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ceramic injection molding cim spt’s wire bonding capillaries utilize a state-of-the-art ceramic injection molding cim technology to achieve reproducibility from the first piece up to the nth piece with excellent consistency to meet customers’ tighter dimensional tolerance and robust bonding performance requirement in a cost effective way 1 materials preparation 2 powder mixing 3 compounding 4 feedstock 8 finishing 7 sintering 6 binder removal 5 injection molding the process small precision tools’ injection molding process is a combination of powder injection molding and sintering technologies to obtain the necessary chemical and physical properties powders are selected by size and shape and complemented with additives every particle of the powder is coated with binder components which transport the powder for molding and gives the final form rigidity the ceramic injection molding is very suitable for high volume production of complex design with tight tolerances like bonding capillaries it is an effective way of manufacturing complex precision components with the highest degree of repeatability and reproducibility molding to net shape cost effective superior surface finish tighter tolerance capability consistency portability from bonder to bonder repeatability reproducibility back to content 10