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lab 6 bike by monica

news 2016 sustainability acoustic control air quality crossover inspiration from nature and craftsmanship in wood are some of the lead themes in our 2016 collection — ideas and ideals that we share with our gifted designers from three continents we are proud to present these exciting new products from eleven designers

news 16 bergen by hallgeir

news on point by mattias stenberg on point “the on point table is a further development of the ideas that originated from the carry on stool my first project for offecct which we launched three years ago and which has been a nice success the series is based on the idea of the informal meeting in a workplace or a public space for example an airport with their very obvious handles the stool provoke mobility and spontaneous meetings the table is designed to allow full contact between up to eight people around it while it’s also perfect for more private and intimate gatherings among a few individuals it is part of offecct’s o2asis-concept with vegetation integrated into furniture pieces in order to improve wellbeing and air quality the table can hold plants and trees of different dimensions with rings of two sizes placed in the table’s centre it’s also a way of creating a micro architecture in the room with the tree’s natural ceiling that makes us

offecct lifecircle® 2016 individual solutions online support service solutions sustainability recycling

offecct lifecircle® online support online support webshop parts of our collection is available for purchase online 24/7 the webshop also shows our fast supply range with extra short delivery time you can also find our collection of reused products at our webshop origin and authenticity labelling our products are labelled so that they can be traced using digital scanning the labels include the name of the designer and product production date and other vital product information this labelling makes it easy for larger corporations to list supplement and obtain information about every single product over time it also helps to distinguish our products from inferior imitations each product has a visible qr code on the back which can easily be scanned just download a qr reader app to your smartphone air acoustic support we offer extensive knowledge in how to improve air qualtiy and to optimize sound balance in a room sound balance app to calculate the appropriate amount of absorption our

news soufflÉ cecilie manz membrane david trubridge bergen hallgeir homstvedt montparnasse christophe pillet kali jasper morrison soundwave® wall christophe pillet upgrade on point mattias stenberg lite bop knudsen berg hindenes broberg ridderstråle palma meeting khodi feiz ezy christophe pillet sofas airberg jean-marie massaud blocks christophe pillet ezy christophe pillet ezy wood christophe pillet float claesson koivisto rune float high claesson koivisto rune float high large claesson koivisto rune gate claesson koivisto rune ghost claesson koivisto rune islands jean-marie massaud king thomas sandell orgy karim rashid meet fattorini + rizzini + partners playback claesson koivisto rune minima claesson koivisto rune playback claesson koivisto rune nemo claesson koivisto rune smallroom ineke hans netframe cate nelson smalltown claesson koivisto rune easy chairs airberg jean-marie massaud blocks christophe pillet bond jean-marie massaud ezy

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