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acoustic panel by ineke hans soundwave® geo when ineke hans designed soundwave® geo she viewed the panel as a three-dimensional wall decoration similar to the ones which people have always created around the world the difference is that geo has a clear function due to its sound absorbing purpose “people have always wanted to decorate their walls – everywhere and in every era but we designers have a tendency to pare away the decorative aspect i wanted to combine offecct’s sound panels made of felt with a geometric pattern that is decorative but can also function on a large scale with many panels in rows without looking too cluttered quite simply a combination of tradition and modern design” says ineke hans geo is designed to be used as a broadband sound absorber in the frequency range of 250 hz and above these panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental noise such as voices telephones etc ineke hans was born 1966 and studied at the royal college of art in london hans has had her own design studio in the city of arnhem in holland since 1998 where she works with a wide range of projects such as furniture product design and jewellery hans has worked with her own collection of furniture and design items since the start as well as carrying out projects for different international design producers geo is certified in accordance with the nordic ecolabel and möbelfakta 14 15