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arkansas residents aged 60 or above 53 refund policies for title iv withdrawals 53 institutional refund policy 53 scholarships and other financial aid 53 student affairs 59 summer advising 59 new student orientation 59 campus housing 59 counseling services 67 testing services 67 adapt 67 office of multicultural student services 67 office of disability support services 68 employment resource center 69 student responsibilities 69 david f rankin college of business 71 the business core curriculum 72 academic enrichment opportunities 73 department of accounting finance and economics 76 department of management marketing and information systems 79 college of education 106 admission to the teacher education program 109 graduation requirements and recommendation for arkansas teacher licensure 110 department of teacher education 113 department of health kinesiology and recreation 124 college of liberal and performing arts 131 associate of arts degree aa 60 hours 150

9 bachelor of social work a completion of a foreign language six hours at the university level b completion of information systems or computer science course c completion of the prescribed major 10 associate degree a specific requirements for each associate degree are described in the appropriate sections of this catalog credit requirements anyone earning a baccalaureate degree from southern arkansas university must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit of the 120 hours presented for a degree 40 semester hours must be earned in non-activity courses numbered 3000 or above no more than four semester hours in any one activity or more than a total of six hours of activity credit may be counted toward graduation for graduation credit the earliest eligible activity credits will be counted except in the case of specific activity courses required for a degree no activity credit may be counted toward the 40-semester hour requirement of courses numbered 3000 and above encore and

management electives offered each fall acct 3013 managerial accounting fin 3013 risk management insurance fin 4063 retirement planning and employee benefits itec 3043 work analysis odd years mgmt 3983 business internship management mgmt 4301-3 special topics in management mktg 4043 retailing psyc 4023 industrial and organizational psychology is 3413 social media for business offered each spring econ 3093 managerial economics itec 3043 work analysis even years mgmt 3103 selling and sales management mgmt 3983 business internship management mgmt 4301-3 special topics in management is 3013 enterprise information systems using sap offered summer acct 3133 fraud examination and prevention

bachelor of science athletic training bs suggested plan of study fall semester 1 engl 1113 composition i mathematics math 1023 math 1045 math 1053 or math 1525 hs 1403 personal and community health hs 2413 first aid and safety/cpr at 1001 gateway to athletic training 2017-2018 catalog spring semester 2 engl 1123 composition ii at 1012 taping and bandaging 3 3 3 3 1 gstd 1002 freshman seminar 2 total semester hours fall semester 3 world literature i/ii engl 2213 or engl 2223 psyc 2003 general psychology at 2003 evaluation of upper extremity hist 1003 or 1013 world history i or ii or hist 2013 or 2023 u.s history i or ii or psci 2003 american government national 15 fine arts/humanities art 2013 hum 2003 engl 2213 engl 2223 mus 2003 or mus 2013 phil 2403 thea 2003 or foreign language 3 3 3 3 3 at 2031 clinical experience i 1 total semester hours fall semester 5 at 3031 clinical experience iii educ 2023 k-12 education technology or is 1003 introduction to computers or csci 1102/1101

from the areas of art english history foreign language philosophy or political science with the approval of the advisor a minor is not required but is recommended the mass media advisor will work with students to determine a minor appropriate for their career goals or develop a set of courses that will prepare students for graduate work or employment in journalism and online publications broadcast/video production operations public relations and marketing firms completion of the remaining hours to total 120 hours including the required 40 junior/senior hours minor in mass media 18 hours mcom 4003 media law and ethics mm 2003 reporting and writing for the mass media mm 3103 principles of public relations mm 4013 publicity media and campaigns 6 hours of upper level mass media electives minor in digital cinema and media production 18 hours dc 2333 fundamentals of digital cinema dc 3333 intermediate digital cinema mcom 2503 visual communication 9 hours selected from the following art

social science requirement agec 2073 principles of agricultural economics biological science 16 hours biol 1103/1101 biol 1113/1111 biol 3032/3022 biol 3033/3031 university biology i/lab university biology ii/lab general microbiology/lab genetics/lab chemistry 8 hours chem 1023/1021 chem 1123/1121 university chemistry i/lab university chemistry ii/lab agricultural core 28 hours agec 3043 agri 4033 ansc 1003/1001 ansc 2002/2001 ansc 2013 plsc 1003 plsc 2002/2001 plsc 2012/2011 plsc 2022/2021 farm management issues in agriculture introduction to animal science/lab animal nutrition i/lab animal anatomy and physiology introduction to plant science principles of horticulture/lab soils science/lab elements of forestry/lab agricultural science 40 hours agec 3003 aged 3003 ansc 3013 ansc 3023 ansc 3042/3041 ansc 3053 ansc 4003 plsc 3012/3011 plsc 3073/3071 marketing of agricultural products leadership and communications animal diseases and health animal nutrition ii animal reproductive

southern arkansas university department of nursing attention rn-bsn program application 100 e university msc 9406 magnolia ar 71753 or deliver to wharton nursing building room 201a transfer nursing students students previously enrolled in another rn to bsn completion nursing program must forward a letter requesting transfer and attach copies of all unofficial college transcripts students who are requesting transfer from another nursing program are also required to provide a letter from the program dean/chair/director of eligibility to reenter their previous nursing program in order to be eligible for consideration in the sau nursing program transfer credit will be considered on an individual basis student nurses association the southern arkansas university student nurses’ association sna is the local chapter of the arkansas student association ansa and the national nurses’ association nsna the nsna defines the membership and purpose of the organization as “a

includes exposure to both western and non-western works and their influences actsarta 2003 fall art 2153 art history ii a continuation of art 2143 covering the period from gothic art to nineteenth century realism includes exposure to both western and nonwestern works and their influences acts-arta 2103 spring art 2163 introduction to typography prerequisites art 1043 and art 2123 through the study of the history of typography typographic lessons are explored chronologically to give the student a broad base of knowledge in grids techniques typeface creation and language fall art 2183 game design management prerequisite art 1013 and art 2123 a practical foundation in game design and project management with a focus on concept development design composition and prototyping using game design theory analysis character analysis playtesting and iteration students learn how to translate game ideas themes and metaphors into gameplay game pitches and design documents students will analyze and

and approaches to access information in print and electronic formats emphasis will be placed on evaluating resources for quality and relevance as well as the legal ethical and social considerations related to the use of information fall spring history hist hist 1003 world history i an introductory study of the nature and development of world civilizations to 1700 acts-hist 1113 fall spring summer hist 1013 world history ii an introductory study of the evolution of modern civilizations since 1700 acts-hist 1123 fall spring summer hist 2013 u.s history i a general survey of the history of the united states from the beginning of north american colonization through the civil war and reconstruction acts-hist 2113 fall spring summer hist 2023 u.s history ii a general survey of the history of the united states from the end of reconstruction to the present acts-hist 2123 fall spring summer hist 3011 3111 forum on contemporary affairs i ii a multi-disciplinary study of contemporary issues

sm 4676 sports management internship i prerequisites senior standing and successful completion of sm 4652 this course provides an internship experience for the student in an approved agency the experience will be specific to student needs in terms of their professional goals the sport management handbook provides specific information and requirements for the completion of this course fall spring summer sm 4686 sport management internship ii the course provides an internship experience for the student in an approved area agency the experience will be specific to students needs in term of their professional goals the sport management internship handbook provides specific information and requirements for the completion of the course fall spring summer sociology soc soc 1003 introduction to cultural anthropology an introduction to cultural anthropology the study of culture and man in all times and all places major topics are the concept of culture itself man as a culture bearing animal