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item ply3.4 ply3.4/s description by the foot 12 awg by the foot 12awg shielded price $3.64 $4.55 hdmi to hdmi cables supra has been manufacturing cables in-house from their facilities in sweden since 1976 prior to 1976 cables had no identity they were just cables in 1976 supra introduced the supra 2.5 beginning a new trend in branded cables supra has since greatly expanded their lines creating new cables for each new trend in the audio industry we invite you to visit the supra web site for more information or download the supra catalog from our web site in sweden item description price hdmi 1m hdmi 2m hdmi 4m hdmi 8m hdmi 12m hdmi 15m 1 meter single 3.3 2 meter single 6.5 4 meter single 13.1 8 meter single 26.2 12 meter single 39.3 15 meter single 49.2 $75.00 $85.00 $100.00 $145.00 $185.00 $220.00 supra connectors banana fork xl boxcon combicon-b combicon-s mp-8 1 pair 2 pair 1 pair insulated binding post 2 pair combicon bananas 2 pair combicon spades 1 each