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2010 Glass Craft Program by Spectrum Glass

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Catalogue: Spectrum Glass 2010 Glass Craft Program
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12 inch pencil 12 x 12 square tube 2 12 inch square tubing 2 12 square tubing 2 inch glass tube 3 inch square tubing color palette colored sheet glass coloring sheets crushed glass cut glass glass glass 2010 glass colors glass frit glass frits glass fuse glass package glass pebble glass shapes glass shapes for crafts glass sheet glasses inch square tubing tubing string

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new 2010 go for it glass package our deluxe package with a broad selection of sheet glass and glass components to get your glass fusing center off to a great start package summary complete details on next page sheet glass 12 x 12 42 sheets circle bases 11 sets of 6 square bases 11 sets of 6 heart bases 2 sets of 6 nippits 2 boxes chips 20 bags strips 20 bundles cutups 38 pieces dichro shapes 12 pieces rods 2 bundles pebbles 2 bags noodles 2 tubes stringer 2 tubes frit med 20 jars frit fine 20 jars frit coarse 20 jars special package price stock pkg-gfi 3 tools shop supplies and promotion kit sold separately.

program color palette translucent glass products in many forms translucent glass allows light to easily pass through color sheet glass chips 1/2-inch squares 1/2-inch x 12-inch strips pencil-thin cylinders about 10 long rods crushed glass in 3 particle sizes frit fettuccini-like strands of glass about 16 long noodle spaghetti-like strands of glass about 16 long stringer clear 12 x 12 sheet clear chips 1/2 lb bag clear strips bundle of 20 clear rods bundle of 10 clear frit 8.5 oz jars frit-c-100 coarse frit-m-100 med frit-f-100 fine clear noodle 5 oz tube clear stringer 5 oz tube g-12x12-100 100 clear gc-h-100 gs-hx12-100 rod-100 nood-100 string-100 med amber 12 x 12 sheet med amber chips 1/2 lb bag med amber strips bundle of 20 med amber rods bundle of 10 g-12x12-110.8 110.8 med amber gc-h-110.8 gs-hx12-110.8 rod-110.8 med amber frit frit-c-110.8 coarse frit-m-110.8 med frit-f-110.8 fine med amber noodle 5 oz tube med amber stringer 5 oz tube nood-110.8 string-110.8 yellow 12

additional glass products square bases available in various sizes and neutral colors these pre-cut square bases are the perfect starting point for many glass projects available in sets of 6 circle bases pre-cut circle bases save time effort base gbc-6-100 gbc-6-1009 gbc-6-200 gbc-8-100 gbc-8-1009 gbc-8-200 gbc-10dt-100 gbc-10-100 gbc-10-1009 gbc-10-200 gbc-12-100 gbc-12-1009 gbc-12-200 and waste start here for circular projects available in sets of 6 size 6-in 6-in 6-in 8-in 8-in 8-in 10-in 10-in 10-in 10-in 12-in 12-in 12-in description 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf white 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf white 100sfs/dt clear double-thick 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf white 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf white base gbs-4-100 gbs-4-1009 gbs-4-200 gbs-6-100 gbs-6-1009 gbs-6-200 gbs-8-100 gbs-8-1009 gbs-8-200 size 4-in 4-in 4-in 6-in 6-in 6-in 8-in 8-in 8-in description 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf white 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf white 100sfs clear 1009sf black 200sf whi is not a reseller or dealer of Spectrum Glass.

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