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the range of products apex f 100 fluorcarbon represents the professional choice for lubricating alpine or cross-country skis and snowboards these ski waxes offer astonishing glide characteristics and uncomparable dirt and wear resistance the range of products is proposed in powder liquid dispersion and solid form to consent to every ski man the method of application most suitable for the various disciplines and conditions the products of the apex f should be applied as the final layer on a fluorcarbon content wax base after this has been carefully scraped and brushed f1 is the most popular powder wax known and used by professional skiers and it offers a wide temperature application range f1 is particularly indicated for new or settled snow with high relative air humidity use f1 over a fluorated ski wax like ha4 la4 ha6 or la6 f1 · 30 g 0° 6°c rh 70-95 160°c powder ski wax ideal for old wet snow melting snow or for artificial snow and with air temperature even above 0°c use f2

this line of products with an average medium content of fluorcarbon and wide application range offers a very good value for your money these waxes are principally indicated for new settled snow or transformed snow with low to medium relative air humidity the la line is so flexable it permits you to work even in dry snow conditions before racing this product can also be layered with 100 fluorcarbon in the case of unexpected increase of humidity conditions or in the case it starts to snow soft ski wax which has been studied for wet snow conditions due to the excellent fluidity this wax can also be used for initial base preperation after fine work with stone grinding or for summer season storing la2 can also be used as a base wax for f2 or d1 la2/60 · 60 g la2/130 · 130 g 0° 4°c rh 20-60 120°c this product is for dry compact snow and can de used in a wide temperature range la4 guarantees professional results in any discipline and can be applied easily with the star waxing iron at

hydrocarbon synthetic wax with exceptional resistance to cold snow crystal abrasion this microgranular powder wax is easy to iron and scrape use this wax in very cold snow to assure c1 · 40 g -5° 30°c rh 20-60 150°c a very hard powder wax with the addition of fluorcarbon material provides excellent results in the very cold abrasive snow with higher relative air humidity c2 should be used as the final layer for very cold conditions and in particular for very cold artificial snow that maintains inside the crystal an elevated content of water c2 · 40 g -5° 30°c rh 50-90 150°c synthetic polymer wax with a high content of fluorcarbon elaborated for conditions of falling snow with fine crystal and for glossy tracks with increasing temperautres mp10 is a unique product that when used in the specific conditions guarantees better gliding than any other 100 fluor wax mp10 · 30 g 0° 6°c rh 60-95 105°c synthetic polymer wax with a high fluorcarbon content and molybdenum mp30 is

star offers a wide range of products for shops and laboratories that prepare skis for recreational and professional use all our waxes are odorless when heated and applied according to the temperature indicated and can be used in small working areas new refined universal paraffin in drops without oil or aromatic compounds packaged in handy re-closeable 5 kilogram boxes perfect for waxing machines dr01 · +5° 5°c 5ºkg dr02 · -5° 20°c 5kg universal wax in block format 135x135x15 mm for laboratory use and for wax machines economical price and excellent quality no smoke and less odor packaging of 1 kg 4 pieces of 250 g bl01 · +5° 5°c 4x250g bl02 · -5° 20°c 4x250g photo star ski wax universal solvent base fluorinated gel wax ideal for ski schools and laboratories indicated for every snow condition permits fast and easy application with excellent long lasting gliding results gw01 · 0°c -10°c · 5l gw02 · 0,5l

this product is an accelerator for your skis and is for all those sportsmen who recognize the exceptional glide that fluor products guarantee only one wax that you should always have in your pocket recommended for all snow conditions this liquid fluor wax comes in a convenient pump spray can and is easy to use in any snow condition the spray can does not contain gas and the product is nebulized with a pump dispenser in just a few minutes you will have fast and efficient skis sy40 0° 10°c · 50 ml photo star ski wax exhibitor contains 24 pieces of sy40 sy44 display box shake well before use spray directly onto clean and dry ski base at about 20cm from the base using the pump take caution to avoid contact with eyes wait two minutes and if necessary polish with cloth or paper

the star brushes all made with top quality raw material are the result of meticulous testing and screening the wide selection of star brushes are able to satisfy the requests made from the professional skiman from the back shop lab and from the amatuer skier rb 11 natural fiber 10 mm use for initial brushing rb 13 horse-hair 10 mm finish brush for high fluorcarbon waxes rb 14 horse-hair 6 mm same use as rb13 but more incisive work rb 15 black nylon 10 mm recommended for medio-hard products rb 16 black nylon 6 mm same use as rb15 but more incisive work rb 17 white nylon 10 mm very soft bristle for working on low melting point waxes rb 18 white nyon 6 mm very incisive for hard and synthetic waxes rb 19 horse-hair-bronze 10 mm recommended for finishing waxes with a high melting point rb 20 roto-cork application of 100 fluorcarbon products rb10 handle for roto-brushes 100 mm with plexiglass protection shield rb30 handle for roto-brushes 200 mm with plexiglass protection shield rb40 handle

the use of a good waxing iron is fundamental when preparing skis it is important to have stable temperatures to avoid base damage and to control the correct melting point of waxes the new star waxing irons with microprocessor temperature control guarantee newest technology efficiency · electronic microprocessor temperature control of mextreme precision · base plate in pressure cast aluminum · new ergonomic design to assure easy handling · respects ce security standards sw03 waxing iron · 110 volt 800 watt sw04 waxing iron · 230 volt 800 watt · electronic microprocessor temperature control of extreme precision · digital indication of the temperature · base plate in pressure cast aluminum · new ergonomic design to assure easy handling · respects ce security standards photo fischer sw05 waxing iron · 110 volt 800 watt sw06 waxing iron · 230 volt 800 watt after each use it is best to unplug the waxing iron and to clean the plate of the iron with a dry

crono test is a programmable chronometer with microprocessor ideal for testing the glide of skis and ski waxes new · personal digital cronometer with laser sensor and extremely stable quarze time base · indication of time with resolution of 1/1000 of a second and speed given in km/h · 100 memory positions · over 4 hours of working time with each recharge even in cold temperatures · display with excellent reading up to ­20°c · universal charger 110-220 volt operation cr2007 personal cronotest photo d mosele you can find at our service ski man on-line which suggests the best wax to use according to snow and temperature conditions

highest comfort technical wear for professional and amateur skiers produced with top quality textiles and created following the direct advice of worldcup athletes and technicians warm-up jacket with front in windstopper reinforced underarm pockets with zipper sizes xs xxl new sr310 warm-up salopette with front in windstopper full length two way zipper sizes xs xxl sr320 new two piece lycra racing suit with front lining in polypropylene sizes xs xxl sr300

ergonomic cork grip black nylon/glass frame covered with natural cork easy to assemble for 16 mm poles cp10 fiberglass basket for 10 mm diameter tip in sinter metal easy to assemble also perfect for roller-skiing cp12/r · cp12/g ultra light fiberglass basket for racing cp13/r · cp13/g new strap in synthetic material extra soft and very resistant salomon license cp15m medium · cp15l large · cp15xl extra large 33 photo d

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