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honors college the faculty and administration at southern arkansas university fully understand that the students who enter the university possess diverse capabilities and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to give recognition to students for superior achievement as indicated by scores on entrance examinations and grades of courses completed sau has an honors program consisting of advanced placement dean’s list president’s list graduation with honors honors classes and membership in alpha chi a national honor scholastic society advanced placement advanced standing in one or more semesters of course offerings may be attained on the basis of high academic high school records high school credit and proficiency examinations in many departments interested students should consult their departmental advisors dean s list students who earn 12 semester hours or more on the magnolia campus during a regular semester and earn a 3.50 grade point average or

college of business dr terrye a stinson dean mission statement the mission of the college of business at southern arkansas university is to provide students with a high-quality continually improving undergraduate education in business as a secondary mission the college serves as a regional resource for economic education economic development and continuing education therefore the college is committed to providing encouraging and supporting • • • • • • • • access to educational opportunities to students in its region and to international students who are members of the university community academic programs where the highest priority is placed on excellence in teaching academic programs that prepare graduates for successful professional careers in business for successful careers as entrepreneurs and for advanced studies in business-related fields academic programs that address emerging issues in business and foster understanding of the

engl engl engl engl engl engl 3043 3103 3623 3633 4623 4633 comparative grammar advanced composition american literature i american literature ii british literature i british literature ii french education as a supporting field 27 hours fren 2033 intermediate french i fren 2043 intermediate french ii fren 3163 french conversation and composition fren 3693 french civilization fren 3973 french phonetics fren 3993 advanced french grammar fren 4283 survey of french literature i fren 4293 survey of french literature ii s ed 3713 methods and materials in secondary and middle school foreign languages life/earth science education major biology emphasis 55 hours counting major courses included in general education requirements biol 1013/1011 invertebrate zoology/lab biol 1023/1021 vertebrate zoology/lab biol 1033/1031 general botany/lab biol 4402 integrated sciences for secondary teachers biol 4891 or biol 4991 independent research in biology independent research in biology to be counted

major in sociology b.s 124 hours general education 43 hours must include psyc 2003 sociology 33 hours soc 2003 introduction to sociology soc 3013 social problems soc 3153 research methods i soc 3183 statistics soc 4043 sociological theory soc 4063 social psychology soc 4093 research methods in sociology 12 hours of sociology electives no more than 6 hours may be taken from anthropology courses and a minimum of 6 hours must be at the junior-senior level 3 hours of management information systems or computer science 6 hours of biological or physical science management information systems or computer science approved by advisor and dean of the college of liberal and performing arts completion of a minor area approved by the advisor completion of remaining additional hours to total 124 hours minor in sociology 18 hours soc 2003 introduction to sociology soc 3013 social problems 12 hours of sociology electives no more than 6 hours may be taken from anthropology courses and a minimum

chem chem phys csci 1013/1011 1113/1111 2003/2001 1102/1101 general chemistry i/lab general chemistry ii/lab general physics i/lab introduction to computer science applications liberal arts engl 1113 engl 1123 hist 2013 or hist 2023 hist 1003 hist 1013 history of the united states since 1876 history of civilization to 1700 history of civilization since 1700 mathematics math 1023 college algebra communications spch 1113 principles of speech social science psyc 2003 soc 2003 general psychology introduction to sociology fine arts art 2013 or mus 2013 composition i composition ii history of the united states to 1876 an introduction to fine arts art an introduction to fine arts music humanities [3 credit hours philosophy political science or literature electives [9 credit hours a grade of “c” or better is required in each of the above courses documentation of successful completion is required by the date of registration for the first semester math 1023 college algebra is a

as 4012 swine production prerequisites as 1001/1004 and 3021/3022 methods in purebred and commercial swine lecture two hours as 4021 dairy science laboratory prerequisite as 1004/1001 to accompany as 4022 laboratory laboratory two hours as 4022 dairy science prerequisite as 1004/1001 a survey of the dairy industry dairy breeds standards feeding management and health maintenance the food value composition and quality utilization and processing market milk and dairy products will be discussed lecture two hours american sign language asl asl 1002 american sign language i designed to develop the student’s expressive and receptive skills in american sign language to the point that the student will be able to carry on a simple conversation in american sign language asl 1012 american sign language ii designed to develop expressive and receptive signing skills and to develop ability in american sign language athletic training at at 1001 gateway to athletic training an introduction to

itec 3012 maintenance principles and practices of maintenance management preventative procedures and typical equipment problems also includes related topics such as plant protection custodial services and power plant maintenance itec 3023 production and inventory control prerequisite math 3043 or equivalent production and inventory control systems including mrp jit and synchronous manufacturing techniques itec 3032 industrial safety principles of industrial accident prevention accident statistics and costs appraising safety performance recognizing industrial hazards and recommending safeguards includes a detailed study of the occupational safety and health act itec 3043 work analysis the study of motion time and ergonomics a study of work standard methods for use in planning and standards design of work centers using motion economy and ergonomic considerations itec 3053 industrial ergonomics prerequisite itec 3043 or permission of instructor a detailed study of the physical

swk 4083 family centered child welfare prerequisite swk 2043 introduction to the concepts of family preservation risk/safety assessment and case management with emphasis on intervention strategies and services provided through child welfare agencies and related policy issues swk 4123 social work practice ii prerequisites swk 3123 swk 3033 swk 3113 a study of the skills needed in assessment planning contracting and evaluating in the generalist model each skill is related to the need for professional documentation along with ethical and legal considerations swk 4131 field practicum seminar i corequisite swk 4864 companion course for field practicum i allowing students to process their field experiences and integrate theory and practice swk 4141 senior seminar prerequisite consent of the instructor a weekly seminar to assist the senior student in transitioning from the student role to the professional role with an exploration of some of the possible difficulties issues such as obtaining

john e joplin family funds provided by mr and mrs paul joplin hazel craig jordan funds provided by mrs hazel craig jordan two awarded annually first preference shall be given to sociology majors second preference to psychology majors and third preference to business majors lois gean kelly funds provided by friends and family in memory of lois gean kelly and by her estate preferences are to be given to music students at sau patrick kelly funds provided by mrs lois gean kelly and friends in memory of her son bob and dorothy beene kehres funds provided by mr kehres in memory of his wife preference shall be given to a student from columbia county mike kinard funds provided by mr mike kinard marie king funds provided by miss marie king two awarded annually preference shall be given to women graduates of public schools in union county majoring in biology for one and for deserving students from the vera lloyd presbyterian home mount holly high school or students majoring in biology premed or

policies disclaimer this catalog contains information which was accurate at the time of completion however administrative requirements regulations fees programs of study and individual courses are regularly revised and the catalog information is subject to change students are expected to keep themselves informed concerning current requirements policies and program requirements in their fields of study and must meet all requirements of the degree programs in which they are enrolled courses which are modified or added to a curriculum at a level beyond that at which a student is enrolled may become graduation requirements for that student courses which are incorporated into the curriculum at a lower level than the one at which the student is enrolled are not required for that student notice of non-discrimination no person shall on the grounds of race age color sex disability or national origin be denied admission to or employment at southern arkansas university magnolia or be excluded