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capillary designs solutions capillary part number selection guide the capillary design selection guide is always based on specific device package configuration wire type and wire bonder the selection of capillary part number process is simplified as follows the selection of capillary tip design is determined by the device and metallization bond pad pitch bond pad opening wire size target mashed ball diameter and critical loop height to derive the hole diameterhd chamfer diameter cd chamfer angle ca tip diameter t and face angle fa refer to pages 21 22 the shank style selection is characterized by geometrical design of the capillary bonding tool as dictated by specific device and or package configuration refer to pages 23 24 the selection of a particular capillary tip surface finish hinges on whether the application is for gold or copper wire bonding refer to pages 25 capillary material selection for optimum tool life performance for a given bonding application refer to pages 26 27 the proper selection of capillary design is a resultant of the various wire bonding considerations refer to pages 28 29 back to content 15