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the police 3 with textured g-10 scales and a flat-ground blade police model™ the police model was developed in the early 1980’s in response to requests from law enforcement officers who wanted a slim easy-to-carry folder capable of serious cutting performance the result was the police model—one of the most enduring and iconic folding knives ever produced the classic version of the police model features a satinfinished stainless steel handle with chamfered edges for maximum comfort during use its hollow-ground vg-10 stainless steel blade has a dramatic swedge for acute point geometry and is available with a plainedge™ spyderedge™ or combinationedge™ blade a sturdy back lock mechanism locks the blade securely open and together with a fourposition hourglass clip makes carry and operation of the knife completely ambidextrous police™ 3 the police 3 combines all the defining features of the original police model with the enhanced grip of textured

native® 5 the native is an extremely practical multifunctional cutting tool that showcases the quality and affordability of spyderco’s us-made products the latest evolution of this signature model the native 5 combines the time-tested size shape and ergonomics of the classic native with a number of significant design and engineering refinements including a highly refined back lock mechanism that represents the pinnacle of strength precision and ease of military™ model operation its blade is full-flat ground from nitrogen-hardened cpm s35vn designed with the needs of forward-deployed steel—a high-performance particle metallurgy steel acclaimed for its extreme service personnel in mind the military model toughness and edge retention other improvements include full-length exemplifies spyderco’s motto of “reliable high skeletonized stainless steel liners textured black g-10 scales and a four performance™.” its premium cpm s30v stainless

textured frn handle and saber-ground vg-10 blade textured frn handle and saber-ground vg-10 blade classic satin-finished stainless steel handle ladybug™ 3 ladybugs mean a lot more than good luck—especially when they come from spyderco our ladybugs offer amazing cutting capability in a lock-blade folder small enough to fit on your keychain clipless and handled in a variety of colors of injection-molded frn or satin-finished stainless steel ladybugs feature the same back lock construction as many of our full-sized knives their blades are available in either plainedge or spyderedge and feature our trademark round hole that makes opening them much easier than a traditional nail nick they are even available with blades ground from premium zdp-189 ultra-high-carbon steel and our exclusive manbug™ 100 rustproof h-1 steel the same compact size as its counterpart the ladybug spyderco’s manbug has a broader thicker flat-ground blade and a wider handle that is more at

atlantic salt™ lightweight the blunt tip of a sheepfoot blade prevents accidental punctures and provides an extra measure of safety in many work environments the atlantic salt integrates the sheepfoot profile with an aggressive spyderedge cutting edge to yield a knife that offers extreme cutting performance with complete control the molded frn handle is available in black or bright yellow and features a reversible black-coated titanium pocket clip for tip-up carry on either the left or right side the perfect tool for sailors rescue workers and first responders the atlantic salt is also 100 rustproof c89yl – nsn issued assist™ salt the spyderco assist is a multi-function purpose-designed rescue tool and indisputably one of the most extraordinary folding knives ever made so what could possibly make it better the answer is to make it a proud member of the salt series with a 100 rustproof h-1 steel blade and lock bar and a high-visibility yellow frn handle the assist

56 endura4 c10psbk endura4 world as the first lightweight clip-carry folder today it remains one of our centofante 3 lightweight most popular models and still sets the bar for all other lightweight knives widely known in the knife industry as the “godfather of knifemaking,” its popularity has also inspired a broad range of variations to meet virtually the late frank centofante was highly respected for his elegant designs every need and preference lightweight endura4s feature skeletonized and painstaking craftsmanship the centofante 3 captures the spirit of stainless steel liners and injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon his prized custom designs and translates it into a practical working folder frn handles and screw together construction they come in a wide range with a hollow-ground vg-10 blade sculptured frn handle and a sturdy of colors and a choice of blade grinds edge configurations and premium back lock mechanism the handle features an inlaid spyderco

pingo™ lightweight the perfect socially friendly cutting tool the pingo was specifically designed by custom knifemakers jens anso and jesper voxnaes to conform to danish knife laws a hybrid clipjoint knife it is a purpose-designed twohand opening non-locking folder it has a reversible wire pocket clip and a trademark round hole however the blade hole does not allow the knife to be opened one handed instead it serves as a convenient alternative to a nail nick for two-handed opening the pingo’s blade is full-flat ground from clipitool™ n690co stainless steel and has a modified sheepfoot profile suitable for a clipitool scissors combines a full-flat-ground slipjoint blade with highly functional scissors clipitools are a special breed of broad range of cutting chores its injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced tool that combine a high-performance nylon frn handle has a checkered texture for a sure grip and is available cutting edge with the added convenience and in black

karahawkâ„¢ the karahawk is a highly evolved folding version of the southeast janisongâ„¢ asian karambit its gently curved hawkbill blade is precision the janisong is a one-of-a-kind folding knife that machined from vg-10 stainless steel and features both our elevates the spirit of the traditional filipino balisong trademark round holeâ„¢ and an emerson opening feature to ensure to a practical yet dramatic modern cutting tool the swift positive blade deployment it is supported by a high-strength brainchild of knife designer michael janich its patented back lock mechanism designed to withstand the stresses of mechanism consists of an outer handle an inner handle and defensive use and anchored to a handle constructed of full stainless a full-flat-ground cpm s30v stainless steel blade all joined by steel liners capped with textured g-10 scales the handle features a single pivot pin rotating the inner handle 360 degrees reveals the a ring at the butt to facilitate traditional

salt fixed blades spyderco’s salt series fixed blades are crafted with blades ground from h-1 steel—an incredible nitrogen-based alloy that is literally immune to rust h-1 is also an austenitic work-hardening steel that gives knife blades the property of differential hardness this allows the edge to be hard and sharp while the spine of the blade remains flexible and tough—an ideal combination of qualities in a hard-use knife jumpmaster™ developed in close cooperation with the jumpmasters of the u.s army’s 82nd airborne division the spyderco jumpmaster is a high-performance cutting tool specifically designed to support airborne operations jumpmasters oversee airborne troops as they exit an aircraft during parachute operations if a soldier hangs up and his chute fails to deploy the jumpmaster must quickly and safely cut the static line to free the jumper the jumpmaster’s spyderedge sheepfoot blade powers through webbing rope and other fibrous

accessories accessories c12c zipper case large protect your favorite folding knives with this handsome black synthetic display case pedestal set combined height 53in/134.62cm pedestal base 24x24x39.5in 60.96x60.96x100.33cm leather pouch its plush lining protects your knife against scratches and a full-length zipper provides security and easy access for folding knives up to 5.5 inches long closed it is embossed with a gold spyderco bug c18c zipper case small this smaller zippered pouch features the same quality construction as the larger version but is sized for knives up to 4.5 inches long when closed gclip™ a standard feature on spyderco’s fixed-blade knife sheaths the g-clip is a simple yet versatile display case 13.5 in diameter x 23.29in high 34.29cm diameter x 60.02 cm high sheath mount that provides a wide variety of carry options the g-clip is attached to a sheath with two stainless steel chicago screw sets and two rubber washers using a t-10 torx wrench not

edge-u-cation® 122 123 steel elements the purpose of this guide is to provide a detailed look into steel the world of steel is as fluid as molten metal it is ever-evolving steel as a matter of opinion is very subjective as it additional ingredients will determine what type of cake steel comes the main difference the molten steel is atomized steels are classified accordingly with the elements used in production these you end up with once you have added all of the additional misted into microscopic droplets into liquid nitrogen where classifications are carbon steels alloy steels high-strength low-alloy ingredients elements you are left with a batter that is ready the steel is instantly frozen leaving no time for diffusional steels stainless steels tool steels and exotic steels non steel to bake heat treat baking heat treating is just as much a processes the chemistry of the resulting powder is carbon steels contain varying amounts of carbon and not more than part of the

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