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contents calendar 1 southern arkansas university in profile 4 admissions and enrollment 9 admissions 9 requirements which may not be delayed 15 academic bankruptcy 17 state minimum core transfer core 19 continuing education 21 registration 22 withdrawing from the university 23 academic advising 23 auditing courses 24 credit hours and maximum load 24 credit by examination 25 independent study 26 correspondence coursework for non-residence credit 26 veterans administration benefits 27 grading system 28 grade point average 28 grade forgiveness 29 class attendance 29 student grade appeal policy 30 transcripts 31 academic standards 31 degree requirements 35 general education goals and requirements 35 residence and scholarship requirements 41 applying for graduation 43 costs and finances 45 arkansas residents aged 60 46 refund policies for withdrawals 46 scholarships and other financial aid 46 student employment 52 student affairs 53

membership in alpha chi election to membership in alpha chi national honor scholastic society is the highest scholastic honor that may be achieved at southern arkansas university membership in the society is limited to juniors and seniors ranking within the upper 10 percent of their class who have been approved by a committee representing the faculty of the university academic integrity policy the following policy on academic integrity developed by an ad hoc committee appointed by the faculty senate was approved by the faculty assembly in 2000 any act of dishonesty in academic work constitutes academic misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action acts of dishonesty include but are not limited to plagiarism and cheating a plagiarism plagiarism is the act of taking and/or using the ideas work and/or writings of another person as one s own 1 to avoid plagiarism give written credit and acknowledgment to the source of thoughts ideas and/or words whether you have used direct quotation

the business core curriculum the school of business administration requires completion of a common core of business knowledge for students earning a bachelors degree in business the 48-hour business core curriculum includes 21 hours of lower-level business courses required for admission to the school and 27 hours of upper-level business courses acct acct cis cis econ econ econ fin gbus gbus gbus gbus mgmt mgmt mgmt mktg 2003 2103 2053 4103 1003 2003 2103 3003 2013 3003 3063 3183 3023 4063 4093 3033 principles of accounting i principles of accounting ii business information systems managing information and technology the american enterprise system principles of macroeconomics principles of microeconomics financial management quantitative analysis i legal environment of business managerial communications quantitative analysis ii organizational theory and behavior production and operations management management strategy and policy principles of marketing residency requirements students

cis 2053 introduction to business information systems cis 4303 management information systems cis 2033 office technology and word processing econ 2003 principles of macroeconomics gbus 2013 quantitative analysis i gbus 3003 legal environment of business gbus 3063 managerial communications gbus 3073 advanced managerial communications mgmt 3023 organizational theory and behavior mktg 3033 principles of marketing 6 additional hours of computer applications and concepts at the 2000-level or above business education as a supporting field with secretarial endorsement 39 hours acct 2003 principles of accounting i acct 2103 principles of accounting ii cis 2003 cobol programming cis 2053 business information systems cis 2073 desktop publishing 3 additional hours of computer information services at the 2000-level or above econ 2003 principles of macroeconomics gbus 1053 advanced keyboarding gbus 2013 quantitative analysis i gbus 3003 legal environment of business gbus 3063 managerial

crju 3053 juvenile justice crju 3073 corrections crju 3183 statistics crju 4053 criminology 6 hours of criminal justice electives psci psci 2003 2013 american government national state and local government arkansas and the united states csci 1102/1101 introduction to computer science/applications for csci 1102 1033 introduction to computers or cis 6-14 hours of foreign language completion of the second year of a modern foreign language completion of a minor area approved by the advisor completion of remaining additional hours to total 124 hours major in criminal justice b.s 124 hours general education 43 hours must include psyc 2003 and soc 2003 criminal justice 33 hours crju 2003 introduction to criminal justice crju 3003 cultural diversity crju 3013 police administration crju 3023 criminal evidence and procedures crju 3043 criminal law crju 3053 juvenile justice crju 3073 corrections crju 3183 statistics crju 4053 criminology 6 hours of criminal justice electives psci psci 2003

math 1545 math 4073 phed 1501 calculus ii introduction to probability and statistics concepts of physical activity and wellness phys phys or phys phys 2003/2001 2103/2101 general physics i/lab and general physics ii/lab 2203/2201 2213/2211 university physics i/lab and university physics ii/lab psyc 2003 general psychology psyc 3223 developmental psychology soc 2003 introduction to sociology spch 1113 principles of speech 3-4 hours of biology or chemistry electives a satisfactory score on the optometry admissions test oat is required physical therapy as a career physical therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a career choice of college students the questions and answers which follow should provide background information to allow prospective students to determine whether this might be among their fields of interest 1 2 3 4 what type of work do physical therapists do physical therapists treat a wide variety of physical disabilities which may be caused by disease birth defects or

athletic training at at 1001 gateway to athletic training an introduction to athletic training the course provides information on the knowledge content and skills in the athletic training profession and the required didactic and psychomotor competencies of athletic training as described by the national athletic trainers association the course will introduce the students to the athletic training education program atep at sau and will identify learning and experience opportunities this course is required in order to be eligible to apply to the atep and will include the accumulation of a minimum 120 observation hours at 1011 aquatic therapeutic exercise prerequisites consent of instructor a study of aquatic therapeutic techniques used in the conditioning reconditioning and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries to the physically active at 1012 taping and bandaging in athletic training prerequisites at 1001 and consent of instructor to be taken in conjunction with hs 2443 the study

hort 3002 foliage plants and greenhouse management prerequisites hort 2001/2002 and biol 1031/1033 modern greenhouse construction climate control and management of commercial and home greenhouses identification propagation and study of major greenhouse plants lecture two hours hort 3081 plant physiology lab to accompany hort 3083 laboratory two hours hort 3083 plant physiology prerequisites biol 1031/1033 and one year of chemistry a study of the basic physiological processes of plant growth and metabolism same as biol 3083 lecture three hours health science hs hs 1403 personal and community health a consideration of the various conditions and factors affecting individual and community health designed to assist the student in formulating his own philosophy attitudes and understanding of behaviors necessary to establish healthful living practices hs 2043 human anatomy and physiology i prerequisite three hours of biological science or consent of the instructor a detailed study of the

span 3973 spanish phonetics prerequisite span 2043 or its equivalent analysis of spanish sound production drill in conversational speech and intonation use of literary selections in prose and verse span 3983-6 spanish internship prerequisite span 2043 or the equivalent a structured and supervised field experience in the spanish language and culture designed to integrate classroom theory and/or academic learning with learning in a job site as well as to develop functional and personal skills and strengthen future professional skills and gain a competitive edge in the job market span 3993 advanced spanish grammar prerequisite span 2043 or consent of instructor an intensive course in the origin and development of the spanish language highly recommended for students preparing for the teaching field oral presentations and a term paper this course is taught in spanish span 4513 spanish civilization prerequisite span 2043 or its equivalent a study of the most significant aspects of the three

john allen ham funds provided by mrs john ham in memory of her husband preference shall be given to an agriculture student robert leon hardin funds provided by alumni and friends mr and mrs murray j harmon funds provided by mr and mrs ted ward jr in memory of her parents dr jack t and mona l harrington funds provided by dr and mrs jack harrington first preference shall be given to a student majoring in vocational agricultural education second preference shall be given to a student majoring in agriculture recipient is to be recommended by the chair of the department of agriculture or the chair’s designee george w and margie jones harrod funds provided by alumni and friends ethel hart funds provided by mrs hart preference shall be given to two or three junior or senior students majoring in office administration or business education eugene w hart funds provided by mr hart and his estate three awarded annually james t and margene davis hart funds provided by mr and mrs james t

policies disclaimer this catalog contains information which was accurate at the time of completion however administrative requirements regulations fees programs of study and individual courses are regularly revised and the catalog information is subject to change students are expected to keep themselves informed concerning current requirements policies and program requirements in their fields of study and must meet all requirements of the degree programs in which they are enrolled courses which are modified or added to a curriculum at a level beyond that at which a student is enrolled may become graduation requirements for that student courses which are incorporated into the curriculum at a lower level than the one at which the student is enrolled are not required for that student notice of non-discrimination no person shall on the grounds of race age color sex disability or national origin be denied admission to or employment at southern arkansas university magnolia or be excluded