a six-year period e.g enrollment date of fall 2015 degree requirements must be completed by fall 2021 or spring 2015 graduation courses completed

the courses required by the set curriculum if the student’s enrollment drops below six hours three hours each summer session any unused portion of the assistantship and all fee reductions must be forfeited the effective date for forfeiting unused portions of the assistantship will be the date in which the student withdraws from a course and thus falls below the minimum course load requirement please keep in mind that graduate students must be enrolled in nine hours to be officially considered full-time according to the arkansas department of higher education definition d meet criteria established by the department/director offering the assistantship each department/director establishes the minimum competencies required for the assistantship in that area e be available to work 20 hours/week in assigned duties including holiday weeks  15 weeks for the fall and spring semesters total of 300 hours per semester  5 weeks each summer session total of 100 hours per

agriculture agri agri 6063 advanced leadership for agricultural professionals concepts and practices in planning and presenting materials to agricultural groups includes an indepth study and application of leadership skills concepts of community development dynamics of technological change summer agri 6083 professional development in agriculture students will select an agriculture facility in arkansas or another state and study the facility for one semester they will interview professionals within the facility and spend at least 100 hours job shadowing employees with guidance from a professor of agriculture from sau the student will prepare a written report and present his/her final report to the agriculture faculty and other professionals spring semester agri 6123 philosophy of agricultural education this course focuses on the historical and philosophical developments in education that brought about education in agriculture as needed agri 6133 experiential learning this course

geology geol geol 5053 earth science for teachers this course is an introduction to the major concepts of earth sciences that might be encountered by junior and senior high school teachers approximately one quarter of the semester will deal with meteorology and the remainder of the time will be spent with physical geology and historical geology as needed higher adult and lifelong education hale hale 6233 distance learning design administration provide a study of design and administration of organization structures policies and courses of study for the purpose of providing education to distant learners spring semester as needed hale 6313 budgeting foundations of distance learning provides an overview of the economics and finance of higher education in the united states with an emphasis on the analysis of financial policies and current issues at the institutional state and national levels summer hale 6323 curricular design evaluation in postsecondary distance learning provide a study

pa 6113 professional project cross-referenced with se 6113 the professional project is intended to be a capstone for the mpa degree it should demonstrate a level of competence on the part of the student that is expected of one with a professional degree this will involve providing a product for a public or non-profit agency fall spring summer pa 6133 non-profit fundraising focuses on ways to find funding for the operational programmatic and capital needs of the organization’s constituents including techniques for identifying public and private donors understanding economic and tax incentives for philanthropy preparing grants and donation requests and assuring that the expectations of donors are met spring semester pa 6153 public personnel administration this course introduces students to the field of human resource management it focuses on the knowledge and skills required by both personnel officers and those who manage personnel on a daily basis fall semester pa 6163 social

b.a texas tech university m.a university of texas at san antonio ph.d university of texas at austin hough christie b 2011 assistant professor of management b.b.a m.b.a mississippi state university ph.d jackson state university huang jingyang 2014 assistant professor of health kinesiology and recreation ba shanghai university of sport ms east china normal university ms west virgina university kardas edward jr 1980 director of honors college professor of psychology ba university of baltimore ma phd louisiana state university logan jennifer 2007 associate professor of economics and director of the center for economic education and research b.b.a ph.d university of oklahoma mohdzain a zaidy 2008 dean college of education and professor of education b.b.a western michigan university kalamazoo m.p.a m.a university of illinois springfield ph.d kent state university moore copie 2008 associate professor of agriculture science bs ms stephen f austin university phd texas a m

policies disclaimer this catalog contains information which was accurate at the time of completion however administrative requirements regulations fees programs of study and individual courses are regularly revised and the catalog information is subject to change students are expected to keep themselves informed concerning current requirements policies and program requirements in their fields of study and must meet all requirements of the degree programs in which they are enrolled courses which are modified or added to a curriculum at a level beyond that at which a student is enrolled may become graduation requirements for that student courses which are incorporated into the curriculum at a lower level than the one at which the student is enrolled are not required for that student notice of non-discrimination no person shall on the grounds of race age color sex disability or national origin be denied admission to or employment at southern arkansas university magnolia or be excluded