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contents southern arkansas university in profile 1 degree programs 4 school of graduate studies 5 admissions and enrollment information 6 admissions 6 requirements which may not be delayed 12 course credit transfer 12 academic bankruptcy for returning sau-m students 12 high school cross enrollment 13 high school concurrent enrollment 14 state minimum core transfer core 14 continuing education 16 registration 17 withdrawing from the university through week 11 of a semester or week three of a summer session 17 academic advising 18 auditing courses 18 course symbols 19 classification 19 credit hours and maximum load 19 credit by examination 20 independent study 20 correspondence for non-residence credit 21 veterans administration benefits 21 grading system 22 grade point average 22 grade forgiveness 23 class attendance 23 student grade appeal policy 24 transcripts 24 academic standards 25 honors 26 academic integrity policy 26

check visa mastercard or discover credit cards or a student’s account may be credited by scholarships and other financial aid awards the university administration reserves the right to increase the costs of tuition fees and room and board without advance notice if it is necessary to do so in order to meet increasing costs out-of-state tuition waiver out-of-state tuition for students living in louisiana oklahoma mississippi missouri tennessee and texas and for children of sau graduates living anywhere is waived when these students choose to live in university housing arkansas taxpayer waiver arkansas income taxpayers and their dependents who reside in one of the eligible counties or parishes of an approved state may enroll at any qualifying arkansas public institution of higher education and receive the out-of-state tuition waiver in order to get the non-resident fee waived the following criteria must be met 1 dependent student or parent must provide a w-2 or verification of

accreditations teacher education programs offered by the college of education are accredited by ncate – the national council for accreditation of teacher education 2010 massachusetts ave nw suite 500 washington dc 20036 phone 202-466-7496 this accreditation covers initial teacher preparation and advanced educator and school personnel preparation programs b.s.e and m.ed degrees the bachelor of science in athletic training offered by the college of education is accredited by caate – the commission on accreditation of athletic training education the commission and the national athletic trainers association nata work together to assure through standards that educational programs in athletic training are of high quality  assessment the learning goals for each of the major programs and descriptions of the assessment procedures may be found in the departmental assessment reports on the sau website under academics and assessment admission to the teacher education program

bachelor of science athletic training suggested plan of study 2010-2011 catalog fall semester 1 engl 1113 composition i math 1023 college algebra hs 1403 personal and community health hs 3413 first aid and safety/cpr 3 3 3 3 gstd 1002 freshman seminar at 1001 gateway to athletic training 2 1 total semester hours fall semester 3 engl 2213 world literature i or engl 2223 world literature ii or phil 2403 introduction to philosophy at 2003 evaluation of upper extremity spch 1113 introduction to public speaking hist 1003 or 1013 world history i or ii humanities choice art 2013 hum 2003 or mus 2013 15 at 2031 clinical experience i 1 total semester hours fall semester 5 at 3031 clinical experience iii biol 2003 nutrition and diet at 3013 therapeutic exercise hs 4023 pharmacology in sports 16 psci 2003 american government national hs 3233 kinesiology 3 3 total semester hours fall semester 7 at 4031 clinical experience v hs 4013 adapted kinesiology 16 hs 4433 advanced athletic training

associate of arts in general studies suggested plan of study fall – semester 1 engl 1113 composition i math 1023 college algebra or math 1003 college mathematics gstd 1002 freshman seminar hist 1003 or 1013 world history i or ii social science choice econ 2103 or fin 2003 geog 2003 psci 2003 psyc 2003 soc 1003 or soc 2003 elective total semester hours fall – semester 3 engl 2213 world literature i or engl 2223 world literature ii or phil 2403 introduction to philosophy humanities choice art 2013 hum 2003 mus 2013 or foreign language social science choice econ 2103 or fin 2003 geog 2003 psci 2003 psyc 2003 or soc 1003 or 2003 physical science choice/lab chem 1013/1011 chem 1023/1021 chem 1133/1131 geol 1003/1001 phsc 2023/2021 phys 2003/2001 or phys 2203/2201 elective total semester hours total hours required for major – 64 2010-2011 catalog spring semester 2 engl 1123 composition ii biological science choice/lab bsci 1013/1011 or biol 1103/1101 hist 2013 or 2023

minor in animal science 22 hours students who are interested in integrating various areas of livestock production will complete 22 hours to be selected from the following as 1003/1001 introductory animal science/lab as 3022/3021 feeds and feeding/lab as 3083 genetics and animal breeding as 3092/3091 physiology of reproduction/lab agro 3032/3031 forage crops and pasture management/lab 6 hours of animal science electives chosen from as as as as as 3012/3011 3102/3101 4002/4001 4012/4011 4022/4021 poultry production/lab equine production/lab beef production/lab swine production/lab dairy science/lab minor in horticulture 22 hours students who are interested in working and connecting with the various areas of horticulture will complete 22 semester hours to be selected from the following agro 2013/2011 soils/lab biol 2083/2081 general botany/lab or biol 3303/3301 systemic botany/lab ento 3073/3071 entomology/lab same as biol 3073/3071 hort 2002/2001 principles of horticulture/lab hort

mathematics – 16 hours math 1023 math 1033 math 1525 math 1545 college algebra plane trigonometry calculus i calculus ii computer science – 6 hours csci 2103 csci 2113 computer science i computer science ii chemistry – 4 hours chem 1023/1021 university chemistry i/lab i engineering physics industrial technology option bachelor science in industrial technology b.s.i.t – 132 hours university requirement – 2 hours gstd 1002 freshman seminar general education 46 hours phys 2003 phys 2001 must be taken to fulfill the physical science requirement basic technical courses 34 hours from an approved associates degree or the equivalent math 1033 is a prerequisite for math 2123 industrial technology 23 hours itec 2032 itec 3003 itec 3012 itec 3023 itec 3043 itec itec itec 3263 4044 3363 other core requirements 27 hours itec 3503 itec 3803 engr 2023 math 2123 math 3043 industrial safety quality control maintenance production and inventory control work

as 3011 poultry production lab must be taken concurrently with as 3012 or instructor’s permission laboratory two hours alternate fall semester – as needed as 3012 poultry production fundamentals of broiler and commercial egg production in arkansas with emphasis on nutrition physiology and management lecture two hours alternate fall semester – as needed as 3021 feeds and feeding lab must be taken concurrently with as 3022 or instructor’s permission laboratory two hours spring semester as 3022 feeds and feeding prerequisite as 1001/1003 principles of animal nutrition composition and digestibility of feeds and balanced rations lecture two hours spring semester as 3033 animal nutrition prerequisite as 1001 1004 a study of the mechanisms of the utilization of feed nutrients by farm animals lecture three hours spring semester as 3083 genetics and animal breeding prerequisite as 1001/1003 course will entail working with animal breeding systems in relation to their

discipline problems functional behavioral observation and confronting and solving discipline of children with mild disabilities spring semester iec 3083 inclusive experiences i this course includes 16 hours of observation of human growth and development from birth to age five eight to ten of the 16 hours occur in a special education setting emphasis is placed on observation of physical cognitive language and social and emotional development block i fall semester iec 3093 teaching reading this course presents skills techniques and practice in the teaching of reading as well as methods of diagnosis and correction of reading problems and miscue analysis a social-psycholinguistic and constructivist theoretical approach will be emphasized block ii spring semester iec 3103 children’s literature and social studies this course is designed to investigate a wide range of children’s literature using the social studies content areas of geography history economics and social

span 3003 advanced spanish for professions prerequisite span 2043 this course is designed to be a variable topics course so that a specialized advanced-level of spanish language knowledge could be applied on a daily basis in the context of various professional settings stress is on commercial correspondence with the student preparing applications memoranda resumes contracts business forms banking transactions and business letters in the spanish language this course is taught in spanish and is designed for business and finance medicine law enforcement and education as needed span 3013 spanish translation i prerequisite span 2043 this is an introductory course in spanish/english translation covering a variety of registers commercial advertisements letters literary and journalistic pieces and legal medical real estate and technical documents the course will cover translation as a profession including such issues as the training needed the job opportunities standard business practices and