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Hand Tools Catalog 2007 by Stanley Hand Tools

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stanley innovation advantage ­ bladearmortm coating bladearmortm coating is a patented industrial thermoplastic coating the very same material that has been used to strengthen and protect aircraft parts such as the rotor blades on the sikorsky® black hawk® helicopter simply put it helps aircraft survive war zones turns out it also helps tape blades survive construction zones by applying bladearmortm coating to our tape blades we ve dramatically reduced both tape breakage and tape returns enabling it to conquer the toughest testing ground of all ­ the job site chrome case with overmold holds up to heavy use cushion grip provides comfortable slip-resistant hold bladearmortm coating mylar® polyester filmcoating extends life of entire blade black hawk® is a registered trade mark of sikorsky aircraft corporation

hammer selection guide type framing face checkered smooth rip hammers handle fatmax® xtremetm antivibe® fatmax® graphite fatmax® overstrike fatmax hickory ® curve weight oz 7 13 16 20 22 24 28 unique feature torsion control patented tuning fork increased durability overstrike magnetic nail starter patented tuning fork one piece steel jacketed graphite hickory hickory ® xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fatmax antivibe ® one piece steel one piece steel jacketed graphite steel jacketed fiberglass wood xxxxxxxxxxx one piece steel jacketed graphite steelmastertm jacketed fiberglass wood absorbs vibrations x x type framing rip claw curve claw longer in length for increased power straight claw for prying curved claw for nail pulling description fatmax® xtremetm antivibe® hammer torque chart 64 visit us at

the great appeal in fact the entire point of pliers and adjustable wrenches is handiness they should be versatile durable and designed to accomplish tasks efficiently stanley s are for example our maxsteeltm combination pliers come with two types of gripping jaws for greater versatility our locking pliers can be set and released with a single finger and our diagonal pliers have a longer cutting edge for easier cutting pliers adjustable wrenches pliers adjustable wrenches bi-material handle provides a comfortable and secure grip pliers adjustable wrenches maxsteeltm lineman pliers maxsteeltm adjustable wrench maxsteeltm long nose pliers with cutter is not a reseller or dealer of Stanley Hand Tools.

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