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contents southern arkansas university in profile 3 degree programs 6 school of graduate studies 7 admissions and enrollment information 8 admissions 8 requirements which may not be delayed 14 academic bankruptcy for returning sau-m students 14 high school concurrent enrollment 16 state minimum core transfer core 16 continuing education 18 registration 19 withdrawing from the university 20 academic advising 20 auditing courses 21 course symbols 21 classification 21 credit hours and maximum load 21 credit by examination 22 independent study 23 online/correspondence for non-residence credit 23 veterans administration benefits 24 grading system 24 grade point average 25 grade forgiveness 25 class attendance 26 student grade appeal policy 26 transcripts 27 academic standards 28 honors 28 academic integrity policy 29 degree requirements 32 completion of curricular requirements 34 university requirement for all programs 35 credit requirements 36 residence

institutional refund policy during a regular academic semester the tuition is refundable to the student who officially withdraws from the university on the following basis classes in session 1 through 10 class days classes in session 11 through 15 class days classes in session 16 through 20 class days classes in session 21 through 25 class days 80 60 40 20 summer school tuition is 80 percent refundable until classes have been in session two days after which the refund decreases 20 percent for each two days classes are in session no refunds are made on room and board payments except under those conditions which are stated in the housing contract scholarships and other financial aid recognizing that many prospective students need help in meeting their post-secondary expenses the university makes every effort to encourage and assist them by providing scholarships grants-in-aid student loans and student employment to those who meet established criteria regardless of the type of financial

accreditations teacher education programs offered by the college of education are accredited by ncate – the national council for accreditation of teacher education 2010 massachusetts ave nw suite 500 washington dc 20036 phone 202-466-7496 this accreditation covers initial teacher preparation and advanced educator and school personnel preparation programs b.s.e and m.ed degrees the bachelor of science in athletic training offered by the college of education is accredited by caate – the commission on accreditation of athletic training education the commission and the national athletic trainers association nata work together to assure through standards that educational programs in athletic training are of high quality assessment the learning goals for each of the major programs and descriptions of the assessment procedures may be found in the departmental assessment reports on the sau web site under academics and assessment admission to the teacher education program

middle school education b.s.e language arts/social studies with fifth year graduate studies track suggested plan of study 2009-2010 catalog fall semester 1 engl 1113 composition i foreign language 3 3 spring semester 2 engl 1123 composition ii physical science choice/lab chem 1013/1011 chem 1023/1021 chem 1133/1131 geol 1003/1001 phsc 2023/2021 phys 2003/2001 or phys 2203/2201 hist 1003 or 1013 world history i or ii psyc 2003 general psychology spch 1113 introduction to public speaking hist 2013 or 2023 u s history i or ii math 1045 pre-calculus mathematics gstd 1002 freshman seminar 3 5 2 total semester hours fall semester 3 engl 2213 world literature i 16 geog 2003 introduction to geography 3 geol 1003/1001 physical geology/lab humanities choice art 2013 hum 2003 or mus 2013 math 2053 math for teachers i 4 phed 1501 activity and wellness 1 total semester hours fall semester 5 formal admission to teacher education including passing praxis i exams engl 3103 advanced composition

completion of a minor area approved by the advisor completion of remaining additional hours to total 124 hours depending upon the chosen minor student may need additional upper-level hours to complete the required 40 junior/senior hours minor in theatre 18 hours thea 1103 thea 2013 thea 2613 thea 2633 introduction to the theatre dance and stage movement stagecraft fundamentals of acting 6 hours of theatre electives at the junior-senior level major in mass communication b.a 124 hours emphasis in digital media production 124 hours university requirement – 2 hours gstd 1002 freshman seminar general education 46 hours mass communication core for digital media production 15 hours mcom 1003 introduction to mass communication mcom 2123 digital image-making mcom 2133 basic digital photography mcom 4003 media law and ethics pj 2003 basic news writing digital media production – 21 hours mpro 2333 mpro 2403 mpro 3333 mpro 3403 mpro 4903 audio and video production i electronic

department of agriculture penny haase-wittler ph.d interim chair the department of agriculture offers programs leading to the associate of science and bachelor of science degrees in agricultural business agricultural education and agricultural science pre-professional programs are offered in forestry and veterinary medicine minors are offered in animal science plant science and horticulture students interested in careers in agricultural marketing agricultural finance international agricultural business sales and services or management of agricultural businesses may wish to major in agricultural business students interested in careers in agricultural sciences in pursuing graduate studies in agricultural sciences or in obtaining a four-year degree prior to entering veterinary science may wish to major in agricultural sciences students working in the cooperative extension service or related fields or teaching agriculture at the middle school or secondary education levels may wish to

mathematics – 16 hours math 1023 math 1033 math 1525 math 1545 college algebra plane trigonometry calculus i calculus ii computer science – 6 hours csci 2103 csci 2113 computer science i computer science ii chemistry – 4 hours chem 1023/1021 university chemistry i/lab i engineering physics industrial technology option bachelor science in industrial technology b.s.i.t – 133 hours university requirement – 2 hours gstd 1002 freshman seminar general education 46 hours phys 2003 phys 2001 must be taken to fulfill the physical science requirement basic technical courses 34 hours from an approved associates degree or the equivalent math 1033 is a prerequisite for math 2123 industrial technology 24 hours itec 3003 itec 3012 itec 3023 itec 3032 itec 3043 itec itec itec 3063 4004 4044 quality control maintenance production and inventory control industrial safety work analysis the study of motion time and ergonomics introduction to industrial management

as 3092 physiology of reproduction comparative physiology of reproduction and endocrinology of farm animals the principles of artificial insemination and factors affecting conception in natural and artificial breeding lecture two hours fall semester as 3101 equine science laboratory lab for as 3102 laboratory two hours fall semester every other year as 3102 equine science a compilation of all scientific processes and economic principles necessary to have a successful equine program the course is designed to provide the student with knowledge and working skills of identifying breeding housing feeding working disease control and marketing of equine lecture two hours fall alternate year as 4001 beef production lab to accompany as 4002 laboratory two hours fall spring alternate years as 4002 beef production prerequisites as 1001/1003 and as 3021/3022 a study of beef production with emphasis on breeding feeding and management of commercial and purebred beef cattle lecture two hours fall

physics and mechanics in form style and coordination in sports and ordinary activities of daily life some attention to muscle re-education and therapeutic exercise fall semester – alternating summers hs 3411 cpr and emergency treatment prerequisites hs 1403 and hs 2043 presentation of emergency action principles of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation covers emergency first aid for respiratory failures and cardiac arrest for victims of all ages includes rescue techniques and emergency care of choking victims on demand hs 3413 first aid and safety/cpr prerequisites hs 1403 and hs 2043 course in basic american red cross first aid and american red cross community cpr fall spring and summer semesters hs 3431 first aid and safety prerequisites hs 1403 and completion of natural science requirement a consideration of first aid practices to the injured and recognized safety practices in home and community life on demand hs 4013 adapted kinesiology prerequisites senior standing and consent of

terminology translation theory and the professional code of ethics extensive practice in translation and interpretation will be provided offered as needed span 3023 spanish translation ii prerequisite span 3013 this advanced course in spanish/english translation further develops students’ linguistic competence in spanish language culture and grammar to enable them to do professional translations of a variety of texts students will translate specialized texts from such fields as finance business law journalism literature medicine science marketing and technology students will gain more extensive knowledge of professional aspects of translation and an advanced understanding of linguistics vocabulary and terminology translation theory and the professional code of ethics extensive practice in translation will be provided offered as needed span 3163 composition and conversation prerequisite span 2043 or the consent of the instructor written compositions aimed at developing the