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refund policies for title iv withdrawals 50 institutional refund policy 50 scholarships and other financial aid 50 student affairs 56 summer advising 56 new student orientation 56 campus housing 56 counseling services 62 testing services 63 adapt 63 office of multicultural student services 63 office of disability support services 64 employment resource center 65 student responsibilities 65 david f rankin college of business 67 the business core curriculum 68 academic enrichment opportunities 69 department of accounting finance and economics 72 department of management marketing and information systems 75 college of education 98 admission to the teacher education program 101 graduation requirements and recommendation for arkansas teacher licensure 103 department of teacher education 105 department of health kinesiology and recreation 115 college of liberal and performing arts 139 associate of arts degree aa 60 hours 139 bachelor of

graduation through clep correspondence courses departmental exam military credit or transfer credit must have permission from their advisor dean and the registrar the approval form may be obtained in the office of the registrar or in the deans’ offices in addition it is the student’s responsibility to have an official transcript sent to the office of the registrar at sau the transcript must be received one day after graduation or the student will be required to reapply for graduation at a later date documentation for clep credit correspondence credit and departmental credit by examination must be completed and on file in the office of the registrar by the following deadlines clep august 1 for december graduation december 1 for may graduation may 1 for august graduation correspondence november 1 for december graduation april 1 for may graduation july 1 for august graduation departmental exam last day to drop a course each semester or summer term a grade point average of

management major bba suggested plan of study fall semester 1 engl 1113 composition i mathematics math 1023 math 1045 or math 1525 fin 2003 personal finance 2016-2017 catalog 3 3 3 spring semester 2 engl 1123 composition ii is 2053 business information systems 3 3 biological science choice/lab biol 1103/1101 or bsci 1013/1011 hist 1003 or 1013 world history i or ii or hist 2013 or 2023 u.s history i or ii or psci 2003 american government national social science choice geog 2003 psci 2003 psyc 2003 soc 1003 or soc 2003 4 total semester hours spring semester 4 gbus 2013 quantitative analysis i 16 3 4 acct 2103 principles of accounting ii fine arts/humanities art 2013 hum 2003 engl 2213 engl 2223 mus 2003 or mus 2013 phil 2403 thea 2003 or foreign language 3 3 3 3 16 econ 2203 principles of macroeconomics gbus 2003 legal environment total semester hours spring semester 6 mgmt 4043 international business or mgmt 4313 international studies and field experience 3 3 15 mgmt 3083

major electives hkr 2812 theory and fundamentals in basketball hkr 2822 theory and fundamentals in football hkr 3842 theory and fundamentals in track field hkr 2832 theory and fundamentals in baseball hkr 3852 theory and fundamentals in tennis volleyball hkr 3642 camping and camp counseling upper level psychology electives psyc 3123 child psychology psyc 3223 developmental psychology psyc 4033 abnormal psychology psyc 4083 adolescent psychology

college of liberal and performing arts pact 8 degree plans

chemistry 4 hours chem 1013/1011 chem 1023/1021 college chemistry i/lab university chemistry i/lab agricultural core 28 hours agec 3043 agri 4033 ansc 1003/1001 ansc 2002/2001 ansc 2013 plsc 1003 plsc 2002/2001 plsc 2012/2011 plsc 2022/2021 farm management issues in agriculture introduction to animal science/lab animal nutrition i/lab animal anatomy and physiology introduction to plant science principles of horticulture/lab soils science/lab elements of forestry/lab mechanical technology 12 hours aged 1001/1002 aged 2001/2002 aged aged 2011/2012 2021/2022 introduction to agricultural mechanics/lab agriculture power electricity and small engines/lab agricultural structures/lab agricultural metals/lab animal science – 7 hours select seven hours from the following agri 4452/4551 ansc 3103/3101 ansc 3113/3111 plsc 3032/3031 internship in agriculture i and ii ruminant animal production/lab non-ruminant animal production/lab greenhouse management/lab education 38 hours aged 3003

other requirements 11 hours spch 1113 2 hour upper level elective introduction to public speaking select 3 hours from the following soc 3183 math 3043 statistics introduction to applied probability and statistics select 3 hours from the following soc 3033 soc 3013 soc 4073 sociology of marriage and family social problems social gerontology nursing curriculum – 64 hours 36 hours from approved associate nursing degree nurs 3001 nurs 3003 nurs 3013 nurs 3035 nurs 3043 nurs 3053 nurs 3502 nurs 4015 nurs 4113 courses with a clinical component orientation for online rn bsn completion program health assessment issues and trends in nursing community health nursing introduction to nursing research the business of health care informatics nursing leadership and management evidence based nursing to earn a degree from sau a student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours on the sau campus or through sau extension classes of the last 30 hours taken 24 hours must be taken on the

culture itself man as a culture bearing animal and various aspects of culture such as language social organization economy technology and religion as they appear in primitive and modern societies same as soc 1003 acts-anth 1013 spring anth 3043 anthropology man in prehistory an introduction to physical anthropology and archaeology covering basic concepts in physical anthropology the origins evolution and racial development of man basic concepts in archaeology and the development of culture from the early pleistocene up through the dawn of recorded history same as soc 3043 as needed anth 3143 anthropology the north american indian the archaeology ethnology and history of north american indians from the time of their arrival on this continent prior to 12,500 b.c down to the present century same as hist 3143 and soc 3143 spring anth 4133/4233 advanced topics in anthropology special topics in anthropology as chosen by the faculty students may take the course once under each number with

customs society or culture a specific topic will be announced each time the course is offered as needed general business gbus gbus 2003 legal environment of business an introduction to the structure of the american legal system to familiarize the student with the most influential factors that constitute the legal environment of business emphasis is placed on the judicial function the court system business ethics contracts sales torts securities regulation antitrust laws consumer and employee protection and environmental and pollution controls acts-blaw 2003 fall spring summer gbus 2013 quantitative analysis i prerequisite math 1023 an introduction to applied statistics to include measures of central tendency measures of dispersion basic probability probability distributions and interval estimation acts-bus 2103 fall spring summer gbus 3183 quantitative analysis ii prerequisite gbus 2013 an introduction to advanced statistical techniques and operations research models to include

extensive use of data statistical and quantitative analysis exploratory and predictive models and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions the course uses various software systems to aid in data analysis spring scm 3053 project management the course covers key components of project management including project organization project definition project time and cost management project duration outsourcing monitoring progress project closure project management software and risk management spring scm 4073 supply chain management a senior level course for marketing and management majors the course reflects the importance of supply chains and channels of distribution in today’s business environment spring scm 4053 environmentally sustainable practices this course examines the best practices in the supply chain area it emphasizes environmental sustainability as a strategic imperative in building scm best practices it explores the role of information technology in enabling