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SPS Technologies Aerospace Fasteners Group. Expanding product line. Quality people and services. Our commitment to excellence begins with our products. Since 1903, SPS has been a leading manufacturer and global supplier of high-performance fasteners and precision components for critical applications in the aerospace industry. The SPS Technologies Aerospace Fasteners Group offers a wide selection of products. These include standard fasteners and custom-designed, precision manufactured parts for the aerospace industry. The SPS group also offers fasteners for demanding industrial, commercial and military applications. AVIBANK MFG., Inc., a subsidiary of SPS Technologies, has a broad range of products for both aerospace and industrial/commercial applications. These include aircraft bolts, latches and keeper assemblies, struts/hold-open rods, adjustable diameter fasteners, panel fasteners and quick release pins. GREER Stop Nut, another SPS Technologies Aerospace Fastener

BOLTS External drive bolts 12-point tension shear bolts 10-point Hex head bolts Spline bolts tension shear Tee head Washer head Connecting rod head Flush head Pan head Protruding head D head Tapered head Eccentric head Protruding head Impedance bolts Pawl bolts Hy-PER lockbolts Hook bolts Internal drive bolts High torque TORQ-SET PHILLIPS TRI-Wing TORX Fearson Tapered head Square socket Dimple Straight slot Radial slot Cross slot Tapped hole Drill hole thru Lightening hole NUTS Wrenchable nuts 12-point Hex nuts FLEXLOC locknuts Non-metallic insert nuts GREER locknuts ESNA locknuts Castellated Self-aligning Spline Spanner Bearing retainer Slotted Gang channel Straight Radius Circular Barrel nuts Shank nuts Swage nuts Clinch nuts 6-wing nuts Blade locks Plate nuts STRUCTURAL PANEL FASTENERS MILSON SERIES 3000 AVILOK INSERTS STUDS Swaged inserts Swaged studs Staked inserts Ringlok

Designed for the highperformance requirements of aircraft engines, all SPS inserts and studs meet strict MS, MIL, NAS, NASM, EN, NA, and NSA standards. Products include staked inserts and studs, swaged inserts and ringlok studs. SPS Preload Indicating Washers offer a simple and accurate means of measuring the clamping forces in a tightened bolt. Flat, Countersunk and Self- Aligning Washers strong, reliable clamping performance, manufactured to SPS, customer and industry standards. Available produced from Alloy 718, A286, H-11 or MP35N. Size Capabilities: #0 3" diameters; lengths to 36" For almost a century, SPS has been the leader in developing and producing bolts for critical applications. Manufactured from high-strength alloys, every SPS bolt meets customer and industry specifications, including AN, NAS, MS, and NA standards. SPS offers MS and NAS socket head cap screws and button, flathead and shoulder screws manufactured to meet the FF-S-86 procurement

Self-retaining bolts provide a reliable method of insuring bolt retention in critical shear joints. SPS offers a variety of selfretaining bolts. Circular Spring Composed of a solid bolt with a circular spring around the shank, and a counterbored, castellated nut, the system is able to retain the bolt in the event of a lost nut or cotter pin. Positive Lock Require the insertion of a tool to depress the plunger which releases the locking elements. Impedance Produce a detent effect with the use of spring-loaded balls. Thread End Release Can include a self-locking feature in an area beyond the thread, allowing a solid shank through the gripping area. Results in the same loads as a standard, solid bolt. SPS studs combine high fatigue resistance with precision tolerance. Choose highperformance engine studs with tensile strength levels to 200ksi. Manufactured from steel, MULTIPHASE and titanium. SPS studs are available in a wide variety of finishes, and inch and metric

SPS now offers a comprehensive line of fasteners for commercial and industrial applications. SPS also offers GREER nylon insert stop nuts in a wide variety of materials and finishes, and in sizes from .080 to 3" diameters. Types include miniature, regular and thin height castellated and clinch nuts. SPS has the capability to produce shafts up to 48" in length and up to 4" in diameter, with tolerance capabilities to .002 inches. Materials include Alloy 718, MP159 , MP35N , WASPALOY , RENE 41 , HASTELLOY , A286, 422, H-11, 4340 and 8740. QUICK RELEASE PINS BALL-LOK Quick Release Pins, also called safety pins and pip pins, are used in place of nuts and bolts, wherever quick or frequent assembly or disassembly is required. Airline seat back locks, amusement ride assemblies, fire fighting ladders, racing transmissions and marine applications (including quick release line tensioner and tiller extenders) are just a few of the places where youll find these