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other accessories for wire bonding process bond shear tools in wire bonding the assessment of the ball bond reliability after post bonding is determined through ball shear test a ball shear tool mounted onto the shear tester is used to shear through the bonded ball with a shear height of 3-5µm from the bond pad surface to produce accurate shear readings the ball shear tool must fulfill the following criteria  the tip size of the shear tool must not interfere with the adjacent bonds considering the bond pad pitch during actual testing  the width of the tip must be in full contact with the bonded ball spt is capable of fabricating bond shear tools for different type of shear testers with tip sizes ranging from 30µm to 300µm beside the standard chisel type shear tool spt also provide customized shear tool to meet your testing requirements how to order bst face width drawing options part number face width bst-0.050 50µm bst-0.060 60µm bst-0.080 80µm bst-0.100 100µm bst-0.150 150µm note other sizes or design available on request capillary unplugging probe capillary unplugging probes offer an easy economical way to unplug capillaries no special equipment is required and one size fits all spt capillaries each probe can be used dozens of times style cup how to order capillary unplugging probes cup 25pb l .750 standard length cup 25pb l 1.00 optional length capillary unplugging probes are packed 25 each in a protective box probes also available without epoxy ball back to content 32